Greg Secker, Helping The World !

Greg Secker is a well known entrepreneur and a generous philanthropist. Over the years, Secker has had several businesses, some businesses in which are dedicated to giving back to Greg’s communities and to people all around the world as well. One of Greg’s businesses that are dedicated to giving back is named after him and it has been doing an amazing job so far. This organization is named the Greg Secker Foundation. This Foundation is a non profit organization. In the organization Greg mentors kids and teen to lead them in the right direction. Greg also takes the kids and teens inside the group with him on projects where they give back to people.

For Greg, giving back is a choice that he had decided to do for himself to have a better quality of life. Giving back is a lifestyle for Greg and it is something that he cannot and won’t stop doing. Greg has been working on a project to help build homes in Capinahan, Lemery, Iloilo for people who were affected by typhoon. With this project, more than 100 homes will be built in a short period of time. The typhoon was a tropical storm that happened last month in the Capinahan. The storm was very powerful and ended up killing hundreds of people. Some people were fortunate enough to survive the storm; however, some people lost their homes from the storm.

Nonito Donaire will be joining Greg Secker in this mission to build more than 100 homes for all of the people who were affected by the storm. If you aren’t aware, Nonito Donaire is a famous world champion boxer who is not a stranger to giving back. When Nonito Donaire’s career first began he donated $1 million dollars to people who were in need. This act of kindness was not over looked, because at the time, Nonito did not have much money, he just wanted to help as much as he could. Nevertheless, these two have joined together to rebuild Capinahan. Many people are grateful for these men helping the country in this time of need!

The Pole Greg Secker Climbed

The Task

In Fiji, Greg Secker was given an assignment as part of a personal development program: scurry up a 60ft pole, then jump off and trust his safety harness. Greg rapidly reached the top but before jumping, looked around at the stunning beauty of the Pacific islands and ocean. It was a moment that encapsulated his entire life.

Up the Pole

Greg Secker has been racing up the pole since he was born. An early achiever, he worked hard as a teenager and began his professional career as a trader for Thomas Cook. Identified as a rising star, he was chosen to lead a cutting edge trading tool initative: the Virtual Trading Desk. This tool, the VTD, was the world’s first real-time trading platform for foreign currency. Greg made it a huge success. He soon caught the eye of Mellon Financial Corporation who hired him as a VP. Greg became a multi-millionaire before reaching his 30th birthday. With a huge trading account like that, Greg decided to leave the hustle and bustle and started his own trading business from home.

The View

In addition to his forex trading prowess, Greg also has developed into a capable teacher. Through his company, Learn to Trade, Greg Secker has taught more than 200,000 people the lessons he learned in the global trading markets. As a public speaker Greg continues to speak to audiences all over the world. Greg has shared the rapt attention of listeners with other great speakers like Sir Richard Branson, the infamous Jordan Belfort, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, and Robert Kiyosaki of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” fame. He is involved with Richard Branson’s charitable efforts and has his own not-for-profit organization, the Greg Secker foundation. This foundation fulfills its mission to improve quality of life around the globe through a variety of initiatives.

Greg Secker has reached the top of life’s pole in record time. He has learned to enjoy the view from there and, more importantly, now helps others to the top of the pole so they can do the same.

Greg Secker Is Benefiting the World One Investor at a Time

Greg Secker is a brilliant man who thinks the journey through life should be enjoyed, not rushed. He was born in 1975 and happens to be a master trader, international speaker, and philanthropist. However, his greatest achievement is fatherhood. In 2003, he founded the Knowledge Action Group. His company teaches people how to trade, and happens to be a world leader in offering an education about global trading. His company runs offices in Johannesburg, Sydney, Manila, and London. He also owns SmallCharts Software, and Capital Index.

The Greg Secker Foundation commits itself to improving the quality of life for people across the world. He knows that he can make a difference through coaching, offering investment strategies, support, and education. This is his way of making a major impact in the world.

He began his career in investment finance working with Thomas Cook Financial Services. From there, his career shot upward. He progressed quickly enough to become Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation where he oversaw major investment banking operations. He left Mellon and decided to set up a trading floor in his home. He began working the foreign exchange business and ran his own successful venture called the Virtual Trading Desk.

It happened to be the first program that traders could engage the market in real-time. Customers could receive quotes for major foreign exchange investments. It only took several months to get his company successfully up and running. In 13 years, the company has grown to a point of having offices in four countries. To date, over 200,000 people have taken his training and benefited greatly through informative seminars and workshops.

Greg Secker is a person who will always be on the move, upward, in a positive direction. He has already decided that helping people will be his life’s mission, and that can never be a bad thing. The right education also plays a major role in navigating life successfully. Knowledge gives a person a better understanding of their world. It offers a different perspective for looking at life. It also opens doors that may have otherwise remained closed.

Greg Secker Urges People to Venture into Forex Trading

The foreign exchange market commonly referred to as Forex, deals with international currencies exchange. Forex lacks a centralized exchange, unlike the stock market. In forex trading, things are handled using computer networks, but people don’t have to be tech-savvy to succeed. Here, people base trades on whether they think certain currencies will fall or rise in value compared to other currencies. This implies that someone can make a profit regardless of the nature of the market.

Forex trading has been around for a long time. According to Greg Secker, now is the perfect time to get into forex. The world is going through a lot now, and the economy remains unpredictable and unstable. Wage growth is stagnant, and inflation is on the rise. The stock market isn’t reliable anymore. Greg says that people don’t need to have innate talents or mathematical minds to succeed in the forex market. Because forex is entirely traded over the internet, people have the option to choose their preferred type of software to help them navigate things easily. Forex trading has numerous benefits, such as starting is easy, flexibility with trading, people can trade from anywhere and anytime among many other benefits.

About Greg Secker

Greg Secker is popular in the world of forex trading. Many first-time forex traders turn to Greg for advice and other helpful success tips. As a successful forex trader, Greg Secker loves helping other traders succeed in the forex market. He has launched various companies that offer helpful information to forex traders.

Greg Secker was born in Norfolk, England. He studied at Nottingham University where he earned his agricultural and food science degree. Before venturing into forex, Greg worked for Thomas Cook Financial. Virtual Trading Desk commonly known as VTD is an online trading platform developed by Greg Secker. After working for others for several years, Greg started his trading company known as Learn to Trade. For more than 13 years now, Learn to Trade has provided forex traders with training seminars and workshops. Secker’s software known as SmartCharts is regarded as the most effective forex trading software today.