Michel Burwell’s Path To Success

In an article posted by Ideamench.com, Michael Burwell answered a few questions about his life and career. Michael Burwell is the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson and is constantly looking for new ways to stay productive. He starts his day nice and early at 5am. In the morning he states that making his bed and taking the time to exercise allows him time to think about and organize all the tasks he wants to complete by the end of the day. Burwell also follows several technology companies, mentioning that technology helps people complete their tasks quickly. He admits that getting himself into the right mindset is how he is about to make more with less. This also allows him a chance to bring new ideas to life.


Willis Towers Watson, a broking and solutions firm, hired Michael Burwell in October 2017 after the previous Chief Financial Officer, Roger Millay retired. The Chief Executive Officer of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, has stated that he is excited to have Michael Burwell joining their leadership team. With his skills in managing, Haley is sure that Burwell will be producing outstanding results that will shape the future of the company. His strong focus on finance, transformation, and the clients themselves will cause Willis Towers Watson to grow and meet their full potential. In return, Michael Burwell mentioned that he is honored to be able to have the opportunity to be on Willis Towers Watson’s leading team and hopes that he will prove his commitment in the years to come.


Mike Burwell attended Michigan State University where he studied business administration and earned a bachelor’s degree in the same field. Before he was hired by Willis Towers Watson, Mike Burwell spent just over three decades at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, a financial services company. He began working with business advisory services, where he remained for eleven years before he was transferred to Detroit as an elected partner in 1997. In Detroit he was extremely successful. Seeing this success, he was transferred again to the Central branch and joined a leadership role there. In 2009 he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. It only took three more years for Mike Burwell to become the Vice Chairman of Global and U.S. Transformation. He found his time at Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP to be a rewarding and educating experience.



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Michael Burwell’s Journey Of A Thousand Miles

Michael Burwell’s journey to the top of the corporate ladder has not been easy, but yet swift. Today, Burwell is not only the CFO owners of Willis Towers Watson but also a COO, the Head of Global Transformation, and the Head of Transaction Services for companies spread all over the United States.


Before his appointment as the CFO of Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell used to work for PwC, one of largest auditing companies in the world. For sure, Burwell has come a long way. With over three decades experience in matters finance and professional services, Burwell gets set to take Willis Towers Watson to a whole new level.


You cannot count out Burwell when it comes to matters regarding auditing and Transaction Services advisory. In reality, Michael Burwell has accumulated more than a decade of working experience in both fields. Therefore, the sun is certainly shining on Willis Towers Watson now that Burwell is the driver of its financial affairs.


Michael’s move to join Willis Towers Watson has got welcomed by many, including the current CEO of the organization, John Haley, who feels that there are great things in store for the corporation now that Burwell is a permanent member.


The team at Watson is confident about Michael’s appointment since Burwell gets reputed for being a straightforward guy. Secondly, Burwell has a background in leadership and management, two skills that will benefit Willis Towers Watson greatly.


As a businessman, Burwell has surely worked on his journey to the top. Atop of the skills mentioned earlier, Burwell has industry knowledge in tax, US GAAP, portfolio management, internal controls, and mergers & acquisitions.


The alumnus of the Michigan State University has surely built a legacy. His peers have gone ahead to define Burwell as a leader who is able to take on complex matters and convert them into results that are palatable to all consumers. It is by maintaining a strong focus on clients that Michael has been able to build one hell of a career.


Burwell, before taking charge of the Willis Towers Watson congratulated the former CFO, Roger, for his outstanding performance while at the corporation. Michael believes that Roger gets set for much greater things even as he exit the Willis Towers Watson, all thanks to his excellent track record. Go To This Page for more information.


It is beyond the shadow of a doubt that Michael Burwell’s expertise in leadership and business administration is what has propelled his short career to greatness. Therefore, the world is lucky to have a man like Michael Burwell.