Kindle’s New Feature Makes it Much More Like Paper Books

For those readers who find that they do not like Kindle books because of their lack of realistic book-like qualities, a new update will likely change things. The new update is called “page flip” and is being introduced to both Kindle e-readers as well as the Kindle app that is available to phones and other mobile devices.

“Page flip” will change the way that readers use Amazon’s reading service. In the current system, users can flip through the pages, but they are not able to easily return to highlighted pages or see more than one page at a time. Therefore, Kindle has been difficult for those who want to return to previous places and highlights for reference.

The new update, however, will make that problem a thing of the past. the new “page flip” will allow users to save their current page if they wish to go back to explore earlier highlights or look forward to future pages. The user can simply hit the “Back to” button to return to the lat reading page. Users will also be able to view multiple pages on the same screen. The view of these multiple pages is an exact image of the pages, so readers will be able to view their highlights easily.

While the new features do not seem to be technically difficult, they are close to features that are popular with other ebook companies such as Google Books. Amazon is not only attempting to make their books as realistic as possible, but they are also attempting to incorporate other popular features into their Kindle program. Kindle has never offered a feature like this before, and their competitors have not had this type of jump back button before.

Readers will likely enjoy the feature as it makes the book easier to casually flip through. Updates like this continually bring ebooks closer to the original thing.