New York City Apartments In A New York Minute

When the Eagles sang their song, “New York Minute” you understood that “everything can change” and “things can get pretty strange” in a “New York Minute.” New York City is always pushing the boundaries whether it is time, nightlife, restaurants, festivals, shopping, sports or apartments and real estate. No wonder it is hard to get bored in New York City, especially in a “New York Minute.”

New Yorkers view their city through perpetual rose-colored glasses, they love their city, and that honeymoon sentiment extends to NYC apartments and real estate. Whether it is a narrow building with narrow apartments or buildings with apartments one thousand feet in the air, New York has it all and New Yorkers love it all. The best advice when you make the decision to live in New York City is to “do your homework,” do not be afraid to ask questions or get advice from professionals whose expertise is in the business of finding apartments. One professional marketing and leasing company to look to as you apartment hunt is Town Residential. Town Residential, an integral part of the NYC apartments for rent landscape, provides top-level services and expertise to their clients in all price-points.

If square footage or a large living space is your most important criteria, think about this. According to National Geographic, who did the math on this, if everyone in the world stood shoulder to shoulder, we would all fit in Los Angeles. You may not think this is useful information, but it does illustrate that there is plenty of room to go around. New York City apartments are no different. Look around and you will find ample misused space. Put things under the bed, it is generally wasted space. Seating should always be storage space and walls can hold shelves way above your head. The bottom line, if you find an apartment that has everything on your list – celebrate! However, the perfect place can be any place as long as you are creative.

Where ever you decide to settle down, ask questions, or look to the professionals for answers. Is the apartment convenient or close to transportation? What are your restaurant or market options? If you have children, what are the schools like? How safe is the neighborhood? If you have a car, how easy is it to find parking. Most professionals advise apartment hunters to begin at least a month in advance and early in the month. Expect broker fees, although some landlords do pay the fees, and don’t be surprised by sticker shock, if you are from Florida you are in for a huge shock, but if you are from Hong Kong, it will be a nice surprise.

No Security Breech Here

In the last two years, Crystal Hunt says the White House in Washington D.C. has been breached numerous times. One time there was a man on the front lawn and during another incident a four year old child slipped through the gate in the garden. Washington is now doing their best to reign in these incidents. A few folks in Washington joked that the president should have a moat installed around the White House Fence. While that idea is very clever, the safety of our Commander and Chief and his family is a serious manner. For right now, the United States Secret Service and National Park Service will do what they can to add additional security on the White House premises. This will ensure a quick solution for the moment.

They are, however, looking for a more long term solution. There will be a rearrangement of booths for the patrol officers who watch the White House gate. Concrete barriers currently serve as check points for vehicles. In the next few months these check points will be transformed into steel barriers. White House staff hopes that the new barriers will be more visually appealing.

The fence surrounding the national monument will also get a security face lift. The Secret Service plans to add spikes to the fences in hopes to ‘scare off’ those who might have the urge to climb the fence. There are even special athletes from the Secret Service agency who are being used to make sure these security measures can stifle human ability. The Secret Service and those involved with keeping the President and his family safe hope to have these changes completely constructed by the fall of 2017.

NBC investigation into Brian Williams leaked

A number of major media outlets, including The New York Times and CNN have reported receiving leaked information about an internal investigation into the reporting of news anchor Brian Williams, Media Lite reports. Williams is currently serving a six month suspension from his role as the main news anchor for NBC after it was revealed he fabricated a story about his role in an Iraq War incident where a helicopter was shot down. Details of the investigation by NBC have not yet been revealed, but the leaked information reveals 11 instances have been discovered where Williams is thought to have embellished his role in the story he was reporting.

One of the most commonly quoted is now an incident during the 2011 Arab Spring uprising, which saw Williams reporting from Egypt’s Tahrir Square. Following the revelations by a number of military veterans involved in the helicopter story that Williams was not on board the chopper as he reported the anchor was suspended from his role at NBC. Media magazine expert Handy now believes NBC is testing public opinion over its chances of relieving Williams of his position and terminating his multi million dollar contract to front NBC’s nightly news segments.