Apple’s New iOS 10 Lockscreen Has New Focus on Notifications

The beta version of iOS 10 was released this week, and there are some rather exciting developments to note. While the beta is still full of bugs, it offers benefits such as a redone messaging system, 3D touch actions, and the ability to delete some of those annoying pre-installed apps, and a Universal Clipboard feature which will allow you to copy text on one connected device and paste it on another.

The lockscreen has also received an upgrade, and the complete redesign is going to be one of the most immediately noticeable changes to your phone. With a new “Raise to Wake” feature, the phone is now designed to wake up as soon as you pick it up.

Swiping left-to-right no longer serves to unlock your phone–instead, it’ll bring up a new page of widgets giving you details such as weather, events, and nearby locations. Swiping in the other direction will open your camera, and to unlock your phone you’ll need to press the home button, which will either read your fingerprint with the TouchID sensor, or prompt you to enter your pin security number.

In the past, it was easy to totally miss your lockscreen, waking your phone and unlocking it in a single step. Because the phone now wakes as soon as you pick it up, those notifications on your lockscreen are a lot more likely to be noticed and grab your attention.

Whether you like notifications or not, this update essentially forces you to look at them, at least for the brief moment between picking up your phone and unlocking it.