Blade Runner Sequel Finally a Reality After 34 Years

Blade Runner is a Sci-Fi classic that has lived through the years gaining the title of cult classic and much more. According to IMDB, Blade Runner was nominated for 2 Oscars. It also had 11 wins out of 16 other nominations, yet a sequel seemed like an impossibility, until now!

Shooting for the new Blade Runner is said to begin sometime within the next month according to Screenrant. Although much of the story is still a mystery to the general public, this film will be bringing in a mix of both seasoned and fresh actors combined with the original Blade Runner himself, Harrison Ford. Reprising his role as Richard Deckard, Ford is once again picking up with a character that is over 3 decades old. The real question is, will Deckard’s story pick up where it left off, or take the natural time that has passed into consideration?

Harrison Ford is not the only person involved with the original Blade Runner story whom is returning. Ridley Scott, director of the original film and many others, is returning as a producer on the movie. This arrangement should allow for a consistent story-line while still allowing the sequel’s director, Dennis Villenueve, to have some creative freedom.

As a fan of the original film, I have looked forward to seeing more of the Blade Runner universe put onto the big screen. For the sake of the original, I hope it can live up to what’s expected.