Naturo Technologies Saves Consumers From Gross Guac

Last year, the amount of avocados consumed was four times the amount eaten in 2000. Wow, that’s a lot guacamole. With the average United States citizen dining on roughly 6.3 pounds of the fleshy yellowish-green fruit, it comes to no surprise that most people know about the ridiculously short 17 minutes life span of avocados when they’re cut.

After the golden time has passed, avocados begin to turn into a mucky brown color, with a less-than-satisfying taste to boot. However, Naturo Technologies, a company located in Australia, claims to have created a device that prevents the luscious fruit from turning gross. When exposed to oxygen, avocados release an enzyme that rapidly turns the flesh to an inedible state, so naturally, the invention, called “Natavo Zero”, aims to create an “off switch” for this particular enzyme. Created by engineer Jeff Hastings, the Natavo Zero boasts being able to effectively shut down the rot-inducing enzyme after leaving cut avacadoes exposed inside the conveyor belt in the machine for a few minutes.

Natavo Zero is aimed towards some of the larger produce owners. With a combination of steam, pressure, and a few select, secret variables, Natavo Zero gives avocados a longer life with uncanny effect. The invention is sold in two different models, one capable of cleansing 500 pounds an hour, while the other model can cleanse upwards of 1000 pounds of avocado per hour.