Betsy DeVos has Passion for Education

Betsy DeVos has become a very hot topic now that she has become Secretary of Education. I think that she is a great pick for this position, and I believe that she can do a lot of wonderful things in this role. I think there is a lot of talk about what she’s doing because she represents a type of Secretary of Education that has the foundation in changing the education system prior to stepping into the role.

Betsy DeVos has established a foundation for education, and she has worked for education reform organizations for a large part of her life. I think this is something that is very beneficial because it shows that she has the knowledge to push for reform in areas where others outside the education arena may not have considered. Betsy DeVos is wealthy, but she knows that education is about more than dollars and financial budgets. She really believes that it take educators and administrative staff members to actually make a difference in the education system. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

I believe that the fact that she is aware of these things makes her more qualified than a lot of other people that could have taken on this position. I also believe that Betsy has a better chance of making improvements because she knows the business world as well. She is well-versed in political matters and she has a business mindset that allows her to see things beyond prospective educators. All of this is going to prove vital in her fight to form education. I believe that she’s making a lot of students happy because she is fighting for them.

DeVos has been fighting for education for a long time, and she plans to do so much more in her position as Secretary of Education. I think that her passion about this is an excellent example of what is needed for this position. She has years of experience in helping cultivate the education system because she is a fan of the arts. She believes that education should not be one-dimensional and focus only on math and science. Betsy believes that there is room for the arts and she believes that students should be cultured. This gives everyone a chance to excel in some area. Betsy knows that everyone is not going to be a doctor or a lawyer. She believes that the artist needs to be nourished in the school system as well. That is why she is taking her stand on charter schools and school vouchers that allow students to go to charter schools with the help of public funding. Betsy has done her best to improve the education system already. Her new position just increased her passion. Read more news on

How To Hire A Reliable Lawyer

Are you in need of legal representation in Brazil? Looking for a good lawyer to handle your case in Brazil? It is advisable to do your research before choosing a lawyer.

Experience is essential when choosing a lawyer for your case in Brazil. If you choose a lawyer who has great experience and expertise in the area of law you need help with, then you can rest assured that your case will be handled properly and you can expect to get the best possible outcome.

It is advisable that you hire a legal advisor who has a good reputation in the field. There are numerous legal advisors out there offering to provide you with good representation however not all legal advisors are created equal. You need to remember this as you look for the right lawyer for you.

There are several ways that people go about looking for a lawyer. Some people ask for recommendations from the people they associate with. Others talk to relatives, friends and colleagues, to find out if they have dealt with any lawyer. There are those who find lawyers through their doctor, accountant or other professional they know and trust.

Once you have gathered a few names from trusted sources, you still need to do your own research, to make sure the lawyer you have in mind is reliable. Perform a thorough background check, and be sure to visit the lawyer’s website as well. Browse the website, read the policies, and get in touch with the lawyer or his or her assistant.

Most lawyers offer a free consultation, which is a great opportunity for you to present your concerns and ask questions about the issue you are dealing with. It is also a great way to find out if the lawyer is a good fit for your case. So pay attention to the lawyer and his or her response to your questions. Once you have a competent lawyer, you can expect to achieve a desirable outcome.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a renowned litigation strategist in Brazil, has provided effective legal advice and representation for many years. Ricardo Tosto’s wordpress blog shows that he is well known for achieving excellent results for his clients, and he represents both individual and corporate clients. He takes the time to analyze a case and the circumstances surrounding the issue at hand, and then develops his unique strategy for the best possible outcome.

Online Reputation Management is a Necessity for any Brand

The internet has provided a whole new platform for professionals and clients to connect and interact. This has given birth to Online Reputation Management. Reputation is the feedback that a brand gets from its clients. If the clients are happy with the service and say nice things about the brand, it gets a positive reputation. If they are unhappy with the service and say bad things about the brand, it gets a bad reputation.

Before we even get to service delivery, online reputation management begins at building a strong online presence to market the brand and to tell a story. This means creating a website, creating social profiles, been involved in public relation activities like blogging and having a presence in social media sites. The story includes the name, the logo, how the brand started and what it intends to offer to the clients. The reputation, the marketing and the story help to build the brand.

Research has shown that 75 percent of online buyers would rather work with professionals that are recommended by the peers that they trust. 65 percent will prefer to look at profiles of the vendors on internet platforms such as LinkedIn. These current trends have made online reputation management a necessity.

Listening plays a big role in online reputation management. One needs to know what the clients are thinking or saying about their brand. This should be followed by an assessment to determine what kind of what online management strategies will work best for the brand. A follow up should then be done to determine the level of impact or reach the strategies have managed to attain.

While building social profiles, the basics are the most important. They include name, phone number and address, and are referred to as On-Page Signals. Links to other profiles such as twitter and LinkedIn are the second most important things to have in your website. The websites URL should also be available in these social profiles. A professional picture is also just as important.

Hiring a professional to manage your online reputation is always a good decision. Darius Fisher is one such professional. He is the founder of Status Labs, a company that helps clients to repair and to manage their online reputation. Darius helps politicians, professionals, executives and public figures to control what appears on search results. He also gives second chances to those whose reputation has been damaged.