Finally! FreedomPop Wireless Is Here

FreedomPop has attempted to make a name for itself by offering free and minimal effort portable administration with boundless talk, content and information. The organization is a MVNO (versatile virtual system administrator) of Sprint, which implies it doesn’t run its own system however rather rents the important voice and information range from other portable transporters, for this situation Sprint. In that regard, it depends on the cell system of the guardian bearer to issue its clients online access. The new administration is a flight from FreedomPop’s standard strategy for interfacing individuals as it rather depends on Wi-Fi hotspots. 

The organization is additionally attempting to rival cell suppliers by offering individuals a different option for lavish information arranges that can without much of a stretch get spent before month’s end. Accordingly, FreedomPop is pointing the administration at an assortment of clients – the individuals who would prefer not to consume their cell minutes or information, those with a Wi-Fi-just tablet, and even the individuals who have a cell deactivated telephone however might in any case want to utilize it to get online by means of Wi-Fi. FreedomPop is meaning to build the quantity of hotspots to 25 million in the second quarter, an organization representative said. The objective is to have more than 90 percent Wi-Fi scope in the main 200 noteworthy metro zones before the year’s over. 

Precisely where might clients get to these a large number of hotspots? The organization didn’t tell TechCrunch who is giving the Wi-Fi. In any case Stokols did uncover that the hotspots would be open in substantial retail spots, for example, McDonalds, Starbucks, Burger King and Best Buy. This FreedomPop review says they will collaborate with a mixture of Wi-Fi aggregators, which unite the systems of numerous suppliers, and additionally direct systems to develop the quantity of hotspots.

There Is Now “Instagram” For Doctors

The more popular that social media gets, the more avenues people find to use it with. An app has been created to help doctors treat and name strange illnesses, and it is basically like an instagram account for those in the medical fields.

The app is called Figure-1, and while it can be downloaded by the general population it is highly suggested that you don’t unless you have a strong stomach. According to an article found on reddit and written by, doctors and medical students upload photographs of strange conditions from the cases they are working on to show other people in a similar field via facebook. Flavio Maluf said they are able to define the symptoms and specify what’s wrong with the company of a photograph to match their description. This is a great idea, however I can see where this might invade the privacy of some of the patients involved here.While the concept for this app is a great one, it might be opening Pandora’s Box into a whole new world of gore and grossness on the internet. If modern day horror films aren’t intense enough as it is, these pictures show real life extreme damage to the human body that is not CGI-ed.

FreedomPop Revolution – 100% Free Phone and Wifi Service

FreedomPop is a one-of-a-kind, 100% free, mobile, and broadband service provider. This Los Angeles-based company offers fast data, text, and voice services without a contract.

FreedomPop, allows customers to connect their existing device (Android or iPhone) to their (free) service network. Customers also have the option to purchase one of their many modern and trendy phones. The selection of phones they sell (directly on their website), include; Samsung Victory 4G LTE, Galaxy S4, Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SII, and HTC EVO 4G.

To use FreedomPop’s free wifi service, customers can purchase their (fast) plug and play home modem and router device (requires no installation). FreedomPop also offers a selection of 4G Hotspot products capable of connecting up to 8 devices. Customers that require easy on-the-go WiFi service – can choose from a variety of FreedomPop’s USB wireless airport/devices for laptops, tablets, and desktops.

FreedomPop consistently demonstrates their commitment to offering unique products and services. This includes a revolutionary 100% free internet service for vehicles.

To label FreedomPop as an innovative phone and broadband company is an extreme understatement. They have recently launched an Android app called, FreedomPop-Free Voice and Text. This app gives Android users the ability to utilize the FreedomPop’s free voice and text service for calls, text, and access to voice mail. The app even allows users to port an existing number or request a new one.

In 2014, FreedomPop announced the one-of-a-kind, 100% free, international calling plan. This is covered under the FreedomPop international service, which includes 50 countries; Canada, Mexico, India, UK, France, Morocco, Israel, Russia, Brazil, U.S., Virgin Islands and more.

In the modern era, where security and privacy are a major concern. FreedomPop offers a smartphone designed with privacy in mind. It’s called “The Snowden Phone,” named after former CIA analyst, and whistle-blower, Edward Snowden. The privacy phone is designed to secure callers from infringement and internet monitoring. It is an affordable phone with benefits that are priceless.

FreedomPop, free service is awesome if someone needs 200 minutes of monthly talk time, 500 minutes of data and 500 texts. But what if you need more talk, data and text? FreedomPop offers 100% unlimited phone, text and data service for just $20 per month (without a contract).

FreedomPop is the most affordable and innovative service provider on the market. It is considered by users as one of the best options available.

FreedomPop, offers a variety of customer service options to ensure all questions and concerns are addressed. It’s tough to beat the deals, products, and service plans FreedomPop offers. They completely redefine the term – technology on a budget.

The FreedomPop staff consists of customer service reps and seasoned telecom entrepreneurs, that are dedicated to offering free mobile and broadband services.

FreedomPop’s mobile and broadband service runs on the Sprint backbone. They are backed by Skype founder, Niklas Zennstom.

First Tool Printed in 3D Space

Many new developments have come in terms of printing technology, but few have been as innovative and intuitive as the recent surge in 3D printing technology. With this technology, the age of homebrew engineering and custom hardware could very well come to pass, with 3D printing allowing one to provide an object in three dimensional space that is tailored to exact specifications.

The possibilities of this are endless, and many are already thinking up a multitude of ways in which 3D printing can be adopted to provide hardware previously unavailable before.

Today, it is sufficient to send the plans and print. This progress is due to ‘Made in Space’, the company that developed the first 3D printer capable of operating in weightlessness.

This new prototype is available on the ISS since September. Since then, many tests have been undertaken.

This technology is also a major asset to NASA and long-term space travel. One can easily imagine astronauts to MARS, print their tools or just spare parts in case of damage. This new innovative technology is really very exciting for Space scientists as well as lovers of 3D printing, such as Sultan Alhokair.

Samsung Releasing New Smartwatch

Wearable devices may not be very popular among gadget users right now but they are certainly making a place for themselves in today’s technological realm. Samsung is known to be the pioneer of wearable devices; Flavio Maluf is in agreement with this statement according to . 

Other companies picked up on its start and slowly made their own. Smart watches are the most common wearable devices that are on the market right now. Samsung has already released a number of these devices. Its major competition, Apple, has recently released its first smart watch.

For the upcoming MWC 2015, there are talks that Samsung is to release a new smart watch. The watch is reported to have a round shape and a rotatable bezel, and has a codename of Orbis. 

The shape of the watch is going to be similar with the designs of Motorola 360 and the G Watch R of LG.

The watch is said to be running in Tizen OS and not in Android. Korean counterparts of Samsung devices run in Tizen OS. Samsung has been trying to make the shift from Android to Tizen OS. Although it is not yet confirmed, it is no doubt that people will have apprehensions regarding the Tizen OS.