Jon Urbana’s Next Level Lacrosse Experience

Going to a lacrosse camp can greatly improve your playing ability. In addition, there are many lacrosse camps to choose from. However, some of them provide a much better experience than others. Some lacrosse camps are also much more effective than others. An example of one lacrosse camp that is both an enjoyable experience and effective is Next Level Lacrosse. This camp was partially founded by a man named Jon Urbana, who does an excellent job on Twitter with the camp.

Next Level Lacrosse Camp is located in Colorado. The camp is not only taught by Urbana, but Denver lacrosse players are also involved in the teaching. Jon Urbana himself used to be a lacrosse player for the Denver Outlaws. The camp is known as one of the best places to go for lacrosse camp in Colorado. It’s currently possible to sign up for next year’s camp!

Jon Urbana has grown up in the city of Denver, Colorado. He’s also been involved in the lacrosse world for a long time, acting as a key player on a successful Villanova Wildcats team. He also is very skilled as a lacrosse player, and he has used this talent to his advantage. Urbana’s resume shows that he played for the Denver Outlaws for a significant period of time, and he was a very good player.

Then, Urbana decided to use his lacrosse talent as an entrepreneurial activity. He worked with another man to start Next Level Lacrosse. This lacrosse camp grew from its beginnings, and it is now very well-known.

Part of the reason why it has become so well-known and well respected is because of Jon Urbana’s past with the Denver Outlaws and his celebrity status on Facebook. He also wanted other well known lacrosse players to coach those who go to the camp, and that has been an integral part of the camps approach. His strategies of how to run the camp have made the camp into a very successful and profitable establishment. He even penned an essay about this that was published to his Slideshare.

In addition to running Next Level Lacrosse, he also works in high level management for another company called Ellipse USA. This company is completely unrelated to lacrosse. In fact, it is a company that specializes in skin treatments using laser technology. His business and marketing skills on his resume have helped the corporation to be successful. He also has a number of hobbies on the side, one of which involves flying a small airplane. Believe it or not, he was somehow recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration and added to the FAA Airmen’s Certification Database. There’s also a video producer somewhere inside this lacrosse player, and the one below really showcases Urbana’s creative spirit.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

This was made to help raise awareness for a GoFundMe drive underway in the name of Earth Force. The $1,750 he plans to raise will be used to help the organization expand its reach beyond the Denver area.

Next Level Lacrosse is a very well known and successful lacrosse camp. Its founder Jon Urbana is equally well known in both the sports and business worlds.

However, he is known for a lot more than the camp and his business career. He is an exceptional photographer (photos below), and a lacrosse player who has played for a very well known team, The Denver Outlaws. Furthermore, his talent in business and marketing has helped to propel him to success with not only the lacrosse camp but also with Ellipse USA.


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Gaining Insight into Entrepreneurship

There are certain traits that entrepreneurs possess. However, most of these traits are acquired, and still more are common sense. Many people cannot adhere to the qualities that will put them in a more favorable position to succeed because it involves handling money correctly. Additionally, these traits produce success without consideration of age. This means that people at any age can imbibe this ethos and become successful enough to get their own Bloomberg profile much sooner than their peers, but this does not mean that it happens quickly by any measure.

The mistake that many people make in the beginning is ascribing to methods of dealing with money that do not produce wealth like saving in order to save. Saving money should be done in order to make the money grow. This is achieved in two ways. First, the savings should be used to invest. This is the best way to grow money and produce wealth. This wealth can be produced without heavy risk also. An example of this is saving money in order to purchase a rock solid franchise. The second method by which money can be saved once wealth is beginning to build is to save the money in a place in which it earns interest but cannot be touched. The second method has an alternate benefit. 

Because the money is out of reach, the entrepreneur must continue to produce. This technique circumvents the complacency that sometimes occurs as success begins. Additionally, organize businesses and business efforts in order to make the money do much of the work. This frees the entrepreneur to seek other investment opportunities or to solve problems within previous investments. Residual sources of income that may have required an investment but that does not require effort from the entrepreneur is the formula for wealth. However, a very real barrier will be information. Because of this, entrepreneurs should seek the advice of successful people. A personal relationship is not necessary because a book or even a series of interviews can achieve this.

With entrepreneurs like Marc Sparks, there are multiple methods to gain insight from his wisdom. Marc Sparks reveals much of the things that many successful people like to keep secrets. One of these secrets is gaining access to the winners personally. The type of information that is gained from these professionals will not only reveal much information, the information that they will deliver can save a young entrepreneur many years and much tribulations in learning. Experience is not the best teacher, someone else’s experience is the best teacher. Sparks’ initiatives provide this shortcut to young entrepreneurs with start-ups. Dreams are a significant part of becoming successful, but they are a beginning before the work begins.