The Rise of the Online Grocery Market

Food tech startups have had a significant amount of trouble finding their footing. Several different startups hoping to provide an effective online grocery market or meal kit delivery system have appeared over the past few years. Notable examples include GoodEggs, Munchery, and Blue Apron; each company has experienced its own share of issues preventing it from capturing the potentially lucrative market. However, a more recent competitor in the e-grocery sector named GrubMarket has reached a notable milestone that could be a stepping stone for the industry.


GrubMarket is a firm that offers online grocery delivery services to parts of California, with an expansion plan focusing on areas in the Southern United States. The online grocer, currently producing around $5 million in monthly revenue, has finally hit the break-even point for its business. With a focus on both selling to consumers and businesses that sell to other businesses, as well as a focused marketing plan, GrubMarket may be the first big player to emerge in the e-grocery industry.


With a goal to go public by late 2018, the firm faces intense competition both from other online grocery vendors and physical grocers that offer deliveries as well. Competitors such as Amazon Fresh and Google Express are major threats to the potential success of GrubMarket, but the firm is confident that it can maintain its current trend of success. Online grocery markets, like most other tech industries emerging online, have immense potential in regards to replacing the way that consumers think about the way they shop. While we may never entirely see the disappearance of brick and mortar grocery stores in our lifetime, the e-grocery market is most certainly a concept that cannot be ignored much longer by the mainstream.