Koch Has Surprising Opinion About Clintons

Known as one of the most influential billionaires in the United States, Charles Koch has made a name for himself in both the business and political world. He continuously ranks in the top 10 Forbes list of Billionaires, he was 6th in 2015 and 9th in 2016. He has made his fortune from his family business, Koch Industries.

Both Charles and his brother David inherited Koch Industries from their father decades ago, and with hard work and sharp minds have grown a small business into an international conglomerate. What was once involved in just oil is now a company that produces well known brands including Stainmaster, Lucra, Quilted Northern, and Dixie Cups. Along with his successful business empire, Koch has always been heavily involved in politics. He is a crusader for smaller government, civil rights, and economic liberty as well as a huge donor to both political parties and groups as well as colleges.

Recently, Charles Koch has found himself in headlines on a regular basis thanks to election season. Known as a conservative contributor who has helped fund political parties and causes in the past, everyone is waiting to see what he will do and who he will back this year. With Trump leading the republican side, Koch has been outspoken about his feelings towards the future of the party and nominee. In a recent interview he discussed what he thought of some of the past presidents, comparing Bush and Clinton. In some ways, Koch easily admitted that Clinton was better than Bush. As far as growth of the government and increased government spending, Clinton came in two and a half times less than Bush. But Koch was quick to point out, Clinton was only favored in some ways in his opinion, not all ways.

The interview went on to ask if he thought Hillary Clinton could be preferable to another Republican, and his answer was surprising, simply stating “It’s possible.” That said, he did go on to state that he would need to believe her actions would differ from her current rhetoric, and that lack of belief prevents him from supporting her.

It is estimated that the Koch network, Koch and his billionaire friends, spent around $400 million in the last presidential election. So far this time around they have stayed out of the primary politics though it was rumored that they might be involved in funding an anti-Trump effort earlier in the primaries. So far, Koch has only gotten involved in a few Senate races in order to oppose Democratic candidates. Koch was also quick to let people know that he won’t be putting a single penny into an effort to stop Trump, and he along with his influential network may take a complete pass on the entire political season in 2016 due to a lack of good “role models”.

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/charles-koch-stop-donald-trump/story?id=38619453

Trump Downed In Iowa Forging Ahead To New Hampshire

Those who have read Donald Trump’s latest book “Crippled America” know his stance on taking a nosedive is to get back up and forge ahead quickly. In this light, his second place finish in Iowa already has the political world watching to see what his next move will be.

One MSNBC follow-up included a comment by a Jeb Bush supporter named Jon Urbana (who we’ve also written about quite extensively here) who quoted Bush as saying “His aura of invincibility was severely damaged.” According to Ted Cruz, Trump is in the throws of what he termed a “Trumpertantrum.” On  “Morning Joe,” Trump responded by saying that he is focusing on stepping up his ground game in New Hampshire by unleashing what he calls Walkin’ & Talkin” For Donald J. Trump wherein he will oversee door-to-door visits and more visibility via flyers, personal meetings with area business owners and small gatherings as opposed big, splashy rallies and campaign events.

During a recent visit across the pond, Former President Jimmy Carter told a reporter that even though he believes that the Trump race car will eventually break an axil, he would favor Trump over Ted Cruz because Trump has no special groups or PACs, nor has he vocally detailed his solutions to America’s current state of affairs.

In a recent interview, Bernie Sanders expressed his desire for Trump to be the GOP nominee and feels that he could resoundingly beat him if Sanders were the Democratic nominee.

Jeb Bush meets up with coal mining executives before Presidential campaign begins

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush seems to be taking every chance possible to raise funds for his Presidential campaign before officially declaring and being subject to the strict campaigning rules of a Presidential election. The Guardian reports the latest get together Bush will attend is an invitation only golf and fly fishing retreat organized by coal mining leaders hoping to gain access to a potential Presidential candidate. The $7,500 per person event is invitation only and held in an isolated area of Virginia where Bush will interact with the leaders of an industry waiting on the introduction of new regulations on emissions by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The event will take place at The Olde Farm Club in Virginia where bush will give a one hour speech about his personal view on the future of the industry and seek out the assistance of some of the most powerful and richest businesspeople in the world. Bush will also take part in the various activities after being asked to attend by six coal industry owners who are looking for a fossil fuel friendly candidate to back in the 2016 Presidential campaign. Sergio Cortes likes this move in general.

Obama’s Legislative Legacy May Face It’s Waterloo in Federal Court

Napoleon met his match in the Battle of Waterloo against Duke Wellington. Now, three centuries later the legislative legacy of President Obama faces an uncertain future and possible defeat in United States Federal Court. If all four substantive legal challenges go against the president, the legal system may well deprive the president of any significant accomplishments. Here are the court challenges the president faces:

1Executive Amnesty – Precisely because the president sought to grant five million illegal aliens amnesty without any congressional law authorizing the action, 26 states led by Texas have mounted a legal challenge. On Tuesday, the president lost his bid to end a temporary injunction barring him from implementing the plan. The injunction has been in place since March. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the injunction citing the likelihood the Obama administration will ultimately lose its challenge of it. If the court’s rule against the amnesty plan itself, the president will have lost a major second-term accomplishment.

2Same-sex Marriage – Inside of a month, the Supreme Court will rule on the subject of whether voters can define marriage. If the court upholds traditional marriage, the president will lose his biggest accomplishment on a social issue.

3Obamacare – the Supreme Court will also rule on whether the president’s single biggest legislative accomplishment can extend subsidies to every recipient regardless of which exchange they use: state or federal. If the president loses the challenge, his health care law may well unravel.

4Climate Change – The president’s emissions rulings failed to account for how they would impact the Coal Industry. Challengers to the regulations believe that the EPA failed to account for the financial impact of the regulations as required by law. If the president loses, he will have lost on a major bid to his further global warming initiative. That’s something Stephen Murray CCMP Capital will be monitoring.

Yelp Transformed from Online Reviews to Platform for Protest

Feel like sounding off about an establishment? Good or bad, you have an audience on Yelp. In fact, Yelp has quickly emerged as a multi-dimensional community platform for protest.

Washington Post writes that Yelp is a powerful influencer. Everyday, thousands of reviews flood the site, and the reviewers are the ones who wield the power.

In April, Memories Pizza was inudated with more than 7,600 negative reviews after commenting about *not* catering a gay wedding. Consumers felt an injustice had occurred and preceded to dominate the conversation.

Memories Pizza shut their doors for a short while, and the haters who used Yelp as a soapbox actually helped turn their financial loss around.

Conservatives raised $843,317 for the mom-and-pop Pizza shop.

Many believe Yelp is nothing more than a back-biting opinionated site, and reviews are no longer based on first hand experiences, but this is inevitable, and it happens to every social platform.

The answer is not quieting down social expression but learning how to use it.

When businesses learn how to invest in online opinions, and use the dialogue to their advantage, the playing field will become more balanced.