Goettl Contributions To Society In Timely Service Delivery And Giving Back To Society

For close to 80 years now, Goettl Air Conditioning Company has provided the Phoenix community with unmatched HVAC systems. Throughout this period Goettl has expanded its range of service offers that appeal most to its Arizona markets, improved on technology, and perfected response to consumer needs. In effect, Goettl has on numerous occasions been labeled the staple HVAC brand of Arizona. But the company’s contribution doesn’t just lie in the circles of service delivery.

According to the company’s proprietor Ken Goodrich, the company is committed to continually delivering stellar services to the people of Phoenix with the sole goal of improving their lives. Ken, who acquired the company just recently, mentioned that the company has maintained strong relations with Phoenix since establishment and expressed interest in the maintenance of the ties as well as building more that uplift the community.

Service to the community
Kenneth Goodrich and his company understand the power of giving back to the society. Kenneth not only sponsors several philanthropic award programs in the state but has also helped the unfortunate within the community in the recent past. Ken is quoted saying that “giving back to those in our community that need help is our obligation” and went to make good his word.

According to the World of Video New York blog, Goettl Company in collaboration with the Sunny Plumbing Company and the Bishop Gorman Football Club, in which his 16-year old son plays, recently helped Jim Siler lead a comfortable life again. Siler, a widower, was hospitalized severally on heat-related complications during this year’s summer as his HVAC failed and water line busted. Before Goettl’s team came to his aid, Siler had to endure the 115-degree outdoor summer temperatures to collect a bucket of water and only rely on open windows for heat regulation within the house.
The three teams, however, came to his aid and donated over $8,000 worth of resources, time, and energy in repairing his air conditioning system as well as the plumbing line. Siler is just an example of Goodrich’s extensive schemes of giving back to the society.

Awards and recognitions
Goettl air conditioning and Ken Goodrich have received numerous accolades and recognition from reputable institutions across the state for their service delivery and contribution to society. According to the InBusiness Magazine, the company was recognized as a finalist for the recent Greatest Phoenix Chamber of Commerce IMPACT Award as well as receiving an acknowledgment from the state governor Janice Brewer for their many years of service to the state.

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Goettl Is Good For Cooler Weather

While it has finally cooled down, this does not mean that people could forget about Goettl. One thing that is certain is that it will get hot again before people realize it. This is why it is important for people to be ready to use their air conditioner when it warms back up. Goettl is available to help people with this. One thing that could be said for the company is that they are very passionate about making sure that the people they serve are cared for. This is why they go beyond the installation services they provide to people.

Goettl makes sure that the right type of air conditioner is installed in the home. One thing they are passionate about is saving money for the customer. At the same time, Goettl wants to make sure that the customer has some kind of assistance for keeping the air conditioner working well. This is one of the reasons that they offer air conditioner maintenance services. For one thing, it takes a lot of time and work in order to make sure the air conditioner is working as well as before. If the air conditioner has to work harder, then it is going to cost a little more money to use. Of all of the services they offer, the maintenance services is the best of them all.

Goettl and Ken Goodrich do more than just sell and install air conditioners. They also get themselves involved in the community in order to help people that find themselves in tough situations. Among the people they have helped is one person who’s air conditioner was not working. The type of home this person had did not allow for any new installations to be made. Therefore, Goettl has taken the time to provide this person with a different type of air conditioner to keep cool.

Getting a Comfortable Home with Goettl Air Conditioning

Las Vegas is an extremely hot place for you to live with your loved ones and friends. Because of Las Vegas being an extremely hot area, it is very important that people who happen to be living here have good air conditioning that actually works. Recently, a man who was living in Las Vegas did not have air conditioning or working plumbing in his home. The reasoning behind this was because the cost to have both of these things repaired were just too pricey for his budget. In fact, it would have cost this man about $8,000 or more to have work and air conditioning that cooled his home. This is when Goettl Air Conditioning as well as a local plumbing company in the area reached out to this man and did the repair work for him without giving him a bill.

Goettl Air Conditioning is a top HVAC companies in the Nevada area and is being used by lots of people who need better quality air conditioning for their homes and businesses. In order to begin working with a company like this, you need to contact their offices and set an appointment for them to come and look at the HVAC system in your home. They will be there to repair a variety of problems that you might be facing at the current moment as well as install brand new air conditioning throughout your house. The cost for all of the services are quite reasonable and will help you to stay on any budget even if you feel it is going to be too expensive for you and your loved ones.

When working with Goettl Air Conditioning, you can let them know what types of problems you have at the current moment and anything else that might result in the air conditioning not working properly in each room of the house. If you do not have working air conditioning in the home, it can be difficult to live comfortably day and night. This is why you need a professional company that works on an individualized basis with people who have HVAC systems in their homes. Goettl Air Conditioning has been there for so many and can easily be there for you as well whether you need repair work done by their professional team or you have to get everything installed in order for it to work properly all throughout the year.

Goettl Air Conditioning Company resumes it manufacturing Business

Goettl Air Conditioning was started in 1939 by the Goettle brothers. The primary function of the firm was to assist in regulating the severe climate in the southwest, and it was based in Phoenix. In 2003, the company relocated to Tempe, and it has been offering high-quality air conditioner installation and maintenance services. It has competent technicians who deliver solutions that are beyond the expectations of the clients. They offer comprehensive residential and commercial air conditioning solutions in Phoenix and other areas. These services include heat pumps, humidifiers, air cleaners, ductless mini splits, radiant heating units, central air units, furnaces, and UV germicidal lights. The company also provides 24/7 repair response to its customers, and its services guarantee 100 percent satisfaction.

Goettl Air Conditioning sold to Tenn. contractor

The Goettle Air Conditioning Company was recently acquired by ARS/Rescue Rooter, which an air conditioning and plumbing firm that is based in Memphis. ARS/Rescue Rooter offers various services, which are managed locally in different units that are base in 25 states and the District of Columbia. The company is a branch of the American Residential Services LLC, which is also headquartered in Memphis. ARS plans to uphold the reputable Goettl brand and its administration team who were its proprietors. The staff of the company will be retained, and they will be headed by Dan Burke, who formerly served as its president.

American Residential Services LLC has various units that operate in the Tucson and Phoenix regions. However, it plans to increase its presence in the area through Goettl Air Conditioning’s acquisition. According to Mr. Ken Goodrich, who is the vice president of the ARS/Rescue Rooter southwest unit, Goettl’s staff will offer new elements of engineering and vision in the sector. The company appreciates their presence at ARS/Rescue Rooter, and they anticipate to expand their market in Arizona.

ARS acquired four firms, which are located in different states in the past year. The administration of the company is currently trying to revive the production of various air conditioning equipment for the Goettl brand. John Ryan, who is the vice president of Goettle, said that the company stopped the manufacturing business about 15 months ago due to the stiff competition from imported products. The firm has been selling goods from other manufacturers. The ARS marketing director, Elizabeth Young, believes that the company intends to restart the production of the Goettl’s products for it to take advantage of the well-recognized brand.


How Does Goettl Air Conditioning Support Veterans?

There are a lot of veterans who want to have a new career once they retire from the military, and a lot of them will actually go to school to learn how to work in the HVAC industry. These people go off and get certificates in the trade, but they need to get tools to do their work. That is why Ken Goodrich and Goettl Air Conditioning are offering an award every year just for veterans.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

They are giving $1000 to a veteran who comes out of HVAC school so they can buy tools. The veterans will be able to buy their tools to get started on their work, and they will be able to keep those tools for life if they want to. It is different from a scholarship because the award is just for tools, but that goes a long way to helping people who are ready to work.

Someone who comes to Goettl Air Conditioning will be able to get their house or office to be as cool as possible, and Ken Goodrich has made sure that the company is going to give everyone the best service they can get. They service the AC in every building, and they can repair or replace the units when it is needed. It all depends on what the customer asks for, but they all get the help that they need when they ask.

Someone who wants to start a new career will get some help from Goettl Air Conditioning to be sure they can buy tools. All veterans going into the trade will be able to apply for the award, and they will be able to start a new life that is all based around this one award. $1000 from Goettl Air Conditioning changes lives, and they also keep the people of Arizona cool.