Sam Tabar Moves His Investment Strategies Forward

Updated 1/6/2017:
Sam Tabar recently got a new job with Awearable Apparel, where he will serve as the Chief Financial Officer. Sam will be in charge of financial strategy for the tech startup, and he brings a wealth of experience to the role. Sam has worked with many famous financial institutions, getting his start at Merrill Lynch.

Updated 9/8/2016:

Sam Tabar is moving on up! He’s just landed two new positions. Sam is the current Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund in New York. Mr. Tabar was also recently unveiled as the new Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel. You can read about both positions on Sam’s page.

Whenever a new generation begins to assert itself, it must have leaders capable of ascending to new heights. And without finance innovators, there would be no tech innovators, so I think it is important to highlight what other industry leaders are up to, especially game changers like this one New York based Capital Strategist.

According to a recent article posted on, Sam Tabar is one of these up and coming leaders of the new generation. As Oxford-educated man who went on to earn his law degree from Columbia Law School, Sam has used the education gained from two of the world’s top universities to establish himself as a person to watch in the years ahead.

Whether employed as legal counsel for a prestigious law firm or as a capital strategist for an investment firm, Sam has used his skills and knowledge to produce results everywhere he’s been. Having a lifelong interest in financial markets and investments, Sam began his ascent to the top by working as an Associate for Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP after graduating from Columbia Law School. While there, he provided counsel to clients on how to form and structure hedge funds, the basics of regulatory and compliance issues related to hedge funds and various employment matters of each client. Despite being very successful in his Associate position, Sam realized there were bigger challenges awaiting him in the business world. In 2004,  financial investing and strategy became Sam Tabar’s main focus.

After leaving Skadden, Sam began a new career as a financial strategist for PMA Investment Advisers. In this role, Sam was given complete responsibility for managing all aspects of a $2 billion hedge fund. Tabar worked on developing his key strategic marketing plan that would put this particular hedge fund up there with the best. By using his talents to target a number of individual and institutional investors, Sam was able to produce a personal rolodex of more than 2,000 potential investors. Along with these investors, Sam went the extra mile and set up yet another rolodex of over 400 individuals that he deemed worthy of having in-depth discussions about possibly investing in the fund. After putting this number of investors together, he was given the additional responsibility of working with the firm’s founding partners and the CEO on various matters related to business development. Due to his hard work, he was able to help the firm increase its assets by more than $1.2 billion.

Along with his experience in hedge funds, Sam also has extensive experience with investments in properties and start-up businesses. With this background, it’s no wonder Sam has been in high demand by investment companies and law firms around the world. An extensive world traveler, Sam has visited many different nations and gained insight into the cultures of various people. Showing a particular fondness for Asia, Tabar has specialized in developing capital strategies for the Asian South Pacific, and has produced wonderful results with his decision-making. As his resume proves, whatever challenge Sam chooses to accept next will no doubt be one in which he will find success.

The Midas Legacy Helps Individuals to Gain an All-Round Success in Life

With their physical location in Winter Garden, Florida, the Midas Legacy offers research services for individuals planning to become more successful. The kind of people they deal with include individual investors who aspire to manage their cash better, potential entrepreneurs who desire to better their lives, people who want to find inner peace, become better and happier. They also help those who are interested in the natural healing of various illnesses. And if you want to get an early retirement, then you should also talk to them. Though these elements of success are different, The Midas Legacy aims to guide you toward that life you seek.

This company is quite admirable as it focuses on the entire package of life. They pay attention to other areas of life that often get ignored by many. This is what sets them apart from other institutions. They not only look at your finances but what you do with it as well. To do so, they provide resources to their members that have proven beneficial influence on the lives of individuals in the areas of the self, natural health, retirement, finance, entrepreneurship, real estate among others.

For entrepreneurs, this company will help you with your financial and business decisions so that you don’t just manage a successful business, but also create jobs for others and help them improve their lives too.

To help you build your life, The Midas Legacy will help you to learn how to instigate discipline in different aspects of your life. They also teach you how to find different alternatives so that you can still work towards a better life even if you tried one option and failed. The Midas Legacy has a team of experts who provide a lot of mentoring to their clients. They not only encourage them but also teach them about different paths that they may choose to take.

The Midas Legacy research services will benefit anyone who is looking to have improvement in all areas of their lives. They will help you come up with a perfect procedure and plan towards success in your chosen path. They will work with you from the beginning to the end of your journey.

Investment Expert CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is an international private equity company with specialty in growth investment in American and European market. The firm has partnered with exceptional executive teams to leverage the strengths of operating resources and comprehensive industry understanding in order to drive CCMP Capital to the next level. In 2006, CCMP Capital started functioning as an independent company with investment professionals to manage and control private equity funds. The firm has invested more than $16 billion transactions of growth equity and buoyant investment since 1984.

The firm has invested in different sectors like energy, industrial, healthcare and consumer. CCMP Capital has managed to build a good reputation as an excellent investment partner across the world. The firm normally uses their operating professionals to collaborate with executive teams at every level during investment process. The experts work with management teams of an entity to structure a common vision that would lead to future success. In this regard, they will be able to agree on specific goals that are vital for expansion.

After all parties agree on specific obligations, incentives and targets, the professionals from CCMP Capital would follow the path of these incentives by frequently contacting portfolio managers of an entity. The firm focuses on teamwork, integrity, diversity and partnership in order to succeed in their investments. Although companies vary in operations and situations, CCMP Capital has managed to apply network of resources through internal and external means so as to offer support to portfolio managers and help them to execute their strategic plans whenever needed.

In 2007, CCMP Capital was ranked position 17 as the one of the largest private equity firms across the world. The firm has had several names in the past 20 years, originally called Chemical Venture Partners to offer services as a venture capital and private equity subsidiary of Chemical Bank. It was later called Chase Capital Partners after acquisition of Chase Manhattan Bank by Chemical Bank. It was then called JPMorgan Chase following acquisition of J.P. Morgan & Co.

The firm has invested heavily on retail industry and other related subsectors. Also, the firm has over $5 billion investment in industrial and manufacturing companies. CCPM Capital has interests in healthcare institutions and related subsectors. In the energy sector, the firm is not left behind since it has investment worth $1.5 billion.

The ex-CEO of CCPM Capital was Stephen Murray who graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics. He was appointed to head JPMorgan investment firm in 2005. In 2007, he succeeded the founder of the group Jeff Walker. Recently he was serving as member of board of several institutions like Infogroup Inc., Octagon Credit Investors, Crestcom International among others. He was an outstanding and motivational leader at CCPM Capital.

What Is CPA Marketing And How You Can Make Money With It

CPA stands for Cost Per Action, and CPA marketing is a very profitable online earning model, and compared to other online income models it doesn’t require a huge amount of work.

A CPA marketer helps companies to acquire leads for their marketing and promotion. Often, the companies are eager to pay the marketers a decent amount as a commission. Companies are desperately looking to get new leads to market their offers. As a CPA marketer, you are simply providing leads to companies.

Your job is to generate targeted traffic to the company website. You make people take some action like submit an email, or register an account etc. When the visitors sign up for a trial or free offer provided by the company, you get paid by the company. This means the visitor doesn’t have to purchase anything for you to get paid.

There are many CPA networks out there, but it is important to keep in mind that some are better than others when it comes to reliability and quality of service. You just need to find information on which CPA networks to join, and how to fill out the application for fast approval. wrote that once you complete the application, you have to be patient and wait for their response, which normally takes one to several days. Make sure you are honest in responding to their questions, both on the application and on the phone when they call you. Experts suggest that you call the CPA network right after you complete the application, that way they will know you are serious about promoting their offers.

After you have been approved, you can log in and pick the offers you want to promote. Next, you need to start sending traffic to the offers you have chosen, and if you send quality traffic you will start making commissions.

Ivan Ong is a successful CPA Marketer and coach. Over the years, he tried many different online business models but without any success. His determination eventually led him to CPA marketing, once he started using CPA marketing things started to change for him and he finally started seeing good results. His desire to become financially free and get out of the corporate rat race finally paid off, and he is now living the Internet Lifestyle. Ivan Ong has a CPA Coaching designed to help people learn how to make money online.

The Ideal New Jersey Apartments

New Jersey has long been a favorite destination for many people. One of the original thirteen colonies, today it is hub of commerce, industry and tourism. Many people who live in other nearby parts of the area such as Philadelphia and New York City like to visit New Jersey to do activities such as attending an amusement park and visiting the area’s many public beaches. Millions of people have also chosen to make this area of the world their home. Doing so can allow them ot easily commute to another part of the region while helping to reduce their housing costs.

Renting a New Jersey apartment can allow the renter to stay in the region yet reduce their overall housing costs. An apartment in Manhhattan can be extremely expensive. Renting an apartment in nearby Hoboken or Fort Lee may be available at a faction of the cost that a similar apartment would go for in midtown. Many New Jersey apartments offer residents that include advantages such as plentiful local transport options right into the heart of Manhattan while allowing the renter access to a parking space and pleasant amenities such as a pool or a well tended outdoor garden space.

Those who are living in central New Jersey will find that doing so allows many advantages as well such as access to excellent universities such as Rutgers and Princeton. An apartment building such as The Aspire contains those New Brunswick luxury rentals in the prime of New Jersey. Central New Jersey has many other regional amenities such as access to the beaches of coastal New Jersey and a region that is noted for providing jobs in areas such as pharmaceutical development where employment opportunities are likely to remain plentiful both in the near future and in the long term.

Many apartments in this area offer both short term rentals and leases that may allow the renter to stay for a longer period of time. Someone who is only going to be here for a short period of time will want a lease that allows for maximum flexibility in case they need to return home quickly. Another person may be here for at least a year for business purposes. In that case, they will want to look for New Jersey apartments that let them stay in the space for as long as they need to remain in the area.

It’s Raining Dogs on New York’s Restaurants

A new bill has passed recently that will allow owners to bring their dogs to outdoor restaurants. Obviously not good news for cats. The bill is still being decided by legislators but the outcome seems likely. We could be seeing all kinds of dogs soon at your favorite New York restaurants very soon. Imagine doggie biscuits on a plate in a restaurant regularly; the only thing we need left is the dogs calling the waiters to serve them their cup of water. An amusing joke that could be turned into reality. Of course maybe not since there will still be regulations and procedures as described by this article .

New York has been widely considered a big dog lovers city for a long while and it’s finally been acknowledged that the city recognizes its long history with dogs. Paul is glad to see that be the case. Even before this, owners have already been frequently taking their dogs to restaurants that would allow them on their premises. However, those restaurants could be charged a hefty fee for allowing dogs to do that and some have already suffered that fee. Thankfully, if this bill passes successfully, it will mean a migraine of problems have been resolved all at once. A victory for both animal lovers and dog lovers alike to be sure.

Hopefully this bill will succeed so it will pave the way for more animal lovers to enjoy the luxurious New York City.

Success means giving back to the community for Bruce Levenson

Without a shadow of a doubt Bruce Levenson could only be described as a success story of the business world, from leading the way with the use of technology to provide information and analytics to many industries to his philanthropic programs Levenson has been successful. Despite the success he has achieved Levenson has remained a supporter of the area he grew up in around the city of Washington DC and the state of Maryland. Levenson has been a large supporter of the I have a Dream Foundation in Washington DC and has tried to make sure the people of the area living on low incomes are able to live the best life possible through education and other opportunities.

As Bruce Levenson was achieving his success he did so largely while based in the Washington DC area, with Levenson being employed at the Washington Star when he studied for a law degree at the city’s American University. It was in Washington DC that Levenson and partner Ed Peskowitz embarked on the founding of the Oil Express newsletter in a store room, according to legend (and his Wikipedia article). From the founding of the Oil Express the United Communications Group, now better known as UCG, a company that has led to a number of other companies being formed, including the GasBuddy app.

The opening of the School for Philanthropy and Non Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland will probably leave the longest lasting mark of the work of Bruce and Karen Levenson. The school is designed to allow students interested in social entrepreneurship to be immersed in the subject at undergraduate and graduate levels. Amongst the objectives of this school is the high level of practical work the students undertake working with programs within the Washington DC and Maryland area. As the reach of the school is expanded the students will embark on work with programs at a global level that will include the chance to work in areas of Africa and India to bring the latest techniques and theories to the programs being operated in these areas.

BRL Trust Investors: Honesty, Integrity and Trust

BRL TRUST is a Brazil based Investment company, founded in 2005, which offers a variety of innovative services, including fiduciary services which guarantee safety and reliability to investors, fund administration involving original and structured transactions, controlling and custody of funds solutions for customers, asset management for both individual and corporate accounts to ensure the needs of their investors are met, as well as asset underwriting, underwriting security services in capital market and constantly looking for the best options for qualified investors with your risk profile in consideration.
The quality of standards set by the performances of BRL TRUST Investment led to their customers desire for more diverse services offered, and thus BRL expanded their services to offer the wide range that you can find today. Founded and run by some of Brazil’s highest rated and renowned financial experts like founder Mauricio Ribero, director Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes, and partner-director Rodrigo Cavalcante, BRL TRUST customers can rest easy and be well assured that no matter what investment or financial situation they find themselves in need of help with, BRL TRUST has the answer. For a decade now, customers have seen a steady increase in the services offered for their accounts, and relied on BRL Trusts for all of their financial needs. The level of technical knowledge and discipline displayed by their employees promises that the company will seek out the best options for both individuals and corporations alike. At BRL Trust Investors, their team of experienced and qualified professionals is the largest independent administrator of investment funds in the country of Brazil. Their standards in ethics and respect of the national legal system and interests of clients go above and beyond, and with skilled determination they promise to obtain the best results, developing an internal and external relationship with clients and investors based upon honesty and integrity, and trust.

Making History in the Hospitality Industry

Christopher Cowdray blended luxury, elegance and the entertainment of the guests with superior hospitality, to ensure the hotel experience, would be an extraordinary stay.
His management ingenuity shone while he coordinated the daily operations of the hotels in the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Asia and London. He wanted to give the guests’ more than a good night’s sleep. He wanted their stay to be memorable and for them to return.

His accomplishments in the hospitality field were rewarded, when he received the Lifetime Achievement Award and an honorary professorship at the prestigious Thames Vallen University of West London.
His experience in the hospitality industry spans more than 30 years.

The hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, California is a testament to Christopher Cowdrays’ idea, of what encompasses luxury and hospitality, after the two-year completion of upgrades and renovations.
Entering the hotel premises through a sculptured stone arch, down a winding path, professionally landscaped, to create the feeling of tranquility and romance. The hotel suites have been designed with a breathtaking, individual flavour of understated opulence for relaxation.
The Main Bar Lounge, is a lesson in sophistication and ready for people to discuss business deals in a peaceful enviournment.
The guests’ enjoy their cocktails and other liquid libations with quiet conversation, while they are surrounded by elegance. The choices of sitting in a romantic, cozy Bar Lounge, having afternoon tea on the patio with pastries, or the Bar Alcove is the perfect place, to romance that special someone.

The staffs’ under the Dorchester Collection are trained to do more than handle the guests’ problems. The employees assist the guests any way that is helpful, by also knowing the history of the hotel and the surrounding areas. This included the employees in the back of the house, which is housekeeping, engineers, chefs and all personnel that keep a hotel operating smoothly.

Because using electronic devices is now a standard in everyday life, WiFi is offered to the guests for free.
Christopher Cowdray is the master of combining, great hospitality with luxury, because he knows the guests’ needs and wants are important.



Why Choose North American Spine

Pain is serious. If long lasting and persistent, it can change moods, and way of life. Those who suffer from pain want only one thing, that is to be pain free. The problem is that until recently to eradicate pain it meant extensive surgeries and hospitals stays costing thousands of dollars. So, most who lived with pain just simply learned to endure.

There are Options

There are now options to avoid the extensive, intrusive surgeries, and the lost days from work and cost of inpatient stays at a hospital. There are now non-intrusive ways to have spine, neck, and back pain dealt with fast, affordably, and without adding to the person’s pain.

Whether it is a herniated or degenerative disc, pinched nerves, or sciatica issues, North American spine can help. They offer many services and options beyond medications that will help to alleviate, and in many cases erase pain.

Using the Spinal Cord

The specialists and surgeons of North American Spine use the natural canal of the spinal cord to reach and fix the issues that cause their patients pain.

What is done is a full work up of where the pain is and what is causing it. Then the surgeons make a small incision and use the spinal cord canal to get to the right spot to fix the issues.

The Care Cycle

A myth that many hold fast is that all back pain needs surgery. This is not the case. The specialist will assess the pain, how severe and persistent it is, and then recommend a course of action. One will first experience diet alterations in order to aid with weight loss. This will help take pressure off of the spine in the hopes of reducing pain levels.

The next step will to institute an exercise regimen. This will help to strengthen the core muscles as well as remove excess weight. If the patient is still having pain, then chiropractic measures and massage therapy will be instituted. After this step is the more traditional measures to alleviate pain such as medications. Surgery is always a final step.