Lupe Fiasco Isn’t Rapping Anymore

Lupe went on his twitter on December 13th and told everyone that he’s cancelling all his future projects and is quitting rap.

Twitter user OnSmash used screen grabber and caught the tweet and it said “I get the hint God, Yo Lupe fans it’s been fun and I hope you’ve had fun. I’m officially not releasing anymore music. Albums cancelled.”

This isn’t a surprise to people. He’s been pushing back his album date all year, and drops it all together. Fans ranted on his social media and pretty much left his side.

Not only did Lupe Fiasco rip off J.Cole’s beat off of his new track “Everyone Dies”, he was accused of anti-Semitism. DJ Booth published an article called “Lupe Fiasco’s Anti-Semitic Lyrics In ’N.E.R.D.’ Freestyle Are Dangerous,” telling everyone about Lupe’s lyrics. Lupe replied on twitter “Oh please. Fuck outta here.” and wasn’t heard from again.

Lupe Fiasco is known for his hit song “Super Star” but things have changed. It seems that Lupe put out how he really feels on that last song and doesn’t care about what anybody thinks. He has tension with just about everyone in the music industry. Lupe constantly says that he doesn’t want to hear about Drake. He was caught arguing with Azealia Banks about racial issues. The final comment from Azealia “How about you stop sh–ting on the people who really cared about your well being when this biz was ripping you apart. Fake ass @KidCudi.” stopped Lupe in his tracks. After it was revealed that Lupe is two faced, his only reply was “Shut up”.

Lupe was also seen telling Kid Cudi that he hopes his ass gets beat. Kid Cudi has been going through very hard times and is checked into a depression clinic. Attacking a guy in depression really was the last straw. After everything Lupe’s done, everyone in the rap game is glad that he’s not in the scene anymore.

Queen Guitarist Brings Victorian Tech to 2016

Move over, Google Cardboard! Superstar guitarist Brian May of Queen has teamed up with the London Stereoscopic Company to release a new version of the OWL Stereo-Viewer.

Ever since the resoundingly positive market response to Fitbit and the Apple Watch, the wearable technology industry has exploded–and, according to predictions by CCS Insight, the trend is here to stay with the market predicted to gross $14 billion in revenue by the end of 2016.

Although top tech companies will still be vying for a place on your wrist for the foreseeable future, Brian May, guitarist and astrophysicist, envisions a world where 3D and virtual reality will be more accessible than anyone thought possible. Inspired by a love of stereoscopes he’s possessed since he was a child, Brian May has created an ingenious response to Google Cardboard: the OWL Virtual Reality Kit. Its ingenious, but incredibly simple polypropylene design is simultaneously modest and elegant but also durable and very inexpensive at $36 to pre-order.

The OWL Virtual Reality Kit may also prove a tough competitor for existing headsets. Not only is it ready for use in seconds with no assembly required, but it boasts compatibility to any make of smartphone. This is something that could even make Google sweat, as Cardboard is only compatible with certain types and sizes of phones. Apple should also take careful note; although the tech giant has not confirmed the rumors of its own virtual reality headset, will likely release their new toy as being made for iPhone with limited function for other brands (much like they did with EarPods). Brian May may certainly have cornered himself a nice piece of the future of the VR industry with his flexible and timeless headset design.

The OWL Virtual Reality Kit is available for pre-order online at the London Stereoscopic Company.

Prince: Musician and Fashion Icon

With the recent passing of Prince, it’s clear to see why so many of us are collectively acknowledging who he was as a performer and music legend. The Purple one came into our lives through sonic airwaves and images, never leaving us with a dull moment. However, he influenced more of our sphere than we realize. Complementing his music, his reputation for being a bold fashion statement, in and of himself, was enough to inspire how we viewed what people wore and how they wore it. Even riling us up enough to be courageous with how we choose to present ourselves. Prince pushed boundaries and that included his aesthetic. Often being known for sporting lace and ruffles, vibrant colors, and elaborate designs. His theme was freedom and sexuality. He was a grand figure, a fashion revolutionary, and he made it okay to be yourself with reckless abandon. Here are some fashion highlights that Prince has graced us with Whether we decide to play it safe with our wardrobe (and simply appreciate the amazing music he’s gifted us) or take after the Purple One in his appetite for curiosity without restriction, Prince most definitely left an artistic legacy that we can draw inspiration and creativity from. As a multi-intstrumentalist, music genius, and overall multi-faceted, free-spirited, albeit mysterious human being, Prince has created a vastness, a release of inhibition that we can all feel and honor.

Taylor Swift Just Gave this Couple an Unforgettable Wedding Gift

It’s safe to assume most wedding playlists will feature at least one love song by Taylor Swift. She’s covered romance in a great variety of scenarios; for many newlyweds, there’s likely to be an “Our Song” describing their relationship.

However, not everyone has their Taylor song performed at the wedding by the artist herself. Matt Singer and Kenya Smith were the lucky couple; Swift was contacted by the groom’s sister, Ali, who requested this unforgettable moment.

Ali had been in touch with Taylor before, thanks to the singer’s openness to interaction with fans. It’s common for Taylor to leave comments on Instagram posts, or reblog things on Tumblr. One Christmas she even sent out presents, carefully selected and wrapped, to a handful of lucky followers. Videos surfaced that year of Swifties in tears over gifts from the pop star.

This time she’s gone out of her way to show appreciation for the support that got her where she is now. MTV has a video of Swift playing “Blank Space” on the piano. The media follows her love life closely, and even if it hasn’t always had happy moments, clearly Swift still believes in love.

What’s Taylor’s next act of kindness going to be? She never ceases to surprise the world by reaching out to Swifties. She has now given the happy couple a wedding story to tell friends, one they will never forget.

Tegan and Sara: Indie-Rockers Turned Pop Stars

After almost a decade of making indie-rock hits, Canadian twins Tegan and Sara Quin turned full on pop propelling them to higher success. ( Their 2013 album Heartthrob made it to number three on the Billboard 200 with the song ‘Closer’ topping charts in the US. They definitely upped the ante by snagging an Oscar nomination for their collaboration with Lonely Island on the song ‘Everything Is Awesome!!’ for the Lego Movie.

It is surprising that their transition to pop did not see them lose their core fans. During their iHeartRadio Canada CMW showcase, the fans didn’t seem to mind that their set list included synth-driven remakes of earlier favorites such as ‘Walking With a Ghost’ that were mingled with recent singles such as ‘Boyfriend’.

Their eighth album released last Friday ‘Love You To Death’ became an instant hit. It has seen them refine their pop sound. The album definitely shows ambitious lyrics and vocals that flow smoothly with the more streamlined arrangements. The writing of the album definitely assures earworms aplenty.

The album features singles such as ‘Boyfriend’ that is simply a classic pop song detailing the excitement and trepidation that comes about during the early days of dating. BWU (Be With You) is another single from the album that simply stand out with people declaring it an anti-marriage anthem. In a recent interview with the rolling stone, Sara Quin ‘Love You To Death’ was an album that addressed her anxieties about life, her views on relationships and life in general including her relationship with her sister. (

For all the years that they have been in the music industry, this pop duo has learnt one valuable lesson: too many cooks spoil the broth. Having previously made the mistake of having worked with some producers and songwriters, they decided to work with only one producer for their most recent album. Greg Kurstin is a renowned producer having previously worked with Sia and Adele made for an obvious choice. Be it indie-rock, be it pop, the Quin sisters have conquered it all. As long as they continue to have depth and integrity, they have quite a ways to go.

Spotify Makes It Easier for Families to Enjoy Streaming Music

The streaming music market has become competitive in recent years with a number of companies entering the field. The competition is helping to lead Spotify, one of the most popular options, to change its pricing and make it more inexpensive for families to subscribe to the company’s premium service.

Spotify has announced that, effective immediately, it is lowering the cost of its family plan. Previously $30 a month for up to five accounts, the new pricing puts the monthly cost at $14.99 for up to six people. The new plan matches the pricing first offered by Apple Music last year and subsequently matched by Google’s Play Music offering. The new plan, to which current family-plan subscribers will automatically be upgraded, is rolling out around the world except in Canada.

Although there will be one bill for all users on the account, each person gets his or her own premium account, allowing for the continued enjoyment of personalized playlists and recommendations. Premium accounts offer full ad-free access to Spotify’s music and video library as well as the ability to download songs to listen to music without a data connection.

Doug Levitt Brings Us The News With “The Greyhound Diaries”

The personal journey into poverty has been a staple of the U.S. entertainment industry for a number of years as writers and musicians have always looked to bring news of those struggling in society to the people of the country. In his multi media artistic project, “The Greyhound Diaries”, artist Doug Levitt is following in this tradition with a wide ranging exploration of U.S. poverty in music, novel, and photographic form; Levitt brings all these artistic forms to the fore in his live shows that combine storytelling in the form of songs, personal experience and photographic images projected throughout the performances he gives around the world.

Doug Levitt grew up in a family that allowed him the opportunity to enjoy the best possible education at Cornell University after his mother became a council member for Washington D.C. Doug Levitt studied in many different areas of education before settling on a career as a journalist with CNN and moving to London, U.K. before embarking on an artistic career.

Levitt reveals growing up in Washington D.C. made it difficult for him to understand the lower classes of society across the world, particularly as the economy of the U.S. capital is often described as being recession proof. Living and working in the capital of the U.K., London, led Doug Levitt to change his focus in life towards music and examining the lives of those struggling within society; the initial journey across the U.S. by Doug Levitt would form the basis of his “The Greyhound Diaries” project that he tours with to this day.

Doug Levitt has spent a large amount of his life since 2004 exploring areas of the U.S. many people do not even know exist; Levitt believes major cities are often the focus of the news media, but the realities of life are far more easily understood outside the major metropolitcan areas. Levitt’s six week journey that began in 2004 was ongoing in 2012 having expanded from a six week bus ride to an 80,000 mile odyssey that has yet to come to an end.

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