MIT Strides Towards a Physical Hologram

Every science fiction fan knows about holograms. For years, people have strived towards creating a method for videos to be projected in a way which allows the viewer to physically feel what they are seeing. However, that reality may soon come to our doorsteps.

Researchers at MIT have intensively studied the vibrations given off by a variety of objects. Using this information, they have deduced a technique which allows the user to “feel” the object’s vibration, which effectively gives the user a similar feeling he or she would have experienced had they touched the object in real life. By recording the vibrations and inserting them into a highly sophisticated algorithm, the researchers have been able to manipulate a similar feeling.

Excluding the detailed algorithms, the instructions are relatively easy, with the only required required ingredients being a computer and video recorder.

According to the researchers, the timing of this creation couldn’t have been more perfect. With the rapid rise in interest towards virtual reality products, this realistic technology could be a winning edge. Once enough research has gone into testing this invention, MIT plans to incorporate this new technology into various forms of digital entertainment, such as movies and videos. Furthermore, MIT also hopes to incorporate this new discovery into Niantic’s ‘Pokemon Go’ game, which could give the highly popular mobile app a true, lifelike feel.