Technology to the Rescue

It’s no doubt that technology has forever changed the way that humans go on with life. A large majority of people stay attached to their smart phones or tablets, their computers and laptops are their best friends, and social media is their only means of communication. For some, their need for technology goes far beyond checking Facebook and Instagram. There is technology that has recently saved that lives of those we thought were lost. Last month, Nepal was hit with a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Buildings, homes, and businesses were lost. That doesn’t come close to the amount of lives that were lost. There have been more than 8,000 lives lost to this natural disaster. Billions of dollars in damages have been inflicted on the country and the death toll keeps rising. Thousands of rescue workers and volunteers sprang into action to clean up the debris, account for the bodies, and claim any survivors that they could find. NASA gave the rescue workers two ~~FINDER devices~~ which can detect breaths and heartbeats under ruble and debris. The portable FINDER device is also known as the Finding Individuals for Disaster and Emergency Response machine. Amazingly, four men were rescued thanks to these machines. The men were under 10 feet of crushed ruble but were able to make miniature shelters to keep from being crushed. The FINDER devices helped rescue workers narrow their search and save these men. This technology is very promising for the medical community and doctors like Dr. Danial Amen.