A Review of NewsWatch TV

Avanca is an award-winning owner of Lifestyle Accessories. Avanca had kind words to say about NewsWatch TV mainly because it facilitated the promotion and marketing of their sister company known as Ockel. This marked the second time where the company used NewsWatch TV to solicit funding during an Indiegogo campaign. The media giant managed to ensure that the company surpassed its target by 2939 percent. Avanca Testimonial unravels how the NewsWatch TV assisted the company to handle the entire aspects of the logistics and video production. It also managed to help the company with BROLL filming, on-site interviews, post-production editing, and travel for international IFA Conference to Germany.


Saygus’ testimonial reveals that NewsWatch TV has served some interests such as the video production and logistics that include on-location production, post-production editing, project development, and scripting. Saygus was able to market and promote the sales of smartphones that had been launched at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona through the help of NewsWatch TV.


Newswatch TV has partnered with SteelSeries for many years. This is according to Tori Pugliese. SteelSeries is a worldwide headphone company. It has benefited from advertisement and marketing that was carried out by NewsWatch TV to promote their line of gaming controllers and headphones. NewsWatch TV has helped the company in several aspects that include video production, scripting, project development, post-production editing, and distribution through this partnership.


NewsWatch TV is a television show that is characterized by entertainment, consumer, and technology format. It mainly features mobile app reviews, consumer news, sponsored and editorial consumer electronic reviews, celebrity interviews, public service announcements, and medical news. It features national non-profit awareness campaigns, video news releases, and on-location satellite media tour interviews. NewsWatch TV mostly broadcast on all Ion Television affiliates and AMC Network on Monday morning. It also airs its broadcasts on independently syndicated local stations.


ASUS Announces The ZenFone 3, ZenFone 3 Deluxe, and ZenFone 3 Ultra

ASUS finally announced the followup devices to the ZenFone 2 family. Dubbed the ZenFone 3, a trio of different devices fall under this moniker. The base ZenFone 3 includes midrange specifications and a premium design. However, the ZenFone 3 Deluxe screams flagship device, while the ZenFone 3 Ultra is something different entirely. Each device features a more upscale design than previous ASUS smartphones.

According to early impressions, all three devices are impressive to say the least. ASUS appears to have mastered the balance between excellent specifications and price. A fingerprint scanner comes standard on each device. The ZenFone 3 and Deluxe include a metallic frame and brushed metal pattern. Users will find a metal unibody on the Ultra instead. For pricing, models start at $249 (ZF3), $499 (Deluxe), and $479 (Ultra).

When it comes to specifications, consumers won’t find themselves disappointed. The base ZenFone 3 includes a Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. Upgraded cameras and a 5.5-inch screen keep things interesting. With a 5.7-inch AMOLED screen, ASUS is shooting for flagship status with the ZenFone 3 Deluxe. It includes 6GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a Snapdragon 820 processor.

Finally, the Ultra is a 6.8-inch monster with 4GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and a Snapdragon 652 processor.

These devices come with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and should receive Android N later on. Pricing for each device is competitive in a crowded smartphone market. For now, availability information isn’t available. Consumers shouldn’t have to wait long for the ZenFone 3 to hit the market, though. ASUS saw great success with various ZenFone 2 models, and it’s looking to build upon such results with three incredible devices.

FreedomPop Expands Again!

FreedomPop that hot new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) offered special deals for Black Friday this year. Rocking the cell service scene with its already free service, FreedomPop has a special on a $230.00 Motorolo E Smartphone for only $40.00, and it gets better. If you are looking for the $450.00 Samsung Galaxy S4, consider buying it from FreedomPop. The feisty MNVO is selling it for only $100.00. These popular phones come with FreedomPop’s free month of services of unlimited voice calling, one GB of data, 500 texts and 500 calling minutes.

Still, a young company, FreedomPop launched out of Los Angeles in 2012. With its fresh infusion of cash from its Series B offering, it has entered the United Kingdom market as a cell phone service to be reckoned with. FreedomPop is now reaching over one million customers worldwide. This innovative service has recently teamed with Intel to offers a phone with the special Sophia chip, and now Axiata Group has hopped on board with a large infusion of cash. Axiata is going to bring FreedomPop’s technology and business model to Malaysia, Indonesia, India and more, and they will offer the same great free service to millions of their own mobile subscribers.

Because of its rapid expansion, FreedomPop is reaching out to cellular networks to form strong partnerships. Currently, FreedomPop rents bandwidth from Sprint in the United States and Three in the United Kingdom, but unlike Google who does the same thing, FreedomPop offers their service for free. The fast growing company is approaching Sprint and others in the United States and British Telecom in the United Kingdom for additional deals to expand their services to even more customers.

FreedomPop makes its profit from the additional services it sells to customers each month, and it’s estimated that approximately each subscriber spends an additional $3 to $7 each month on additions. FreedomPop keeps its overhead low because it has no hard infrastructure to maintain. It’s in this way that is passes the savings on to its consumers.

FreedomPop was offered buyouts earlier in the year, but turned them down to pursue new avenues of growth. In the mean-time FreedomPop is scaring big name cellular carriers, and challenging their market share. While they haven’t ruled out a sale in the future, for now they are going to continue offering the free services and phone deals, which is making them the fastest growing MNVO in the world.