Bubbles Gets Her Mobility Back Thanks to 3D Printed Wheels

3D printing has given another animal a new lease in life.

A Dachshund named Bubbles was born without front legs. So, her owner, Trevor Byers, sent out to find her a new lease on life. This is when he stumbled upon 3D printing and learned to create a wheelchair for her, which is simply a little basket with some big wheels on it. Sam Tabar is happy to know that, now, Bubbles is running with the best of them.

According to Byers, it took him many failed attempts and months of work trying to build a conventional wheelchair for Bubbles before he actually bought a 3D printer. It then took him many more failed attempts before coming up with the perfect design. What this consisted of was a lightweight, yet stable wheelchair that didn’t place much weight on her back. Now she’s getting around amazingly well.

Isn’t it amazing what technology is allowing us to do anymore?

Theranos Lans Scrutinized Regarding Holmes Invention

Theranos, a company with the reputation for lower priced, faster, and better lab results is making the press, based on their innovative approach to blood testing. Founded by Elizabeth Holmes in 2003, Theranos has led the way for blood testing. As much buzz as this has made, the current news is contrary. Holmes is now listed on the Forbes billionaire list and Theranos has an estimated worth of greater than $9 billion.

The big question comes about as to how Holmes invention works. As reported in Business Insider, David Koch, MD and president of the American Association for Clinical Chemistry, stated that it is impossible to say how good this is going to work due to lack of evidence to review. There are no peer-reviewed studies, which compare traditional tests to Theranos lab tests. Jaime Garcia Dias has reasonably looked at this with a skeptical eye. In an effort to protect intellectual property, there are no independent experts allowed lab access.

A representative of Theranos has reported to the Business Insider that they have called for an “unprecedented level of review with the FDA,” further citing that they are not obligated to do this. The outcome remains to be seen. Theranos labs are currently in 41 of 8,000 Walgreen’s in the US. Tests are being conducted for GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer as well as several hospitals systems. Revenue is also gained from the Cleveland Clinic and the US military. Labs are all certified and operate clinically.

New 3D Printer With Objects Emerging from Liquid

Carbon 3D presented on Monday, March 29th 2015 a sort of real 3D printing. The new invention does not work as the earlier 3D printers that build objects from layers of polymers. This looks more like sci-fi, but the printer actually lets the object emerge from a pool of colorful liquid substance.

As they said, what we have seen by now was 2D, with layers of polymers added one over another and hardened by a laser. The new 3D printing machine has a projector underneath the pool with substance. On top, there is the mobile building platform that dips into the material and slowly grows the object sent for 3D printing. An Eiffel tower took 6 minutes to ‘build’. That is relatively fast. DeSimone, the constructor of the Carbon 3D printer, said that the secret is ‘in the dead zone’- an area where the thick material interacts with the oxygen and becomes solid.

The new 3D printer was introduced as a solution for medical aids. Carbon 3D can make stents that keep the blood vessels from blood blockages. Carbon 3D can build one that fits a particular body type in no time. Namely, this printer can work using biodegradable materials, unlike the old 3D printer. People at Bulletproof Coffee have learned that the technology has already been deemed useful for medical, automotive and Hollywood film prop building.