The Evolution of Cloud Technology and the Increase in Internet File Sharing

The Internet is changing all the time, and technology is making it easier for people to do everything that they want to do. The cloud may have become the most helpful resource for all of those that are utilizing the Internet in any shape or form.

Thanks to cloud technology people have the ability to access a variety of different forms through the Internet. In the past people were walking around with a ton of different flash drives and it became cumbersome for people to buy portable drives and store data on so many different thumb drives or Western Digital passport drives.

As time went on people became much more familiar with the cloud and how they could store files. A large majority of people that are also sharing files today are doing so through apps like Google Photos and Dropbox. The average person that works inside of a school system or government office, for example, can share files and build spreadsheets with coworkers without the hassle of emailing these files. The great thing about the cloud storage is that people have fewer restrictions on limitations when they are sharing files.

There are still quite a few limitations on the file size that people can get when they have files that are sent through email. This is why more people are opting for utilizing the Internet to share through cloud websites and apps.

Cloud storage is also much better for all of those people that do not really utilize a full desktop during the course of the day. There are so many people that are actually utilizing their tablets or smartphones to share files with other people. These are busy people that are on the go. They may edit documents from their phones and share content without ever going to a computer to do this. That is the beauty of the Internet and the evolution of smart technology. It has given people the ability to do things that they may have never assumed they could do.

In this year alone thousands of people that have depended solely on their own personal storage devices have lost data. The great thing about the evolution of technology is that it allows people to avoid this types of situations.

How Dr. Mark Holterman has been influential in the medical field

Dr. Mark Holterman Is a professor of Surgery and Pediatrics at the University of Illinois. Mark got his medical education as well as internships at the University of Virginia, and he has practiced his profession for over two decades. Mark Holterman is a resident of Virginia, and he speaks English and Spanish. Dr. Holterman decided to specialize as a surgeon and pediatric because of the high cases of children with surgical problems (Facebook).

Dr. Mark Holterman graduated with a B.A in Biology from the University of Yala and after that received his Ph.D. and M.D at the University of Virginia. Mark was a fellowship in Pediatric Surgery at Washington University. Mark was also an attending pediatric surgeon at Rush Children’s Hospital which is at Rush University Medical Center.

Holterman pic good

Previously, Dr. Mark was a Research Associate at the Clinical Research Institute in Montreal before he joined the University of Illinois as a professor. Also, Dr. Holterman has certification credentials from American Board of Surgery in general surgery and pediatric surgery. Mark is a committed doctor who is always seeking to save lives of surgical patients by all means. Apart from his work as a professor he also spends part of his time in training residents and patients about health care.

Mark also takes an active part as a member of several health organizations. In such organizations, his input is highly recognized to the point of awarding him, For instance, a member of American Diabetes Association he won himself an innovative research award. MD Mark is a resourceful professor from his publications and presentations on health care especially on treatment of critical diseases. Mark does medical mission work at Vietnam. The mission work has greatly impacted the lives of the people in Vietnam. This is evidenced by the improved access to surgical and pediatric care.

Dr. Mark supports charitable organizations including the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam; where he provides free training, teachings, patient care and surgical treatment at hospitals and medical schools in Vietnam ( Professor Mark is affiliated with many hospitals in Illinois such as St Francis Medical Center, Carle Foundation Hospital among other hospitals. Dr. Mark Holterman is a family man with three children.

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