Ricardo Tosto and the Evolution of the Legal Profession in Brazil

The legal profession is a career that requires hard work, commitment and endurance to enjoy the returns. May be that is why lawyers are admirable because their presence makes a statement of their undying spirit in the face of hardships. In fact, that explains why lawyers are among the best-paid professionals in Brazil. For one to qualify as a lawyer, it’s imperative that they excel in the five-year law course and also pass the bar exams shortly after that. Most law graduates undertake internship programs in law firms for about six months before they can practice.

Brazilians did not have their own legal system until they exit of the Portuguese colonizers in 1882. The process began by establishing legal institutions for training and education of lawyers. The first law schools were in Sao Paulo, and that explains why 30 percent of the lawyers in Brazil are located in this city. Apparently, the Portuguese are not the only influencers of the legal profession but also the Napoleons, Germans and French legal inclinations. For example, the civil code in Brazil has borrowed a lot from the Napoleonic code. With time, this civil law was based on the German but currently is majorly based on the Italian code. One reputable lawyer in Brazil in Ricardo Tosto whose career journey is marked with diligence, focus, and determination and learn more about Ricardo.


An In-depth Look at Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto remains a reputable lawyer whose credibility is unquestionable. He takes the lead as an attorney and leader as his many years of experience and study and research have provided him with the required knowledge to practice law and his Facebook.

The start of his career was in a small office that has grown tremendously to become a corporate litigation firm in Brazil. As a dedicated and focused worker, he stayed there only long enough to gain legal expertise after which he would start his own law firm. Ricardo Tosto law firm is today one of the well-known, credible and biggest law firm in Brazil. The credibility and high-quality legal services with professionalism have seen the company make significant growth in increasing the clientele base and more information click here.

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Ricardo Tosto and Brazilian Investments

The CBE, which stands for Brazilian Capitals Abroad. There are two primary things that are important for any business to know when you do business as a Brazilian Business or person investing outside of the country. These annual and quarterly statements have a certain way that they must be filed in order to maintain a legal way for commerce internationally from outside of Brazil. Here are the details.

Ricardo Tosto, as an international financial commerce lawyer can help with the actions that are required to declare money both invested and paid for Brazilians that are participating in this abroad. His work as an international commerce lawyer has become well known. This is an amazing way to help someone that is involved in business or commerce from Brazil abroad. He can help guide these people and make sure that they are meeting the legality of the Central Bank of Brazil, where they must report.

Ricardo Tosto helps those people report that information as required. It must be reported in two ways. The first is an annual report declaration. That declaration must be made of the following commerce transactions.

– Fixed income securities
– Money deposits
– Real estate investments
– Shares
– Deposits

Quarterly declarations must be made for any of the above that matches or exceed $100,000. Ricardo Tosto can help clients navigate that so the clients are able to maintain the legal requirements for their business and investments. He has done thins successfully for many clients and continues to do so for them. Clients recommend his services time and again for this. He has the ability to help people maintain and invest safely and wisely within the guidelines of the Central Bank of Brazil and learn more about Ricardo.

He knows the deadlines that must be met as well. The first, for example, is March 31st, not to be made later than June 30th. Ricardo Tosto, as a licensed lawyer in international commerce, can help people not only maintain that legal position to obey the law, but he can even help people learn how to diversify investments internationally, within the confines of the law, to their advantage. That is valuable information which is well worth the price for his services and resume him.

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Karen Marshall, a Pillar of the Cone Marshall Law Firm

Cone Marshall is a leading trust, estate as well as tax law company based in New Zealand. Karen Marshall along with her husband, Geoffrey Cone is the heads of this law firm. It was founded in 1999 and based in Auckland, New Zealand. Before starting this firm in 2005, Karen worked in London for more than decade at a law firm’s commercial litigation department. She has been a co-principal at Cone Marshall Law firm since 2006. She is the executive advisor to statutory trustees due to her vast experience in managing trusts.


Since 1980, her husband Geoffrey has been offering global trust, trustee, trust management as well as tax planning services to. Geoffrey was named as the 2016 Quintessential Tax Lawyer of the year in an article that is rated as a law firms’ directory. The company also cooperates with other global players and their consultants to assist them with all types of New Zealand trusts and tax planning advisory. This internationally valued law firm has played an important role is streamlining the tax processes in New Zealand. Therefore, at has as a result been getting accreditation as well as other awards from far and wide.


About Karen Marshall

Mrs. Marshall graduated from the prestigious University of Otago, with an LLB. Before joining the Cone Marshall, Karen was in London for a decade where she worked at a leading city law firm in its Commercial Litigation section. Karen has worked at Cone Marshall Law firm since November 2005, and has been a co-principal since April 2006. She has acted as the advisor to two statutory trustee firms concerning trustee’s liability, trustee’s powers to venture into compromises and offer security for third parties. That is with particular reference to liabilities and borrowing for investments in the Lloyds’ Syndicates.


She has represented and consulted trustees of charitable trusts on claims by beneficiaries where they acted ultra vires as well as in bad faith in making an open distribution. That includes advising Trustees on their viable legal positions. Karen has vast experience managing all types of trusts, including and not limited to reacting to requests from Settlors together with their representatives. She also provides information where the trustee is a company, drafting documents, providing trust deed precedents for its clients, advising and assisting clients in matters relating to their needs. Her experience at the Cone Marshall includes acting as director of a trust company in role of a trustee.


Choosing The Right Mentor For Your Business

Success of your business depends not only on what you do for a living but also on who you do with – who you know. This is not about you asking for favors or having influential connections with politicians. This is about handling your business with the help of right personnel. There are consequences with connections. For example, if you are hanging out with friends who tend to waste time, you are bound to waste time as well. If you hang around the right people who care for the surrounding, chances are you will care for the surrounding. So ask the tough question yourself, “Who should I hang out with to make the operations of my business easier”.

Let us examine many groups that you would associate yourself with – people you want in your business. Mentors are a whole bunch of people who lend their experience in the kind of job you pursue. He or she is the part of your business directly or indirectly and you rely on their experiences. Their hindsight becomes your foresight. Mentors make sure that you deal every opportunity without trial and error and that you are not inventing the wheel. They will share personal lessons that will significantly shorten your learning curve enabling you to be more productive in your business. These mentors help you reduce your risk of failures and increase chances for success. They are your source of inspiration or motivation so that you become successful like them.

It is not that hard to find mentors for your business type. And then there are mentors in every aspect of your business. For example, legal matters are one aspect of your business for which you need a mentor. Frans Schoeman on fancy, Director at Phatsima Diamond, a law firm in Bellville, South Africa is a mentor who has served his customers doing businesses in various fields. You will find that mentors like Frans Schoeman loves to share ideas and help others who are in similar situation like yours. So don’t be shy. Step right up to seek help.

Tremendous opportunities abound for becoming a successful business person when there are mentors around. When an issue arise, you don’t have to come up with your own ideas. Lots of mentors like Frans come up with solutions and more are willing to share them with you. These people will help you solve the issue in every step. There are great businesses all ready to go, many where the owner just needs a partner like this. There are businesses with proven and viable models as well as support systems, all they need is a right mentor to handle difficult situations. The best way to find such a mentor is to not start from scratch but find someone through others who are already successful.

Finally, contact that mentor and make sure you are getting the for the rest of the life of your business. Enjoy the journey while being encouraged to do so. The best part of the business is reaching the goal – it is the getting there.

Law Practice in Brazil

For people to co – exist peacefully in a society, there must be law to be followed. These law are very essential because they ensure that every person is entitled to his own space and that anybody who might try to cross that will have to face the whole wrath of the set law. Law are not the same in all the countries since the legitimate organ vary between countries. These laws are always made to cater for the needs of the society and address the gaps that might be there and it is therefore not easy to have laws that are the same in all the countries since the needs and their problems are different. The people who are trained so that they can help the judges to solve disputes that may come up when people go against these law are the Lawyers. These Lawyers must be very conversant with the law so that they can represent their client in courts well. The Brazilian Legal system is very well known since the lawyers and the judges are very active especially when they are handling their duties.

Among the lawyer in Brazil who have made their name from law is Ricardo Tosto Oliveira Carvalho. His career began from a small office before he moved to the biggest law firm in Brazil. The law firm that he leads is is referred to as Leite, Tosto e Barros that is well known and among the leading law firm in Brazil. His expertise in economic law is what has made him to be well known across the country. He has been very instrumental in helping the government formulate laws that regard the same. His other areas of law that he is invoved in is litigation, bankruptcy proceedings and conveyancing. He is a very good mentor to his juniors who also become the best after being associated with him. Majority of his partners began as interns and have grown through the professional ladder to become his partners. He is currently attracting a lot of clients since he has made a name for himself and also his firm.

In Brazil law training is seen to be very demanding since it one has to first attain a degree which is then followed by other exams that are referred to as bar exams. It is after passing this exam that you are issued with a certificate after which you can now start practicing. During the training a learner is given to an experienced lawyer who give them practical duties as a way of training them.