EOS Lip Balm, The Sought After Brand

EOS lip balm made its grand debut 7 seven years ago. It could be found anywhere from retail stores to drug stores. Not a lot of advertisement was done in the beginning, since EOS was a small startup business. The company put all their efforts in creating, developing, producing, and distributing. But distributing wasn’t that easy at first. How could EOS compete with a market that had the same tried and true brands for decades?

Upon some research, lip balm was considered a unisex product. But women purchased this more than men. That told them exactly where they need to appeal to and who to market too. The female age group from 25-35. So when the design of their product came into play, they looked to tickle the consumer’s 5 senses. They wanted their product to feel good in the hands, smell good, taste good, look good, and give that little clicking sound when the sphere was closed. They changed the whole outlook on what lip balms should be. First by changing the shape and colors. EOS lip balm comes in vibrant pastel colors in the shape of an orb. Next was the wide variety of flavors that EOS offers on Amazon. Practically a smell for every mood!

The company climbed the ranks quickly and their company‚Äôs worth estimates to be $250 million. Skincare-AU says that by the year 2020, their net worth will climb up to $2 billion. The trend now is organic and natural products. And EOS lip balms offer just that. With this type of success, EOS lip balm has surpassed many of its competitors, landing them in the second spot just in behind Burt’s Bees. They leaped ahead of brands like Chapstick and Blistex. The company reached out to beauty gurus, asking them to review EOS lip balm products and take their reviews to the social media. Between that and the buzz around celebrity usage, EOS is in this for the long haul. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm