Linux is the Answer for Small Businesses with Small Budgets

More than 20 years ago Bill Gates was making as much as $4 billion a year on operating systems alone. He had a monopoly in place that he did not want to admit was a monopoly. Everyone was getting interested in what Microsoft had to offer. The problem was that Microsoft would just keep raising the prices and limiting the number of licenses that people could use per machine.


Now there are small business owners that have no idea how they are going to pay for these over the top operating systems that only have a single license per purchase. This resulted in a lot of people that were no longer interested in what Microsoft was providing. People that were looking for software wanted to see what they could get with a company like Linux. This has become the best alternative for people that are trying to save money and keep their old equipment.


The reality is that technology forces people to upgrade. They don’t have a choice. They have to get computers with more memory to support new operating systems. There is a need to get faster processors for the 64 bit systems. There are all types of issues that people have to be concerned about when they are trying to upgrade and get completely new systems. What people have to do now is go big or go home with the new operating systems. With Linux, however, there is no need to get the faster processor or the increase in memory. In fact, most people will notice that they actually have more than enough memory and hard drive space to sufficiently run the software that is produced by Linux.


The best thing of all is that Linux is free. That is the thing that drives people to this software. There is actually an uprising in the world of technology. There are so many people that are using software like Open Office for their word processing. Free software programs for virus protection are also becoming mainstream.


Linux is the leader in this free software, and it is certainly one of the most promising brands of operating systems for people that want to save. Microsoft finally has some competition, and it doesn’t cost consumers a dime.