Draw Your Way to Victory in This HTC Vive Prototype

Does the idea of having to draw your own sword before you begin playing a game seem unnecessary? It won’t after you watch this video of Draw Your Blade.
DYB is a prototype virtual reality game made for the HTC Vive, a VR headset created by HTC and Valve that utilizes room space using sensors to create a virtual world you can explore, create and play in. With DYB, designing your own weapon is as easy as drawing a shape in the air with your controller and watching your creation come to life. Use your unique blade to fight or toss its shards away if it didn’t turn out like you’d hoped.
While this prototype may showcase little more than smacking spheres with an interesting sword, it says a lot about the progression of virtual reality technology. The advancements that have been made in the past ten years alone have been astounding, and this proves the future looks bright.
Imagine putting on a headset and cobbling together your own survival shack to protect yourself from roaming zombies. Or maybe something a little more domestic, like a virtual reality Cooking Mama. What about wandering an open world akin to Fallout 4, making your way through a wasteland you truly feel you’re part of? With this constantly evolving technology the possibilities are endless.
There is a deep well of untapped creativity and immersion here, and this is just the beginning of an exciting journey into a new level of video game interactivity.