Meet a Culinary Genius That Pulls No Punches

Eater magazine recently cornered the vivacious and innovative food genius, Carla Hall. They were interested in finding out a lot more about this Top Chef finalist for two seasons, cookbook writer, ‘The Chew’ TV show host, and founder and top chef at Carla Hall’s Southern Kitchen, in Brooklyn, New York. She was featured on the Eater Upsell for season 2 of the show in an interview with the show’s hosts, Helen and Greg. They asked her about her focus in her career and how she handles problems.

At the time of the interview, her new Southern Kitchen restaurant had not yet been completed and was still to be opened. But, she expressed great excitement about the street buzz she encountered when simply walking from her subway stop to the building. People showed great interest and wanted to show it to her. She had to explain to them that it will start out very small. There is not much room for strollers. Read the transcript of this interview with Carla Hall on Eater.

Hall has done over 1,000 episodes of her TV show, The Chew. She now presents along with four other top chefs: Mario Batali, Clinton Kelly, Michael Symon, and Daphne Oz. She said that all of them get along well. She expressed surprise that the show has continued and survived many big changes in cooking television. She pointed out that many cooking shows lately have sprung up, been little watched, and fizzled out. In this way she acknowledges that doing a TV cooking show is a very hard job. The Chew is an hour-long show that is part talk show and part cooking show. It is a difficult balancing at to keep the culinary aspects of the show a central theme.

Carla Hall admits that keeping the show relevant and interesting, with constantly innovative and cool recipes is a challenge for her and the other chefs. She points out the home chefs that have been featured on the show. Keeping the content of the show new and fresh requires thinking completely outside the box. Hall says she is not willing to present Southern recipes all the time. She really is planning to teach cooking for all the ethnic cuisines of the whole world.