Jeff Aronin Had The Expertise And Compassion To Forever Change The Life Of A Woman With A Rare Disease

Desiree Lyon spent a large portion of her life in the hospital. Her disease was rare, caused searing pain and nearly took her life. Porphyria is unpredictable with a horrific abdominal pain. She had in excess of twenty attacks, was completely paralyzed twice and was in intensive care thirty times. Very few individual were aware of Porphyria when her symptoms began. The disease is eight inherited disorders caused by the natural chemicals in the body building up. This causes fragile skin, abnormal chemical levels, paralysis, coma, seizures and potential damage to the organs. She was undiagnosed for ten years. Nothing changed until Jeff Aronin became a part of her life.


Desiree Lyon was finally diagnosed at age 28. Her relief came from a new drug created for her rare condition. This was when Jeff Aronin appeared with the expertise and drive she needed desperately. She had already co-founded the APF or the American Porphyria Foundation in 1982. Jeff Aronin’s company was Ovation Pharmaceuticals and he partnered with her foundation. Her life was better due to an injectable drug called Panhematin until manufacturing was halted pending a plant upgrade demanded by the FDA. The manufactured decided to stop producing the drug.


Desiree Lyon became desperate as the supply of the drug decreased. She appealed to government officials and the FDA. She called CEO’s of numerous different drug companies to restore production. One drug maker was traveling in Paris, another was reached on his cell phone and yet another was on vacation with his family. There were now 8,500 members in the APF but not enough donations to begin marketing. The doctors were not interested in an orphan drug.


Jeff Aronin clearly saw what was happening. He knew Desiree Lyon worked hard, was passionate and organized. This is why the drug is available today. Jeff Aronin made the decision to sell Ovation so he could found Paragon Biosciences. He made investments into biotechnology companies committed to patents. The life changing Panhematin did go through a few different changes of hands but the danger had passed. The drug is available as an orphan therapy for rare diseases.

Matthew Autterson Is a Financial Services Specialist

Matthew Autterson is the name of a reputable professional who is part of the large marketing field. He resides and works in the friendly city of Denver in Colorado. He works for FAB (Falci Adaptive Biosystems) on its Board of Directors. He’s an alumnus of Michigan State University, a well-known public research institution located in East Lansing. He completed his studies at the school back in the beginning of the eighties. He received a finance B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) degree there. Autterson was part of the Graduate Tax Program available at the University of Denver.


Autterson works for CNS Bioscience, Inc. as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. He’s a board member for the company as well. CNS Bioscience, Inc. was established back in 2013. Scott Falci, MD is the individual who created the company. CNS Bioscience, Inc. is a drug development business that concentrates on clinical stage matters. It specializes in all subjects that relate to neuropathic pain.


Matthew Autterson started working not long after graduating from university. He started working for a prominent company that was called First Tax Corporation. This was a division of Fiserv. He remained with First Tax Corporation for two full years, exiting in 1982. He landed a position as part of a tiny crew that was planning on establishing a brand new chartered trust firm. This was for the state of Colorado. This firm was set to be a sector of Integrated Resources, Inc. Integrated Resources, Inc. was a financial services business that operated out of New York, New York. Matthew Autterson got a big break just a few short years later in 1986. That’s because that’s when he landed the President role with Resources Trust Company. Resources Trust Company was purchased by an entity called Broad Inc. in 1989. Broad Inc. bought a wide range of Integrated Resources, Inc. possessions in general at that time. Broad Inc. not long after that turned into SunAmerica Inc. AIG bought SunAmerica Inc. in 1998. The purchase cost AIG a total of 18 billion dollars. Find More Information Here.


Autterson is a person who puts a lot of care into his busy career. That doesn’t leave him with a lot of free time. When he gets a minute, however, he enjoys going on social media networking sites such as Twitter. This financial services executive has had a Twitter account since the middle of 2017. He uses it on a frequent basis.

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