Martin Lustgarten and Investment Banking

In finance, investment banking is one of the most well known parts of the industry. With investment banking, a number of firms help major corporations find ways to increase their capital and stock value. When it comes to achieving these objectives, investment banking firms look to complete mergers and acquisitions which entails having two companies join together. This helps them in a number of ways including, combining assets, offering more products and services, and also avoiding bankruptcy. Investment banking firms use a number of departments to serve clients such as corporate finance, trading and research. As a result, they are able to help clients not only complete mergers, but also have their capital more efficiently managed as well.

While most investment banking firms work with large corporations, there are many others that serve small businesses and individuals. These boutique investment banking firms specialize in helping individuals manage their wealth as well as receive advisory services. When it comes to assisting small companies, boutique investment banking firms provide funding to businesses through venture capital. As a result, the smaller boutique investment banking firms provide a considerable amount of value to their clients just like the larger firms do theirs.

Martin Lustgarten is one individual who runs and operates his own investment banking firm. His firm is a small one that is classified as a boutique investment banking firm. With his firm, Lustgarten is able to provide a lot of valuable services to both individuals and small businesses. His experience and expertise has proven to be quite valuable to his clients over the years. By helping both individuals and businesses, Martin has established himself as one of the most trusted financial professionals in his area.

When working with clients, Martin uses hard work and expertise to help them reach their goals. He will often analyze investment options and look for ones that will benefit his clients both in the short term and the long term. As well as researching investment options, Martin also uses his referrals to help companies receive the capital they need in order to start up and expand as well.

A Different Type of Banking offered by Martin LustgartenĀ 

Investment banking is a type of banking that is majorly there to raise capital. They majorly work twit other entities such as corporations, governments, as well as individuals. Investment banking is usually done by banks that try to offer the most appropriate advice concerning investments where clients intend to put their money. Investment banks also facilitate mergers and even acquisitions, sell securities, underwrite debts, carry out reorganizations and broker trade for investors.

Many leading investment banks have partnered with larger banks. When firms want to issues bonds or stocks they would use investment banks as intermediaries between investors and a company. So as to maximize, Investment banks would help in pricing. They also assist the clients in trying and complying with regulatory issues.

The structure used in investment banking is very different as compared to other banking types and therefore sets the investment banking apart. The organizational structure is also unique as compared to the banking types. One of the positions in the investment bank that makes the bank different is the investment banker. This position plays a very key role in almost every bank operations.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who is based in Florida. He is the founder of this investment banking firm. He thus works with small businesses and even individuals to help them attain their financial objectives. Small companies that would need money for expansion would often seek assistance from Martin Lustgarten. Martins Lustgarten would then help the companies receive the funding that they need usually using referral partners. Therefore, Lustgarten has helped a large number of companies to get the funding that they need so that they can grow and also become more successful.

Apart from working with small businesses, Martin has also specialized in working closely with individuals. There are usually many individuals who often are looking for wise ways to save for retirement and grow their wealth. Therefore, most of them often from Martin to assist them to reach their goals. Lustgarten helps the individuals by giving them advice on how to plan their finances and allocate their assets. He also does research on some investment so that he can give the options to his clients. With help from Martins expertise, many people have been able to establish financial security.

The Best Investment Banking Firm to Work for in 2017

Even as Brexit and the Trump Presidency threatened to shake the turgidity of a global stock market, things seem to be looking brighter for investment bankers. As shown by the impressive performance of investment banking in the last quarters of 2016, this year is bound to be even brighter.

Despite the mixed feelings about a Trump Presidency, investors felt confident that Trump will bring forth a future of great profits and growing asset portfolios. The shares on investment banking alone rose by 25%, and tabloids continue to predict a further rise in this statistic. So if there ever was a time to pursued investment banking as a career, it has to be now.

Ideal investments banks to work for

If you feel you have the passion and dedication for investment banking, then you need to send your resume to Goldman Sachs this 2017.

Goldman Sachs

Everyone knows Goldman Sachs as a top performing financial investment bank, so it provides greener grounds to launch your career. All over Wall Street, Goldman Sachs are celebrated for their workplace ethics and policies. As an intern, you will never have to work at odd hours, and as a junior banker, your weekends are always yours to do with them as you wish.

According to the 2017 Survey by Vault, a firm that rates employers and universities on how best they treat their staff, Goldman Sachs employees rated their firm high for having great work-life balance, attractive paychecks and fluid internal mobility. The global investment banking firm also scored an 8.9/10 as a place with great client interaction. So, if you looking for a great working environment as an investment banker, you know where to send your resume.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is a seasoned investment banker with a passion for living life large. He is known to have a talent for spotting trends before they start and leveraging on them before his rivals pick up the scent. Add a smart mind and hard work to the list of ingredients and you have the full recipe that makes Martin one of the fastest growing wealthy investment bankers.

Martin Lustgarten loves to travel the world opening investment opportunities as he goes and also to experience different cultures. He is a hobbyist vintage watch trader, with an impressive collection he sells or trades in for other prized vintage gems.

All You Need to Know about Investment Banking

An investment bank differs from a commercial bank in several ways. First, an investment bank deals with higher financing and helps companies to earn profits in a bid to push them to grow. Secondly, an investment bank raises debt capital for companies through the issuance of bonds and financial instruments. Basically, this is an institution that helps individuals, businesses and governments to raise financial capital by acting as an agent of their client in issuing securities.


Investment banking may also involve mergers and acquisitions, which are also managed and handled by the investment bank on behalf of the companies involved. In this case, the investment bank may provide ancillary services like trading of securities and derivatives, market making and transfer of fixed income instruments.


Unlike retail banking, in investment banking there are no deposits taken. There has been separation between the two for decades and this has been argued as a case of consumer protection.



Before initiating a sale or buy in the securities market, it is necessary to first conduct research to review companies so as to come up with reports detailing their prospects. Investment banking institutions have sell-side professionals like Martin Lustgarten, who will look into various industries before issuing a final report for decision making. Research also reaches outside the bank to offer investment advice to potential investors, something that prevents loss and a bad name to the company in question.


Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten leveraged his citizenship so he could easily help clients in different markets. MartinĀ Lustgarten is a professional financial analyst and has been offering assistance to investors so they can make prudent decisions. He has also been influential in investment banking because he knows how to observe the market to offer accurate predictions and advice.

Additionally, Martin Lustgarten leverages his intelligence to identify trends. He is a role model that many investors have benefitted from and his hard work has helped him to grow wealth. He is also successful due to his shining portfolio that covers a diverse history and highlights unique skills that have helped him secure a respectable position in the stock markets.

Laidlaw in Hot Water, Again

It would seem like the investment banking company, Laidlaw is having the hardest time when it comes to staying out of trouble. A few years ago, the company had hit the headlines when many of their clients complained that there were malpractices happening in Laidlaw. This issue led to the intervention of FINRA, which imposed sanctions on the company and helped the clients get the services they needed.
Fast forward a few years and Laidlaw with its two principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern are in fresh trouble. A clinical stage company known as Remalda Therapeutics had filed a lawsuit against the company for various malpractices. It all started when the clinical stage research company hired Laidlaw as their investment banker in 2014. All seemed to be going well, and the company even held an IPO. However, the leadership at Remalda noticed issues with the investment banker and moved to cut ties with them. This resulted in the lawsuit.
Currently, Remalda have amended the lawsuit to include claims for fiduciary duty owed to Remalda for disclosure of information that was shared in confidence. The company stated that they had gotten an injunction against the clinical stage company, but the order was ignored and the damaging information was revealed. The result has been losses for the therapeutics company which is looking for viable cures for chronic pain.
Laidlaw has been in operation in the UK for close to a decade now. In the past, they have helped companies with processes such as IPOs, second sales and other investment options. The current lawsuit casts a lot of doubt into their integrity, especially because this is not the first time the problem has occurred. Remalda wrote to their clients informing them about the suit and the amendments. They have expressed gratitude to the clients for their support and understanding during the tough process taking place.