Avaaz: Uniting the Globe for Cause

Avaaz is a civic organization that unites people all over the world for cause. Avaaz centers on activism on a global scale, contributing to alleviate concerns on a plethora of rights, human and animal, poverty and other ills of humanity. Avaaz means voice in several languages and it aims to give people an opportunity to be heard, all over the world. Although Avaaz has only been around for 5 years, it has become a multi-faceted online community platform that has exploded to support change all over the world.

Avaaz is currently a multi-million member organization. Causes that Avaaz represent are calling attention to global issues that affect every individual in society, regardless of national origin, religious preference, racial identity, or any other separating factor that does not unite people.

Avaaz has members in over 194 countries and the numbers are continuously on the rise. Milestones in the organization are met by organizing online polls. Dependent on which polls generate the most civilian support, results in which causes Avaaz will mobilize from the agenda. Avaaz is revolutionizing the way civil organizations garner global attention and implement change. The internet is a far reaching tool and Avaaz is successfully utilizing the internet platform to unite individuals for cause.

Avaaz is a member funded model. The member funded model approach is preferential because it prevents the mission from being swayed or directed by an agenda from a financial overseer. Click here to know more about Avaaz.

Avaaz has an overall commitment to spreading awareness that we all have privileges to each other and can work positively to effectuate change on many levels. Taking action ins a necessary tool to generate the awareness needed for mobilization efforts. Avaaz and its members are seriously committed to the causes that are undertaken. One step at a time, Avaaz holds steady to the ideology that we each can be the difference we want to see in the world.

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OSI Group: A Global Leader in Supplying Food Around Around The Globe

OSI Group, a company whose headquarters are in Aurora Illinois, is well known around the globe for providing food items with a lot of protein in them like links of sausage and hamburgers. They also provide them with other food items like pizza and sandwiches. OSI’s food products go all over the world to businesses that serve food. This privately owned corporation has over fifty locations around the globe in seventeen different places. In the country of China, they are presently employing its global-efficiency, local solution strategy to make their business grow in China.

OSI has been in business for the past twenty years. As the economy in China has grown, OSI’s presence has grown with it. With eight factories there and two more in the works, OSI will the biggest poultry producer in that country. In September of last year, they dug up some ground to start a new mega-plant to expand their production in the Henan province. In China, they have clients like Mcdonald’s, Yum, Starbucks, Salzer Liya, Papa John’s, Burger King, and Subway. To go along with their growth in China, they are expanding to other countries like China.

Along with the expansion in China, last year OSI Group set into motion, expanded, or announced plans for seven new processing and production facilities around the world. In September, OSI broke ground on a location that makes beef products in Poland that will take the place of an existing operation and could raise the amount of people employed by the staff by thirty percent.

During the month of January, they told the public an the opening of a new up-to-date feed mill in Shandong Province with a yearly capacity of 600,000 metric tons making it one of China’s biggest feed mills that is open for business. A new frozen foods processing plant in Madanapalle, India started off with making items with vegetables in them for quick-service restaurants came online in January. In June of last year, they also opened a new plant in Geneva, Ill.

During the month of June of 2015, they announced a new plant in Geneva, Ill that produces branded and store brand frozen entrees. It is attached to a facility owned by the refrigerated warehouse and distribution service company Millard. OSI Food Solutions Hungary also added a high-capacity production line and big cold storage area to its existing building in Babolna. The twenty-five million dollar addition more than tripled the amount of production of quality processed chicken products to 22,000 tons every year. Along with helping businesses provide food for their customers, they also help them ensure that the food is safe.

OSI Group regularly engages equipment manufacturers to create processes that help with food quality and safety. The kind of equipment they make includes machines with X-RAY equipment in it that identifies the presence of stuff that should not be in the food. It also works with the the people that supply agriculture, watching over how products are grown.

OSI Group is a company that helps feed the world and keep that food safe. OSI also provides jobs all over the world for many people. It does appear that this global leader of a company will continue to grow and lead across the globe. We should absolutely keep our eyes open for whatever their next endeavor may be.

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