Google Fiber Putting Further Thought Into It’s High Speed Internet Business

Google Fiber has reached a point in its business of high speed internet has hit an obstacle. There is now a lot of consideration being made on the services of high speed internet connections in cities like Chicago and Los Angeles. Among the things that they are considering for their customers is going wireless. This is when they realized that the underground fiber-optic cables are not catching on to the customers like they hoped it would. Their plans for fiber optic connections have turned out to provide a lot more difficulty for the company than they deem it worth.

Among the issues they have faced was that it is a lot of work to dig up the streets for laying down thousands of miles worth of cables throughout the city. This has also proven to be very costly. Therefore, Google is cutting their losses with this initiative in favor of the more efficient and cost effective wireless initiative. For one thing, Google Fiber has encountered quite a few obstacles in the communications industry. This is to be expected since Google is primarily a software company. Going into the communications sector is going to be really challenging for a company like Google.

As of right now, the plans to bring the fiber-optic services to other cities like Palo Alto are being put on the back burner. They are going to take six months away from the project in order to figure out what it is they can do that is cost effective. Otherwise, Google will still provide exceptional and innovative services to people. Given that Google has always been a software company that has come with really effective solutions, they will figure out something that works very well for them, and their customers. The wireless service does seem like a great solution to go with because it is a much easier alternative. They will be able to reach more cities and connect more people with a more effective solution.

Google Fiber Rethinks Wired Connections

Google is shifting gears in its venture to provide customers with its ultra-fast 1,000 Mbps internet service. In the four years since its inception, Google Fiber has only been able to reach six metro areas due to the high cost involved with installing fiber optic cable. They are now seeking alternative solutions to be able to expand their services.
Google Fiber hit the snag after realizing the cost to dig, install the new cable, and then repair the damage to property from the digging was much higher than it had anticipated. Blindsided by the expense, Google is trying to work with other utility companies to be able to lease or use existing resources in some locations to cut costs. This is a quick-fix that will allow them to partner with other companies and continue to expand services without additional costs for the installation of the new cable.
Companies that are heavily involved in the field of telecommunications understand the reality of the cost of laying thousands of miles of line. This is something that Google was under-prepared for due to their lack of experience as a telecommunications utility. They are now trying to figure out how to continue the venture and keep it affordable for the company and the consumer.
Google is considering wireless options to provide internet access as a long-term solution to the issue. Wireless internet technologies such as satellite internet work by broadcasting a signal directly from a satellite feed to a satellite dish, where it is received and then the signal is converted to cable and is installed into the home or business. This will allow Google Fiber to expand services to more areas, including rural areas, without having to go through the added expense of running wire. Satellites can cover large areas, so this is a practical solution for keeping their costs down.
As of now, further expansion is suspended until Google can negotiate and review other alternatives to connect prospective customers. Customers will have to wait and see whether or not Google can live up to their plans and promises for a faster internet that can help improve the lives of many people who would not normally have internet access.
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Utility Pole Dispute Slows Expansion of Google Fiber in Nashville

Google Fiber, which has been considering expansion into Nashville, Tennessee for over two and a half years, is currently embroiled in a dispute over utility poles. AT&T, the second largest owner of utility poles in the city (behind the local Nashville Electric Service), has disputed Google Fiber’s access to its poles according to this article, published this Monday.

In order to expand its service into Nashville, Google Fiber needs access to the poles. This is a slow process, which is going more slowly now on account of the fact that under current laws Google Fiber is required to call a team from AT&T each time it requires access to one of their poles.

East Nashville Metro Councilman Anthony Davis is attempting to push through a “One Touch Make Ready” ordinance. This would allow Google Fiber to speed things up by making all the necessary adjustments themselves, without involving AT&T. However, when a similar piece of legislation was passed in Louisville, Kentucky, AT&T sued the local government on account of alleged disruptions with its workers’ union.

AT&T reports that it hasn’t seen the ordinance Councilman Davis has proposed, and that they have serious concerns about giving another company access to their utility poles without any AT&T personnel in the area. They also claim that the Nashville City Council does not have the jurisdiction to enforce their “One Touch Make Ready” ordinance. They claim that Google is “attempting to change the rules for their benefit” and ignoring a previous agreement.