Have the GOP Attacks Gone Too Far?

There are bad apples that fall on both sides of the aisle in politics, but some really appear to have rotten to their very core. The GOP (Grand Ol’ Party) Republicans released yet another report today that, when the investigation into her role in the Benghazi attack was started, was clearly intended on running Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s name through the mud. Yet, after all of that time and effort spent on the investigation, the committee was unable to find Hillary of any wrongdoing.
It would seem unthinkable, after eight other investigations into the exact same event, a grand total of seven million dollars, and two entire years for this particular committee to complete its investigation, that the GOP would continue the ‘witch hunt.’ It would seem, unfortunately, that this is not the case. They are intent on painting the Presidential candidate in a harrowing light that depicts a politician more intent with taking care of politics at the White House than American lives across seas, which is obviously not the case.
This begs the question, “How far will they go?” to be asked. At what point will the Grand Old Party call off the hounds? It is obvious that too many government resources, including the taxpayer’s money, have been pooled into this cause already. The American people should not be forced to continue investigations that will bring no further evidence to light.
In fact, this raises yet another question: are the current allegations against Hillary Clinton, in her using inappropriate email servers, blown out of proportion to serve the gruesome desires of the far-right Republicans? When they failed at finding criminal evidence in such a massive investigation on the Benghazi incident, they needed to find some other manner in making her look criminally negligent. Why is Congress criminalizing politicians simply out of spite? Has the apple really gone that bad?