Venture Capitalist Marc Sparks

UPDATE – 8/29

Marc Sparks, the entrepreneur with a philanthropic heart and helpful attitude
Marc Sparks is a renowned entrepreneur and venture capitalist who lives in Dallas, Texas. He is currently the head of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity company that is responsible for enabling start up entrepreneurs’ ideas into products and services that are revenue generating. Marc Sparks has gathered extensive experience in the insurance, premium finance, surety bonding, and investment banking sector. He has owned and headed several insurance companies, and surety bonding agencies that are nationally recognized.

Marc Sparks believes that the backbone of any business a solid business plan and enough finances to ensure the idea is a success. Timber Creek Capital offers extensive business incubation classes at their facilities in Dallas, Texas. He provides a conducive environment for entrepreneurs to focus on producing quality business ideas that are likely to lead to successful businesses. Marc urges start up entrepreneurs to ensure they follow the right procedures regardless of time taken to achieve them.

After starting several businesses that turned out successful, Marc Sparks realized that an office setting can churn out the required maximum collaboration and output to achieve success. He even went ahead a published a book, They Can’t Eat You, that details what he went through in his journey to become a successful businessman. Marc’s intentions of writing the book were to inspire and motivate others with his story. Given that he was an average student in school, obtaining C grades, he still managed to become a successful business man. He strongly believes that anyone can become successful in doing business, with the right attitude, motivation, and encouragement. His over 35 years of experience in running various businesses has given him the expertise on starting Timber Creek Capital.

Marc takes several companies at a time and through step by step business mentorship classes, and access to capital training. This assists them when it comes to running their own businesses, dealing with access to resources which include, conducive office space, banking, marketing, and capital sourcing. Offering his insight on challenges and catastrophic outcomes that he has faced in the past, helps in guiding new businessmen.

Marc gives out pointers on the importance of having unique selling points for a business, he mentions that offering inimitable services attracts venture capitalists. He also gives the importance in focusing on the available current sales database, to generate revenues and expand on sales by reaching more customers. Having a clear strategy on how to spend injected capital in your business to increase more sales, is crucial for an entrepreneur when seeking funding.

Marc Sparks is also a renowned philanthropist in his home area of Dallas, Texas. He has been heavily involved in a homeless shelter, Samaritan Inn, from the late 1980s. He finds giving back to the community as a rewarding experience for himself. He has managed to build several homes with the Habitat for Humanity. He also prides himself in taking part in local school programs like the American Can! Academy.

It is true that Marc Sparks is known as a Venture Capitalist. He is also a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He currently lives in Dallas, Texas. This leading entrepreneur has plenty of experience raising money for several business projects. He is also the CEO of Timber Creek Capital. He is experienced working with real estate, telecommunications, and venture investing. The leading venture capitalist has plenty of experience and information that he would like to share with those that are searching for investors to back their business.

Marc Sparks Background
Marc Sparks background, says a lot about his philosophy on life. This is a successful businessman that believes in giving back to his community. He lives in the Dallas area and is a supporter of several local charities. They include a homeless shelter, Habitat for Humanity, and local high schools. He is focusing on sharing his knowledge on success in a book with others.

Marc Sparks Philosophy
New entrepreneurs should take advantage of the opportunity to share Marc Sparks philosophy. This successful venture capitalist certainly knows what he is talking about. He finds that the number one mistake that entrepreneurs make is that they don’t have a plan in place. They simply approach sources and ask for money to back their business without giving the investor any details on the venture. Investors want to know that they are investing in a sound business plan. They want to be assured that they will make a great return on their investment. Here are a few other things that the entrepreneur looking for investors should know:

  • The business idea should be unique.
  • Include details on the product or services to show potential investors.
  • Share your business plan and marketing plan with investors.

The fact is, investors would like the entrepreneur to convince them that they have a sound plan in place and their investment would be profitable.

Contact Marc Sparks for more information on his success and new book “They Can’t Eat You”.


Amicus Therapeutics, research leader in rare and orphan diseases.

Amicus Therapeutics, research leader in rare and orphan diseases.
Amicus Therapeutics is new Jersey-based biopharmaceutical company whose main focus is the development of technologies used in therapy for treatment of a wide range of diseases focusing more on rare and orphan diseases. In fact, the emphasis has been given to three key elements as the basis for the development of therapeutic remedies. The disease has to be rare, the technology must have potential to be top-notch quality and data available or collected must translate to significant benefits for patients.
The company has also taken upon itself to cultivate personal and compassionate approaches to patients as well as their caregivers and the entire family at large. This culture has been heavily underlined in the company’s focus especially in the advancement of treatments for CDKL5 deficiency Lysosomal Storage Disorders as well as Epidermolysis Bullosa.
Amicus has set a patient advocacy forum to know as Amicus Patient & Professional Advocacy which partners with various stakeholders such as healthcare practitioners, patients, caregivers and families and other concerned parties to deliver the highest quality support system for persons living with various rare conditions.
The company has its international headquarters in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom while operating from other countries including Italy, France, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Its corporate headquarters is in Cranbury, New Jersey, USA.
The team of dedicated professionals at Amicus Therapeutics, is led by Chairman John F. Crowley. His background and relationship with therapeutic cure go back to whose background goes way back to1998 when two of his children were diagnosed with a rare and severe neuromuscular disorder known as Pompe Disease. He co-founded Novazyme Pharmaceuticals which immersed itself in research on the Pompe Disease and was of significant contribution to saving the children’s lives. The company was later sold out but Crowley remained Senior Vice President. Amicus is thus in the hands of a man who understands the effects of rare diseases.
Amicus Therapeutics has partnered with several organizations over time and recently applied a request for authorization to market migalastat a drug meant to cure Fabry disease.


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Practical Living Room Wall Décor Ideas for All Tastes

There is a rumor that living rooms are some of the most trafficked rooms in the house! If you doubt that, consider how many hours you spend in the living room:

  • Watching TV
  • Playing with the kids
  • Reading or eating a snack
  • How about birthdays, holidays, and other social gatherings?

With this part of the house always filled with family members, relatives, and friends, any living room remodeling project becomes a long journey. And changes require a lot of forethought simply because you are all connected with this room. If this is the heart of your home, you must take good care of it. And although a cozy sofa, nice furniture, and proper lighting will all play their role to the finished result, it’s time to pay some attention to the walls too.

Living room
Photo Credit: Wayne Ford Films

Why living room wall renovation matters? Built to define the boundaries between rooms and provide sound and thermal insulation, walls must echo the energy of the room and dictate both its architectural style and character.

Your choices? How about wall wainscoting panels? And not just for traditional living rooms.

 From a beaded to a flat or raised panel wainscoting, the choices can vary. How to make the right choice? Consider your lifestyle and personal taste.  Each one of them is distinctive and will give a different impression. For a more elegant look in your living room, consider a raised or flat panel.

What’s important with wainscoting?

 Its size. Whether you choose flat or beadboard panels, it’s vital to decide their height. And this is often subject to the height of the ceiling. Since you don’t want to bring down an already low ceiling, cover only one-third of the wall. But you can bring the wainscot higher if the ceiling is high too.

Are you wondering why you should install wainscoting panels in the living room?

 The truth is that wainscoting design ideas were born to protect walls in the most stylish way. And so these panels are mostly installed in foyers, kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms, which take a lot of beating. And they usually come with chair rails and baseboards.

Living room 1
Photo Credit: Regan Baker Design Inc.

But, moldings will also:

Split the wall into two sections enlarging the space and enabling you to play with colors and display artwork. Cover blemishes and imperfections that will reduce the appeal of your living room and thus the value of the house too. Bring character in the room making it intimate and elegant.

Before wainscoting installation, make sure you:

  • Choose the right style to accent the room.
  • Decide on how much space you need above the wainscot.
  • Select the color of the wall and wainscoting.
  • Make sure it is finished to be maintained easily.
  • Consider temperature fluctuations to avoid problems later.

 Alternative wall renovation ideas for your living room

 Have you ever considered a brick wall design? Today, there are many options in terms of coloring and will echo a sense of freedom and modernity. This is rather an industrial look and will fit well in living rooms, which are kept casual. If you want a friendly feeling, it will be perfect for you. Brick walls are reminiscent of the first lofts. You can either cover one wall or all of them. And they will match well either with a flat white ceiling or a white coffered ceiling.

renovation ideas
Photo Credit: Beach Glass Interior Designs

Give a similar warm feeling with the installation of natural stone walls. Such natural materials blend well indoors bringing a cozy feeling within. There are many options today since there is a high demand and so you can find rustic and plain structures in gray or beige colors. The benefits of stone walls are not limited to their high aesthetics. They are so very durable and low maintenance.

Now, if you love artwork too much to sacrifice even inches of your wall with bricks or bead boards, decorate them with murals or wallpapers. There are some excellent designs and themes to choose from. But such wall decoration choices are not easy to maintain or long-lasting – especially with pets in the house.

Last but not least, you can leave the wall in its basic form and use it as a blank canvas to decorate it as you please. In this case, you can play with reds, yellows, green, or blues and artwork to bring color into the room. For a more minimalistic look, just leave the walls white.

Talk Fusion Review: Is it Right for You?

In the world of direct sales, few companies enjoy the kind of reputation that Talk Fusion does. Backed up by innovative, powerful products, this company offers an array of enticing benefits to its associates. Still, even with its excellent reputation, it pays to do some research before signing up to be an associate with Talk Fusion. This unbiased Talk Fusion review covers all of the basics, so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to participate. If you are looking for an established, reputable direct sales opportunity, however, chances are that Talk Fusion is right for you.

What is Talk Fusion?

Talk Fusion is a digital marketing tools company first and a direct sales opportunity second. This is an important distinction because all too often, direct sales opportunities lack the most important thing of all: products and services that people actually want. Talk Fusion is even better in some ways since it appeals to both businesses and individuals.

This company offers an all-in-one video marketing solution that is made up of several distinct products. These include video email, video newsletters, live meetings and webinars, video chat and sign-up forms. Everything is turnkey, so no real learning curve is involved. Even those who aren’t tech-savvy at all can get Talk Fusion up and running in no time.



Rather than sell each of these products individually, Talk Fusion offers them in bundles, which they refer to as plans. If you decide to become an associate, your goal will be to sign as many people and businesses up for as many plans as possible–and to keep them enrolled to keep receiving monthly payments.

Depending on your success as a Talk Fusion associate, the cost of your own plan may be partially or entirely covered.

The plans are as follows:

  • Video Email and Video Newsletter – As the name suggests, this plan includes these two products only. 5,000 contacts are also included, as with all other plans. Monthly cost: $25
  • Basic – This plan includes video email and video newsletters and adds sign-up forms, live meetings for up to 500 and video chat. Monthly cost: $50
  • Custom – This plan includes everything from the Basic plan plus 1 custom video email template per month and private branding for videos and newsletters. Monthly cost: $75

Earning Commissions as an Associate

Chances are that you are more concerned with how you earn commissions through Talk Fusion–and how much those commissions will be. Like most direct sales opportunities, there’s no “average” in terms of how much you can earn in commissions. The more you sell, the more you earn.

Talk Fusion has published an exhaustive guide to how their compensation plan works. The company is very transparent and straightforward about it, which is a very good sign.

First, for every monthly plan that you sell and is maintained, you earn commissions. You’ll get $5 per Video Email and Video Newsletter Plan; $10 per Basic plan; and $15 per Custom plan. There are no limit on these bonuses.

You also earn bonuses for Business Builder Packages, with the ability to earn a bonus of $120 for every $1,500 package that you sell. Other packages come with smaller bonuses.

The company also offers team commissions, which further incentivize you to grow your team. Each product is assigned a point value that is known as sales volume, or SV. When it pertains to your team, it is known as group sales volume, or GSV. You can earn up to a maximum of $50,000 per week in team commissions.

Talk Fusion also offers Mega Matching Bonuses that give you an extra 10-percent commission from sales by personally sponsored associates. Also, every month the company awards cash bonuses of up to $1,000 to the top 20 associates who personally sponsor the most new customers.


Huge Perks

It’s also worth mentioning here that if you stick with this program and work your way up, you may be eligible for some pretty exciting perks. These include an all expenses paid tropical vacation, a Rolex watch, gold and diamond recognition rings and even a Mercedes-Benz luxury car. These and other perks are earned by achieving and maintaining certain commission ranks, which begin at Bronze and continue up through Double Diamond and beyond.


One of the top selling points of Talk Fusion is that it pays commissions really fast. Indeed, they bill it as “instant compensation,” and that’s basically true. Within three minutes of making a sale, the commission is credited to your PAYLUTION e-wallet account. You must then transfer the funds from your wallet to your bank account, so there’s a bit of a process. Also, you must sign up for the wallet, and a $3 fee applies.

Customer Service and Support

Talk Fusion associates enjoy a wealth of customer support resources. These begin with the Back Office, which you access through an intuitively designed interface. It is easy to navigate and understand, and it’s where you conduct most of your online business.

The company also publishes many guides, which are available in their knowledge center. Additionally, customer service is available during regular business hours, or you can always shoot a quick email to customer support. Watch below:

Pros and Cons

Some of the top advantages of Talk Fusion include:

  • Stellar Reputation – Founded in 2007 by Bob Reina, one of the most respected names in the marketing industry
  • Instant Compensation
  • Lucrative Perks
  • Great Products

There aren’t any major drawbacks to doing business with Talk Fusion. When stacked up against most other direct sales opportunities, it more than holds its own. Some folks complain about the small fees that are charged for various things, including the e-wallet, but those are just maintenance costs, and they pale in comparison to how much you stand to earn.

The Bottom Line on Talk Fusion

With its first-rate products, generous compensation plan and exciting perks, Talk Fusion is a prime opportunity for anyone who wants to make a living in direct sales.

The benefits from visiting a Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah is a religion that is believed one can achieve the benefits from a certain spiritual level. The book of Zohar is what is studied for those that believe in Kabbalah. Those that practice this belief believe that there are certain principals that they believe such as,
• There is an upper force stronger than us.
• You start to face who we are and how we are hurting each other.
• You start to learn that we are all one soul that has been broken up into many souls.
• You come to a true point where you see the hate and how we treat each other in this world, which is suffering and you are looking for Kabbalah to help find that upper force.
• After understanding Kabbalah and intense studying, you will start to believe that you are the work of a stronger force and you can change the way you look at the things around you.

In 1922 the first Kabbalah Center was established so these beliefs could be studied with others. In 1984 the first US Kabbalah Center was built as a non-profit organization that offers online classes and classes at the Kabbalah Center.

The center’s headquarters is in LA, California and has fifty branches worldwide. These Kabbalah Centers are a place where people can meet and study the book of Zohar in the comforts of a safe environment. The Centers also focus on volunteer work and giving back to the community to help bring a greater good to the world around them.

As A Music Lover I Use Skout For Promotions

I listen to music all the time, and I even like to go to clubs, so I can find out about the new music that’s out there. I’ve created some music of my own, and the way I find out if people like it is by sampling it to others. I use the Skout network all the time, and it’s a great place to socialize as well as a place to sample my music. I have at least 1000 friends on the Skout network, and many times I will message a few of them and give them my new music.

I really wanted a friend that I could go to the clubs with because I was starting to get some gigs to DJ music. I did DJ music part-time, but I never thought that it would be something that I could do regularly. I just thought if I had a friend who likes music, then we both could go to the club together, even if I was a DJ that night. I conducted a search on the Skout network to look for someone who had a high interest in music. It’s amazing the type of people that I found on the Skout network.

I was easily able to find many people that had a great interest in music, and some of them even played instruments. After doing additional searches on the Skout network, I even found a club owner who was looking for someone to DJ full time. I never thought about being a DJ full-time because I thought it would take me away from making music and going out, but it was a position that was offering good money. I spoke to the club owner on the Skout network, and I was actually able to land a full-time DJ gig. The job was amazing because it paid great money.

I had a job, but I still was looking for a few friends that I could go to the clubs with, and maybe they could promote my music as well. I finally ended up finding a few people that were interested in coming to my new DJ location, and they would hand out flyers, and they even would help to promote my music. I can’t be more thankful for what Skout has done for me because it’s helped me to launch my career as a DJ, and I’m still able to work on my music as well.

If it wasn’t for the Skout network I don’t know where I’d be right now. I can use Skout to advertise to other people as well as using the network as a place to socialize. My music career is also on the rise because I use my job as a DJ to promote my music, and I have friends on Skout that promote my music as well. Skout is a great place to have fun online, but it’s also a good place for those who want to perfect their careers in music.

The Ideal New Jersey Apartments

New Jersey has long been a favorite destination for many people. One of the original thirteen colonies, today it is hub of commerce, industry and tourism. Many people who live in other nearby parts of the area such as Philadelphia and New York City like to visit New Jersey to do activities such as attending an amusement park and visiting the area’s many public beaches. Millions of people have also chosen to make this area of the world their home. Doing so can allow them ot easily commute to another part of the region while helping to reduce their housing costs.

Renting a New Jersey apartment can allow the renter to stay in the region yet reduce their overall housing costs. An apartment in Manhhattan can be extremely expensive. Renting an apartment in nearby Hoboken or Fort Lee may be available at a faction of the cost that a similar apartment would go for in midtown. Many New Jersey apartments offer residents that include advantages such as plentiful local transport options right into the heart of Manhattan while allowing the renter access to a parking space and pleasant amenities such as a pool or a well tended outdoor garden space.

Those who are living in central New Jersey will find that doing so allows many advantages as well such as access to excellent universities such as Rutgers and Princeton. An apartment building such as The Aspire contains those New Brunswick luxury rentals in the prime of New Jersey. Central New Jersey has many other regional amenities such as access to the beaches of coastal New Jersey and a region that is noted for providing jobs in areas such as pharmaceutical development where employment opportunities are likely to remain plentiful both in the near future and in the long term.

Many apartments in this area offer both short term rentals and leases that may allow the renter to stay for a longer period of time. Someone who is only going to be here for a short period of time will want a lease that allows for maximum flexibility in case they need to return home quickly. Another person may be here for at least a year for business purposes. In that case, they will want to look for New Jersey apartments that let them stay in the space for as long as they need to remain in the area.

Bubbles Gets Her Mobility Back Thanks to 3D Printed Wheels

3D printing has given another animal a new lease in life.

A Dachshund named Bubbles was born without front legs. So, her owner, Trevor Byers, sent out to find her a new lease on life. This is when he stumbled upon 3D printing and learned to create a wheelchair for her, which is simply a little basket with some big wheels on it. Sam Tabar is happy to know that, now, Bubbles is running with the best of them.

According to Byers, it took him many failed attempts and months of work trying to build a conventional wheelchair for Bubbles before he actually bought a 3D printer. It then took him many more failed attempts before coming up with the perfect design. What this consisted of was a lightweight, yet stable wheelchair that didn’t place much weight on her back. Now she’s getting around amazingly well.

Isn’t it amazing what technology is allowing us to do anymore?

The Magic Of a Picture

So let’s just imagine your standing on a long line at the supermarket waiting for your groceries to be rung up, and as you start to become impatient you begin looking around, and checking out the different items when suddenly you quickly glance towards the floor, noticing the shoes that the lady in front of you has on. Wow! I wonder how much those bad boys cost? you think. Now of course you could either ask her the price, or go home with hopes on describing them well enough that Google will tell you, but with the new technology that’s out today you don’t have to do either one of those things anymore.

By using a visual search all you have to do is snap a close up picture of the item that they’re wearing, and suddenly you’ll have your answer within seconds with lots of other similar products to choose from too. You can either decide to have your items delivered to you then or wait and see if the price drops.

One of today’s leading visual search engines out is, which has been developed to help you find any product you’re looking for where ever you are. When you take a picture of the product that you are interested in within seconds its gives you a page showing the same item, or one similar, the price, and where it can be brought, pretty cool right? I thought so too. I know your probably wondering what is visual search exactly, and to make the answer simple it’s basically a search engine which allows you to search for anything you want, and need with ease at the click of a button.

Now although it can help you find those perfect pair of shoes you’ve been looking for ever. Visual search is used for more than just shopping. It can even be used to help you find what you are looking for on the internet. Which tends to be extremely helpful when your a writer looking to add some color and design to your articles. One visual search engine which is helpful for online work is TinEye. It provides you with images alike connected together all in one. What it also does have is a special feature called Multicolor engine which produces all kinds of imagines within a selected color such as pink, or blue.

Despite how advanced most of these search engines may seem they are still developing, and working to improve their services such as WeSEE which is a visual search engine also that is currently still in beta form, but you can expect to see them, and others continue to grow. For now we can just be satisfied with the idea of not having to beat our head against a brick wall to try and find that bag we seen in the magazine yesterday.