Sam Tabar: The Ultimate Capitalist Mogul

In less than 20 years, Sam Tabar has made his mark tremendously in the financial world. He has raised capital in the amount of $1.2 billion for different investment products. Upon finishing his education, he was a business lawyer for the Wall Street Law firm called Skadden, Arps. Afterwards, he worked for a client of his, and as a result, his client grew into being one of the 3rd biggest funding within the region.

After working for them, he was head of Capital Introductions (APAC) for Merrill Lynch and Bank of America where his team ranked number one in Global Custodian during his time there. He was also ranked by The Asset magazine as one of the most influential finance players in Asia in 2012. And now, he is a partner with FullCycleFund, a private equity fund. He has been a partner with them since December 2014.

Art Station reveals that Sam Tabar has made great strides in the financial world fairly quickly that an article recognized his extraordinary work. Stating that he is well-round financial services professional with a business law background and an impressive resume, he was highly praised on his achievements of successfully transitioning from the business law world to the finance world.

According to, it was reiterated how he worked for some of the world’s biggest financial institutions, and that he entered the world of finance before attending business school. Instead of taking the traditional road like many Wall Street professionals, Sam Tabar studied law.

And his educational achievements are as follows: Columbia Law School where he earned a master’s degree in law in 2001, and the University of Oxford where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Jurisprudence in 2000. He was also on the Columbia Law Journal while attending Columbia Law School.

At his present position, Tabar is based in the Greater New York City area. His tasks include him creating marketing plans and all the marketing materials, raising capital from HNW to endowments, run daily operations for legal, administration, tax, compliance, and accounting, and performing analysis and decision making on investment decisions.

And as a result so far, Tabor has raised tons of capital, which is a result of the creation of a highly target and customized list of 450 investors.

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