Understanding the Propelling Reasons for Many Celebrities Joining Kabbalah Centers

Hollywood celebrities are increasingly embracing the Kabbalah, an ancient Jewish wisdom, despite them being non-Jews. It all began with Madonna enrolling at a Kabbalah Center and then opening several Kabbalah centers in the U.S. She then introduced Britney Spears, her longtime friend, to Kabbalah teachings. What followed was a mass enrollment by celebrities, such as Sandra Bernhard, Sammy Davis, Paris Hilton, Marilyn Monroe, and Elizabeth Taylor among many others. This move left many wondering about what could be so fascinating about Kabbalah that attracted these celebrities.

What the Celebrities Had to Say

Speaking in different forums, most of the celebrities explained how Kabbalah teachings had positively transformed their lives. For Sandra Bernhard, Kabbalah swept out almost all chaos in her life. Paris Hilton, on the other hand, enrolled at Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles upon separating with Nick Carter. She was given a Kabbalah bracelet that, according to her, sorts out her life issues.

Other celebrities study Kabbalah for reasons not attached to their personal lives. For the late Sammy Davis, he was fascinated by the 5000 years old wisdom to the point that he felt the urge to learn it. He told Time Magazine that his African-American background also compelled him to enroll for Kabbalah, with the aim of acquiring the inner strength that Jews have demonstrated for the last 5000 years. He argued that African-Americans and Jews had previously been subjected to oppression but Jews, unlike Africans, always had the strength to overcome this oppression. This outward admiration of the Jewish culture played a key role in luring Sammy Davis into Kabbalah. Marilyn Monroe, on the other hand, enrolled for Kabbalah for she was uncomfortable with her Christianity upbringing. The late Elizabeth Taylor joined Kabbalah at a time when she was leading a pro-Israel Activism.

n an interview with Time Magazine, Madonna explained that she was attracted to Kabbalah’s perception of helping other people. She, therefore, took it upon herself to help as many people as possible access Kabbalah teachings.

About Los Angeles Kabbalah Center

Kabbalah centers were established in the United States about 50 years ago. 1964 is the year that Rav Berg opened up the Los Angeles branch.

The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles regularly makes donations to humanitarian organizations such as the American Red Cross.


The 5 Basic Principles Taught at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles

Kabbalah is something that no student can go into half-heartedly. You get out what you put into it. There are two types of students at the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles. There are those who only study on a short-term basis. These are the people who come in and learn a few things and then leave. The other kind is part of the 99%. These are the students who get it and want to work to improve their lives.

There are 5 basic principles being taught at the center. In order to fully embrace these principles, you do need to be part of the 99%.

The first principle involves The upper force and our ego. We are right now living through our egotistical personality. The upper force of the universe involves who we truly are. It is our job to transform our egos until we are one with the upper world.

The second principle involves identifying our destructive natures. It is up to use to identify and get rid of our ego. This way we can truly be the person we are meant to be. The third principle involves correcting what needs to be corrected inside our souls. We were at one time all one. Our souls were shattered into a million pieces. It is up to us to identify the parts that need correcting, this way our souls can become one and unify once more.

The fourth and fifth principles involve choosing the path of creation. Choosing something that is beyond what this physical world has to offer and not being bound by our egos.

The Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles teaches that some souls take a long time to reach this more unified and evolved state. Others can come to it rather quickly. It all depends on how soon you identify what needs to be corrected. It also depends on how long you intend to let your ego control you. The ego is not really who we are. It is who we have chosen to be in our society, due to societal demands and pressure. There is a difference.

At some points, you have to ask yourself, “Am I walking the dog, or is the dog walking me?”

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Why the Kabbalah Center is Important to the Jewish Community

A lot of mystery and even ignorance surrounds the teachings of the Kabbalah. The confusion is deepened by the fact that everyone from religious leaders to fame seeking mediums and psychics in Hollywood really like misusing the teachings to their own ends. However, in the pure and unaltered state, the teachings of Kabbalah are one of the most important assets to the Jewish Community and especially those that closely follow the teachings of Judaism. To try and bring back some sanity into the teachings and what they mean for the community, there have been attempts to establish Kabbalah centers in the US, Europe and even Israel.

Origins of the Kabbalah

These are some of the oldest teachings that have been recorded in the history of man especially on spirituality. They are said to be so old that they are the blueprint from which most of the modern day religious teachings were derived. There was a time that the teachings were believed to be so tough that only males who were more than 40 years in age would be allowed access to the teaching centers.
The main theme of the teachings is trying to explain the metaphysical world, and the connection that it has with the other realm. There are many people who take this to mean that Kabbalah is for the people that believe in things like magic. While it is true that a little bit of inexplicable events are part of the kabbalah narratives, the main theme is not to help people perform voodoo like some mediums want people to think. The main reason the centers are being set up is to demystify the teachings and make sure the Jewish community understands their importance.
The founders of the Kabbalah center, Philip, Karen, Michael and Yehuda Berg are just continuing the work that was started in 1922. Yehuda Ashlang was the first person to reveal the contents of the teachings and make them accessible to all people. The current founders and managers of the center come directly from his family line and believe that they are continuing with his inspirational work of enlightening the Jewish people and the world.

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Do People Understand Kabbalah?

Since there have been many who have tried to learn Kabbalah, I have also sought to explain Kabbalah for writers without the proper knowledge to understand. It is important to know what you write about so as not to give information that is not true and compromise the truth. First, Kabbalah originated from Babylon in ancient times. What people may not know is that Kabbalah is a Science that existed many years ago. The reason why it was known by many is that it is a science and wisdom that takes the time to learn. It had not been disclosed for many years until Rav Yehuda decided to make it modern.

Kabbalah Centre came to the world again four hundred years ago even after many great people tried to explain this inherent wisdom that has many benefits to those who study it. Kabbalah was not known by many, and it is the knowledge that existed with only a few teachers. Because of this, many scientists became attracted and studied hard to understand Kabbalah but to no avail. What they did not know is that Kabbalah can only be taught by those who have grasped the wisdom and not by virtual studying. For example, people like Isaac Newton tried to study and understand but they could not. Others such as Pico Della Mirandola and Leibniz also struggled to understand the knowledge of Kabbalah but never succeeded.

There are many advantages for people of today because the knowledge is now widespread. There are now different ways of understanding Kabbalah, and a lot of information is everywhere. All you should do is to be careful to avoid being fed with information that is not true. Some people fail to understand things, but they end up giving false information. Remember that is not easy to comprehend the knowledge of universe because you have never experienced. That is why you get different people having beliefs about Kabbalah. There are those who associated it with things like curse, miracles, spells and other evil things but that are just because they do not understand what it takes to understand this eternal wisdom that existed millions of years ago.

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What is Kabbalah and Why It is So Popular

Kabbalah is a popular way of life yet to many people it remains a mystery. Kabbalah was established in 1922 by Rav Yeshuda Ashlag. It was established to instill knowledge on people, to endow them with wisdom, and to help them acquire the tools they need to make their lives better and the lives of other people. Rav is the spiritual leader of Kabbalah.

They established a center in Los Angeles that serves as the world headquarter for the organization. The organization has more than 50 offices that are spread out across the world. The offices serve as centers of teachings.

With about 500 to 1000 employees, the organization serves more than 5000 students weekly. Kabbalah employs international staff that serves all ethnic groups. It is described as a way of life rather than a religion.

The organization also delivers its teachings through the use of DVDs, literature and other forms of communication. The teachings that are delivered at the Kabbalah center are based on the principles of Zohar which is its foundation.

Kabbalah popularity has risen due to several factors. Their tolerance to other religions and support to the community has seen it supported by top celebrities and leaders. Kabbalah helps people understand the meaning of life and the existence of people. It helps people understand why things happen the way they happen in life and people’s behavior in life.

Kabbalah teachings are against ego; ego revolves around the small world in the inside the person. If people follow the torching and lower their ego, they open up themselves to new things and new knowledge that world has to offer.

Humanity through their ignorance has led to the world problems that we are experiencing, people thinking only for themselves have created a huge gap between them and the rest of the world. In turn, everyone focuses on themselves hence creating an individualist spirit.

Kabbalah teachings are so complex and take a lot of time to understand fully. As a result, in the traditional Jewish communities, the deep teachings are only offered to men who are over 40 years old. By following the teachings of Kabbalah, humanity can end modern-day problems such as depression, drug abuse, and terrorism.

Who Learns The Most At The Kabbalah Centre?

Anyone who is sensitive to the spirit of God and his presence will learn quite a lot at the Kabbalah Centre, and they will find it quite simple to build a scholarly program from the walls of the each office. The Kabbalah Centre has offices around the world that began in Los Angeles, and it is one of the few places to study religion that professes no religion at all. This article explains how someone may learn at the Kabbalah Centre in their own time, with their own mind without a doctrine to follow.

#1: Finding The Truth In The Presence Of God

There are quite a few people who come to the Kabbalaha Centre hoping to find the truth, and the truth of their situation is quite clear. They are sseeking a God they cannot see. They look for him in the scriptures they read from the library, and they seek out texts that may not come from their faith. The Kabbalah Centre does not require religious affiliation, and it ensures that everyone who enters is welcome.

#2: The Offices Around The World Help Quite A Lot

Offices from around the world all help carry the Kabbalah Centre name and mission, and they have ensured the students in the Centre may study of their own will. There are no requirements as students put their minds to their books, and the students are not forced to do anything they do not normally do. There is a freedom of opinion and religion in the Kabbalah Centre that is not found in most seminaries.

#3: Who Benefits From Kabbalah?

Anyone who is seeking God will benefit from reading as a Kabbalah scholar does. The scholars are quite keen at finding the presence of Good in the words, and they show their students how to find where God is without going on a wild goose chase.

The Kabbalah Centre is a Godsend for anyone who needs the spirit in life. They may come to a place that is warm and open to them, and they will see that Kabbalah expands their horizons like no other.

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The Kabbalah Centre Looks for a Continued Use of Teachings Dating Back to Adam

The Kabbalah has always been known as a complex and difficult set of teachings to understand from the ancient teachers of Judaism, but in the mid 20th century the people of the world were given the chance to learn more about the universe with the opening of The Kabbalah Centre. Kabbalah is made up of a series of scriptures that were developed using an oral tradition many believe dates back to Adam and the first patriarch of Judaism, Abraham; revealing the spirituality of the many different aspects of the Kabbalah has made this one of the best known sets of scripture in use in the 21st century.


Celebrity followers, such as Madonna, have made The Kabbalah Centre a popular destination for those seeking to open their minds to receive a large level of information about the way the universe works. However, The Kabbalah Centre can trace its roots back to the 1020s when the first Rabbi determined to bring the teaching to the masses completed a translation of the ancient book of Zohar that forms the basis of the teaching offered around the world. The Kabbalah Centre in its current form began life in the 1960s when Rabbi Philip Berg and his wife Karen opened their own home in Queens, New York to students wishing to explore their spiritual side.


Over the course of recent years the growing number of followers of The Kabbalah Centre have looked to unblock their senses that only allow a limited portion of the universe to be viewed by those who are not exploring Kabbalah scripture. In the work of The Kabbalah Centre each individual student is free to make a choice about the religion they choose to follow throughout their studies; in fact, The Kabbalah Centre teaches that each major religion is simply an arm of an infinite wisdom that can be explored in terms of religious beliefs to find happiness and fulfillment through a set of universal rules and regulations.


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A Spiritual Quest With Help from Those at the Kabbalah Centre

Human lives are brief in many ways. People are here on this earth for only a short period of time. During this time, people look to find meaning in their lives, seeking to find evidence a greater sense of purpose. Many people have found it useful to think of a spiritual quest in their lives that allows them to start a journey as they look for answers. This is a quest that those at the Kabbalah Centre fully understand. They know that answers can be sought from various sources including the world of the ancient religions. At the Kabbalah Centre, the emphasis is on knowing how it is possible to harness such questions and use them to fully illuminate many areas of life.


Seeking Out Texts

Close study of various kinds of texts is one way that it is possible to see things in a new light. At the Kabbalah Centre, the work here is one in which the student is the center of the quest. Their needs for spirituality and ways of making sense of deeper questions are also at the centre. With their help, it is possible to discover what people have known for centuries. Here, they know that texts can offer important answers. They also know that texts allow people to get an idea of the themes that are part of everyone’s lives.


Spiritual Insights

Above all, those here know that they can help offer something very special that is hard to find in other ways. They work with their spiritual seekers in thinking about the important questions that everyone in the entire world must take into account as they go about their day. Each person today is someone that must confront important life events such as the birth of a child and the illness and eventual passage of a parent. Thinking about such questions can be a life long journey and one that people all over the world look to figure out. Working with experts at the Kabbalah Centre is one of the best ways to think about such questions and find truly satisfying authentic answers.

Getting Closer to God with Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Center is a place where people can go and study the texts of the Zohar. Whether out of deep commitment to understand the Zohar and why it was written and what it means biblically, or as a means to study and interpret the Zohar as a way to find a better connection to God and life’s path, the Kabbalah Center is a place where students of any kind can come and do this.


The Kabbalah Centers are open to students of any race, religion, or gender to come and study the various teachings of the Kabbalah and there are also webinars and online courses made available for remote study. These centers do exist in many major world cities giving access to many to study no matter where they may reside.


The teachings of the Kabbalah used to be restricted to studied and wise Jewish men who had gained all of the wisdom they needed to know by a certain age in order to be deemed ready for the teachings of Kabbalah. This changed in 1965 with the opening of the first Kabbalah Center in New York allowing anyone with interest in studying Kabbalah to do so.


This newer and more modern approach has helped many people to find clarity in their life’s path, to maintain better romantic relationships and relationships with family and peers, to find more purpose and direction in their life and to study the astrological and light bearing forces that may affect parts of life and how to understand and work with those forces in a way that is beneficial to their lives.


The fact that modern Kabbalah Center has been able to do this as a supplement to many religions is great achievement and success that many students of Kabbalah can say they have become proud to be sure of. Any student interested in studying Kabbalah can start by fining the Kabbalah Center nearest to them to begin their journey in self exploration and a better relationship with God.

The History Behind Kabbalah Centre

In 1922, the Kabbalah Centre was founded by Rav Yehuda Ashlag. When he founded this center, he had different intentions with what to do with the knowledge and philosophies. For one thing, the wisdom has always been kept secret as a tradition. However, Yehuda has decided that it is okay to make it accessible. He sees no harm in a wider variety of people getting a hold of this knowledge that only a select few people were allowed. Before him, the only people that were allowed to access the knowledge were devout students of the Zohar who are above the age of 40.

The Kabbalah Centre of course carries the Kabbalah which has a lot of insights about the different religions and the books that come with it. The people of the Kabbalah believe that each religion is only a piece of universal wisdom. Therefore, there is no conflict among any of the religions. Instead, people are taught to come together and accept their differences as different pieces of the whole. There is a lot of wisdom that the Kabbalah has been collecting ever since it was started thousands of years ago. It talks about different aspects of reality.

Among the things that it talks about is the universe that people can see and the universe that people can’t see. Among the things that it points out is that only 1 percent reality can be detected by 5 senses. The rest of reality is undetectable. However, the 99% of the reality which can’t be seen has a major influence on the 1 percent that can be seen. The Kabbalah centre and spiritual teachings have a lot of insights that will bring about enlightenment for people that seek it. This is one of the reasons that the Kabbalah Centre is worth looking into for people.

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