Award Winning Health Insurer, USHEALTH Group, Committed to Superior Coverage

USHEALTH Group, Inc., is an insurance company based in Fort Worth, Texas. It has subsidiaries like Freedom Life Insurance Company of America (FICA), and National Foundation Life Insurance Company dubbed “America’s trusted choice for healthcare.” The USHEALTH Group of companies provides Life, individual Sickness, Accident, and Disability Insurance coverage to self-employed persons, families, and group insurance coverage. USHEALTH Group has served at least 15 million customers with its customized products last for the last 50 years.

USHEALTH Insurance understands customers’ diverse needs. They have choice products that provide an array of options to customers across the board. Their innovative portfolio’s coverage products uniquely address customers’ calls for affordability, reliability, and flexibility in their insurance selection. Customers on a limited budget or worried about the high cost of annual deductibles before obtaining any insurance benefits, get a portfolio of personalized, affordable products for covered services and significant discounts.

Family Coverage

For the family cover, USHEALTH offers customers tailored plans for specified cost-sharing and the security of its family plans for Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident Plans. These plans are also affordable, flexible, and reliable solutions. USHEALTH Group remains committed to providing the best customer satisfaction in the industry.

No matter the type of health coverage chosen, the insurance company helps clients boost their health protection with USHEALTH Group’s line of different products, including Critical Illness, Sickness/Specified Disease, Short-Term Accident Disability Income, Term Life Insurance, Income Protector, Dental, and Vision Plans.

Commitment to Quality Service

In a competitive marketplace distinguished by high customer exits and low levels of loyalty, USHEALTH Group comes uniquely qualified as a leading insurer by building lasting relations with its clients, making it a trusted partner that continually delivers on its assurance of dependability.

USHEALTH Group offers individual life insurance and supplemental products through their USHEALTH Advisors. Customers are assured of an excellent buying experience through the guidance of trusted, trained, and licensed USHEALTH Advisors, who must meet specific certification standards before selling health insurance products.

The commitment to personal interests has made USHEALTH a renowned world insurance leader for product innovation, business growth and customer care. Every day, more persons, families, and business owners turn to USHEALTH Group to fulfill their immediate insurance coverage needs.

Laidlaw Faces a New Court Battle

Just recently, the Nevada District Court issued a restraining order against an investment banking company known as Laidlaw. The court arrived at this decision after a clinical company sued the investment bank. Laidlaw had used its position to take over Relmada Therapeutics, a move that was rejected by the management in the clinical company.

Under the leadership of Mathew Eitner and James Ahern, Laidlaw Company was given the responsibility of acting as the investment banker for Relmada Therapeutics. The clinical company decided to organize for capital raising activities, giving the responsibility to Laidlaw. During these events, Laidlaw accessed some private and confidential information about the clinical company.


After several months, Laidlaw breached the contract signed by the two organization, releasing some private company to the public. The clinical company suffered massive losses because of these actions, forcing it to go to court. However after the court issued the restraining order, the investment banking company has not been able to proceed with its activities.


Laidlaw and its principles have been violating the United Kingdom regulations for some time now. The organization operates in the US and the UK, and it has had its share of challenges in the past. The reputation of the company has been severely affected by the numerous court battles from the clients, making it lose a lot of money.


Not long ago, Relmada Therapeutics went to court to amend its cases, and this time, it is asking for monetary compensation because of the losses incurred due to the breach of contract by Relmada Therapeutics. If the Nevada District Court rules in favor of the clinical company, then Laidlaw and its principals will have to pay a lot of money. Many people will also lose their trust in the organization because this is not the first time these cases are coming up.