Talkspace and The Need For Employees and Employers To Deal With Mental Health Concerns

Feelings of alienation, burning out, depression and other mental health problems are just some of the prominent challenges that any business environment faces. Right now, there’s also a new issue bubbling out among employees, and it’s what is formally called as microaggression. While they’re not an immediate threat, acts of microaggression, including petty snobbery and political tactics from employees, can cause employees to lose their morale and feel downtrodden while working for the company.

For such reasons, many companies today contact service providers like Talkspace to figure out the complex issues that employees regularly face regarding this. One of the many solutions that Talkspace offers is what is called emotional detox, and it’s a support system that boosts the employees’ strength in dealing with daily situations that threaten their mental health. It is also a good way for the employees to learn that they are in control of what they feel, and feelings are not the ones reigning them in.

According to an article from Patch, it is extra challenging for companies right now to help the employees’ mental health issues because of the stigma attached to the condition. When this happens, the employees could keep the problems to themselves and cause productivity problems to the company. This is also the reason why Talkspace is organizing therapists, psychologists and dedicated psychiatrists to deal with the debilitating psychological problems that these employees encounter regularly. It’s also the mission of Talkspace to prevent these mental issues from escalating and spreading across the corporate world.

Should you find yourself wanting to work for Talkspace, there is a lot of job openings in the company. Right now they still want more therapists, customer service associates and product designers for their New York office. You can also read at Glassdoor some of the positive reviews that employees of Talkspace have experienced so far, citing the company’s excellent corporate culture and beautiful office as some of its strengths.

Talkspace – Helping Relieve the Stress Online

Talkspace is an affordable mobile and online therapy app that provides you a licensed therapist by paying $128 per month. Upon being matched-up you will be able to talk with your assigned therapist for nearly 24 hours a day seven days a week via video or voice calls, and also through texting. Below are some advantages of registering with Talkspace.


  •  The best feature of Talkspace is that you can talk to somebody anywhere and anytime, to relieve the same anxiety you may be causing friends and relatives due to your apprehensions and stress. The therapist is always reachable. And while it may take them a little time to respond, don’t fret they always reply.

Switch to a new therapist whenever you desire.

  •  Upon registering with Talkspace, a customer representative will be present to ask some questions about your mental state and your requirements of a therapist. All the information you give will be stored and will be tallied against their existing database of therapist. So, should the relationship between you and your current therapist isn’t working out, you get to change your therapist by going into settings on the app and clicking on the “change therapist” where you will be asked what they can do to search a better therapist for you.

If you have already switched therapists, there is no need to repeat the previous information you have discussed with you other therapist.

  •  Another great thing about the Talkspace app is that you do not have to reiterate what you have said in the past all over again because all your previous conversations have already been recorded. Your new therapist will normally ask why you changed therapist so they know what to do and what not to do with your case.

Now that some of the benefits in being registered with Talkspace have been given, it is relevant for you to understand that stress is not really bad. However, it affects our composure, our performance at work, our relationship with family and friends, and so much more.

So, to de-stress and maintain a semblance of tranquility without necessarily compromising your identity, talk to someone – try Talkspace.

How Talkspace is Changing Lives

Talkspace is a wonderful option for people who want better access to their therapist. The problem with seeing someone for your mental health and everyday problems is that it can oftentimes be difficult to get an appointment when it is convenient for you. This is why a lot of people are downloading Talkspace, where your new therapist can text you at your own convenience. By choosing an app like this, you’re finally getting the help that you require without all of the appointments and wait time.

Another wonderful advantage to using Talkspace is that it is a whole lot cheaper than other options. If you do not have health insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover much in terms of therapy, you could be shelling out hundreds of dollars per visit just to see a person. With Talkspace, it costs a few bucks a day so that you’re able to get full access to a therapist all day and all night. This is an app that thousands of people are using simply because it works and enables them to get help for their mental health issues or have someone they can trust and talk to regularly.

You will enjoy using Talkspace each day that you open up the app and send a text to your licensed therapist. You will open the doors of communication, which is ideal for all sorts of situations. You might have a mental health problem like anxiety or depression, or you might need couples therapy when you’re facing problems within a relationship. Any of these issues can be resolved when you make use of a company like Talkspace, and it is something you should consider downloading and utilizing for yourself in order to get the most out of what it is able to offer to its many customers.

Getting Help with Talkspace

If you want to make use of therapy but are unsure of going to a local therapist, online therapy is the best choice for you. There is a reason why so many people have chosen this amazing option for themselves, since it gives them the ability to make use of a therapist without needing to go to a local office or be put on a long wait list just to be seen. There are so many benefits to making use of Talkspace that you might not even be aware of. In fact, recently, online therapy has grown in its popularity by about 80 percent.

The main reason people are switching over to online therapy apps like Talkspace is because of the convenience. You will no longer need to make time in your busy life to go and see a therapist who you may or may not feel is helping your situation. This is where Talkspace is far different and can work better for you. You will notice that you are able to download the program to your mobile device and begin to use it at your own convenience. Once downloaded, you will be matched to a professional who is there to help you as much and as often as you would like.

Plus, Talkspace is a lot cheaper than most other local therapists and online apps. You will only spend a few dollars a day to have full access to your therapist, which is far cheaper than the hundreds of dollars you would spend per session with a local therapist. Be sure to download the Talkspace app and give it a try for yourself. You will be surprised at how beneficial it can be for you and why so many others have made use of it for their own mental health.

Getting to Use Talkspace

The moment that you begin to use Talkspace, you are doing something that is going to be incredibly beneficial for your overall mental health. A lot of people forgo seeing a therapist because they feel it is just too inconvenient for their schedules. If you do not have a lot of money or have no type of health insurance, it can also be incredibly expensive to go and see a professional like this. This is why so many people are currently using the app known as Talkspace, as it allows you to easily and quickly get connected to a therapist who is able to text message you when it is most convenient for you.

The reason Talkspace has been so beneficial for a lot of people is because it gives you access to a wonderful therapist in the comfort of your own home. You do not have to sit in someone’s office and feel uncomfortable talking to them, as you just need to be able to have a mobile device and download the program to it in order to get started. Plus, Talkspace is a lot more affordable than other types of options that are available to you. This means that you are going to save a lot of money simply because you are making use of an app that is truly going to work for you.

The next time that you try to visit a local therapist’s office and are unsure of what it is able to do for you, you are going to want to download Talkspace and give it a try for yourself. This is a wonderful app that you will find to be incredibly beneficial in many different ways, as it is a wonderful alternative to conventional therapy in your local home town or city area.

Talkspace Enhances Client and Therapist Communications

Talkspace offers an online platform and app where therapists and clients can send messages back and forth. The platform offers secure and confidential communications. Clients receive all the benefits of speaking with therapists as if it were in-person. Several of the biggest selling points of Talkspace is convenience and affordability, and many Talkspace users use both the video and audio functions of the platform.

Messaging with pictures also gives clients an opportunity to participate in therapy in a fun and engaging way. Therapists can also reply with photos if they choose. Some clients make great progress by using the app. Sometimes a moving image is all it takes to get the attention of a client. Then, they feel motivated to embrace their therapy on a different level. Messaging and communicating with pictures has proven, so far, to help some patients reach their mental goals.

A picture message can also make it easier for a person to present things for consideration. If a client struggles to describe a text message, or something posted to social media, they can present an image for consideration. Images can also serve as the context for something a person tries to explain.

Messaging with pictures is actually a new type of therapeutic dialogue. It encourages the use of a digital medium and complements the client’s ability to communicate. Quite often, users find themselves at a loss of words whereby it is difficult to express their thoughts in a text message. Talkspace lets clients deviate from having to rely entirely on speech to explain a problem or concern.

The end result of Talkspace is that it allows people to combine every type of communication they are comfortable with. Practitioners can use Talkspace to work with people from all walks of life. For the professionals at Talkspace, the most rewarding moments are when they see patients at their best.

Talkspace: Therapy For The Modern World

Times are changing in today’s world and it is important to keep up with the times and stay in tune with the pulse of the world around us. If there is one company that is firmly in command of that, it is Talkspace, which is an app that allows a client to talk to a therapist through a text message, a phone call, or a one-on-one video session. It is all about catering to the individual and what makes them feel the most comfortable. When I use the word comfortable, that is a word that carries a lot of weight with Talkspace. When they put this company together, they wanted to make sure the clients had all of their needs met.

They have over 1,000 professionals and they can handle any specific need of any specific client. It is that type of versatility that really sets them apart from your average office therapist. They are known for their incredible bedside manner. If anyone were to speak to someone that has talked to one of their therapists, they would note how they felt it right away. It is an organic process that happens naturally for them. It is because they hire good people that care about making a difference in people’s lives. They are not just looking to hire a robot with no feelings or emotions.

Talkspace is making a huge difference in the lives of a number of people, and they should feel very proud of themselves for that. Knowing them, however, they are going to keep moving forward and they are going to keep looking for ways to help people. They know this is just the start of their work and there is more to be done and more people to help out in the future that need it and depend on it.

The Power of Using Talkspace For Your Therapeutic Needs

Alicia Winkle is a highly successful therapist who has practiced for over 5 yeas and have used the Talkspace service for over 3 years. She has worked very hard to overcome her own anxiety in college and decided she wanted to make it a profession to help others do the same.

One of her bosses introduced her to Talkspace and that changed her life and career forever. She loved the idea of helping people when they are in need by providing instant quality services for stay-at-home clients.

Sometimes the stigma of having depression can bring on negative associations because people think they are less than a human or viewed as being crazy for seeking help. This is not the case and a great misconception in our society today. Consider this, there are more than 16 million adults who suffer from depression in the USA alone, so you are not alone with your issues and you are definitely not crazy for wanting help. This is the smartest a person can do!

Talkspace allow people dealing with depression to feel like a human once again because they are getting therapeutic treatments in the comfort of their own homes without the judgments of society. Corresponding with a therapist is done through text messages on a phone, computer, or a tablet. No one will see them except you.

Enjoy the convenience of never having to worry about the burdens of rescheduling a missed appointment when you could just text a therapist when you are feeling down. Talk to a professional instantly, at least three times a day for only just $25, $250 less than seeing a therapist in person. Guess what? They have the same credentials as the one you meet in an office.

Most people who have used Talkspace as their safe space has given it positive reviews and recommendations to their friends. Imagine the freedom of writing whatever you want when you want and getting the proper help and practical advice you need instantly. You can feel comfortable pouring out your heart to a real therapist who cares while staying anonymous by sharing important texts, photos, or videos at your discretion.

Talkspace will offer the best therapeutic service when you really need it!