Celebrities Like Sheryl Underwood Try The Dherbs.com Detox Program


The Dherbs Full Body Cleanse found on Dherbs.com is a 20 day program that can powerfully detox the body of unwanted toxins and chemicals that accumulate through the consumption of processed food, environmental factors, use of cosmetic products and more. This cleanse has been featured on the Steve Harvey show and was used by Sheryl Underwood, one of the hosts on CBS’ daytime talk show The Talk.

Underwood appeared on Steve Harvey’s radio morning show to share her experience. With an energetic, enthusiastic tone Sheryl explains that she started the Dherbs program on a Sunday and had already managed to drop 5 whole pounds. She stated that she had been consistently drinking water and even hired a personal trainer to assist her further with her weight loss efforts. Sheryl had also been performing spiritual activities such as prayer and meditation with her cleanse. Being a comedian, she jokingly referred to the program as “Da Herbs”.

Sheryl Underwood talks about FBC

Sheryl Underwood is not the only individual to have such great success with the Dherbs program. Back in 2016 a pastor by the name of Hosea Collins managed to drop a whopping 130 pounds on the cleanse in order to lose enough weight to undergo a kidney transplant to save his beloved wife’s life. The pastor had undergone the program 6 times to achieve his success!

Rickey Smiley Morning Show said that the cleanse can be purchased directly from Dherbs.com. The program can be used by anyone wanting to rejuvenate their health and press the restart button on their bodies. Weight loss is not the only benefit. After the completing the cleanse you will experience an increase in energy, reduced sugar cravings, clearer skin, increased libido and blood circulation. It also improves mental clarity and can give you a more positive outlook on life in general. The cleanse can simply be done with a modified diet that the Dherbs instruction booklet provides with the kit.