Introducing The New Gcooler Which Debuted On Martha Stewart Online

Warm weather means everyone is looking forward to picnic season. The problem is getting your food to a picnic or a day at the beach is difficult when it comes to freshness and safety. Martha Stewart has the answer and it is called the gcooler. You can see your foods temperature on your smartphone.

The gcooler is the first smart cooler the world has ever seen. This amazing cooler uses bluetooth technology to establish communication between your cooler and your phone. You will always know your foods inner temperature without having to let hot air in by unzipping the bags.

Martha Stewart has a lovely article on this cooler at The way it works is simple. You insert a g-tag into a waterproof pouch then clip it right inside the cooler. Then you proceed to pack your cooler with your favorite foods. Since cold air will travel down it is best to place your ice on top. Now zip up your cooler and take out your phone. Set up your gcooler application so it will give you an alert if your cooler gets to a specific temperature. The cooler is made with five layers of excellent insulation because just knowing the temperature will not keep your food cold for a longer period.

The idea for this cooler began a year ago with three partners. Sara Song, Justin Kang and a software engineer named Bo Ryu came up with the concept after Kang became ill after eating food that was left outside in the sun too long. Kang had a strong background in the IT field and started thinking about the effectiveness of a gadget that tells you the temperature of food. This would prevent people consuming something that was not safe and becoming ill. They used bluetooth technology and since Song has a background in fashion design she took the lead on the actual design. Rye handled the technical details and the result was an amazing product.

This spectacular cooler is now available for purchase on Amazon. We all enjoy picnics and eating outside and now you can do so more safely than ever before. The best part may be that you will never have to drink warm iced tea again.