Betsy DeVos has Passion for Education

Betsy DeVos has become a very hot topic now that she has become Secretary of Education. I think that she is a great pick for this position, and I believe that she can do a lot of wonderful things in this role. I think there is a lot of talk about what she’s doing because she represents a type of Secretary of Education that has the foundation in changing the education system prior to stepping into the role.

Betsy DeVos has established a foundation for education, and she has worked for education reform organizations for a large part of her life. I think this is something that is very beneficial because it shows that she has the knowledge to push for reform in areas where others outside the education arena may not have considered. Betsy DeVos is wealthy, but she knows that education is about more than dollars and financial budgets. She really believes that it take educators and administrative staff members to actually make a difference in the education system. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

I believe that the fact that she is aware of these things makes her more qualified than a lot of other people that could have taken on this position. I also believe that Betsy has a better chance of making improvements because she knows the business world as well. She is well-versed in political matters and she has a business mindset that allows her to see things beyond prospective educators. All of this is going to prove vital in her fight to form education. I believe that she’s making a lot of students happy because she is fighting for them.

DeVos has been fighting for education for a long time, and she plans to do so much more in her position as Secretary of Education. I think that her passion about this is an excellent example of what is needed for this position. She has years of experience in helping cultivate the education system because she is a fan of the arts. She believes that education should not be one-dimensional and focus only on math and science. Betsy believes that there is room for the arts and she believes that students should be cultured. This gives everyone a chance to excel in some area. Betsy knows that everyone is not going to be a doctor or a lawyer. She believes that the artist needs to be nourished in the school system as well. That is why she is taking her stand on charter schools and school vouchers that allow students to go to charter schools with the help of public funding. Betsy has done her best to improve the education system already. Her new position just increased her passion. Read more news on

How End Citizens United Is Fighting Back

A Win For Big Money
2010 was a tragic year for the American people. It was the year the Supreme Court decided corporations were allowed to donate as money as they want to political campaigns on Facebook. Essentially, this marked the beginning of an era in which corporations are allowed free reign over the political process and can essentially buy elections as they feel like. The impact of this decision is devastating.

How Citizens United Has Changed Things
Billionaires, especially the Koch Brothers, have increased their influence in politics exponentially in the past 7 years. The Tea Party on LinkedIn is probably one of the greatest examples of this. The Koch brothers have done everything they can to use the movement to advocate for politicians who support massive deregulation and attempts to take away important protections for workers and consumers. Although there are ways for unions and non profits to contribute politically thanks to Citizens United, they simply do not have the buying power that many corporations have and cannot compete with them in terms of political donations.

How To Fight The Billionaires
End Citizens United is leading the fight against these corrupt figures and tries to find way to help people stand up for their rights. One of the key ways to do this is to increase the membership of End Citizens United. When politicians see the large crowds of people opposed to the idea that corporations are people, they will necessarily change the way they approach politics. End Citizens United does much of its work by supporting politicians that express support for removing big money from politics. With their help the goal isn’t far behind.

Where Things Are Now
Things seem to be going well for End Citizens United. They have amassed millions in donations and they are slowly creating the path forward necessary to finally reverse this decision. There are some out there who simply don’t believe in their message, but the vast majority of people support this movement. People do not want to see billionaires determine the outcome of elections or for someone with deeper pockets to silence their voice. It isn’t going to happen overnight but the end of Citizens United is near.

The Goal Of End Citizens United
The ultimate goal of all of this is to put power back into the hands of people rather than corporations on The idea that corporations should have rights similar to citizens is simply offensive and counteracts everything that America stands for. Grassroots movements are the way to bring this to an end. End Citizens United is a large movement but it has so much more room to grow and advance forward.

The Fight Against Donald Trump Has Already Begun For George Soros

For the majority of Democrat’s the 2016 U.S. Presidential election saw the end of an era as many liberals are now looking to regroup for the future after the victory of Republican Donald Trump. George Soros may have been as shocked as the majority around the world by the Trump victory on, but the man who was among the first to identify the role played in the Syrian refugee crisis by Russia is now leading the fight against Trump and the growing power of the Republican party as he looks to help plan for the future of the Democratic party.

George Soros has been a major figure for Democrat’s who have looked to him for financial donations and political leadership for more than a decade since he spent a large amount of money attempting to aid the 2004 election of John Kerry over President George W. Bush. In his work as a political leader George Soros has often drawn on his own refugee and wartime experiences in the 1940s and 50s when he escaped the Holocaust and Communist tyranny as he embarked upon a record breaking career as a hedge fund manager. George Soros is one of the world’s best respected and successful hedge fund managers who is perhaps best known for identifying the devaluation of the British Pound in the early 1990s and making more than $1 billion in a single day.

Over the course of the 2016 election cycle George Soros developed links to a number of Super PAC’s and Democrat supporting groups in his bid to aid in the election of Hillary Clinton; Soros was courted by a number of Super PAC’s during 2015 and 2016 as he was reported to have once again become politically engaged after viewing the events that led to the 2016 European refugee crisis on Investopedia. Along with the $15 million George Soros provided in funding for the campaign of Hillary Clinton, the graduate of the London School of Economics also provided $10 million for Super PAC’s such as the Priorities USA group who received around $7 million during the election campaign from the founder of the Open Societies Foundation.

Democrat’s have looked to George Soros throughout the 21st century to provide more than just financial backing as his political knowledge and leadership have become increasingly important; in the 2016 election campaign on Forbes Soros was seen as being a major fund raiser as many wealthy donors joined him in providing funding for Clinton based on the hedge fund manager’s reputation. During a three day event for the Democracy Alliance George Soros helped to found, the battle to halt the agenda of the Trump Administration was discussed and plans were made with the aid of a discussion with George Soros on the final morning of the three day event. Soros has been a major part of the Democratic party for a number of years and is examining every aspect of the 2016 election in his own bid to make sure the party returns to a position as power beginning with the 2017 and 2018 state level elections.

George Soros Bands Together with Donors in Preparation of Trump Presidency

One of the biggest donors to the Hillary Clinton campaign, who donated well over twenty million dollars to her efforts, was George Soros. Soros is a staunch democrat and has played a big role in a handful of elections in the past, as he hoped to make another mark on the 2016 election. He wound up donating quite a bit of money, specifically designed at increasing the odds that people would end up voting for Hillary Clinton. The majority of this came from dealing with immigrants, both legal and illegal, as well as other groups. By getting these demographics to the voting booths, there was a very good chance that Hillary Clinton would get almost all of these particular votes, which Soros thought would help to clinch a victory for Hillary and the democrats. As the weeks and days leading up to the election looked like Hillary Clinton was going to win the election and step into the white house next year, things took a big turn when Donald J. Trump ended up winning the presidency.

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This was not something that Hillary Clinton or George Soros thought would happen, as it truly was one of the most shocking election results in history, at least in terms of what the polling numbers showed. George Soros relied heavily on the polls that have come out in the last few months, as well as polls that he has conducted himself, all of which pointed to a Hillary Clinton victory. Because of this, it is clear that George Soros did not account or prepare greatly for a Trump victory, which was seen as almost an impossibility. Since Trump has been awarded the presidency and will eventually take office in the first month of 2017, George Soros has responded by planning to minimize the effects that Trump may have on the country. George Soros has banded together with other donors that were also banking on Hillary Clinton getting into the white house, to attempt to make sure that Donald Trump doesn’t follow through with the promises he made to his supporters. One of the most fundamental parts of his campaign was the promise to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, which George Soros is majorly against.

George Soros has taken to social media over the last several days to proclaim that we as a people need to focus on tearing down walls, rather than erecting them, as he has been referencing the Berlin wall and its eventual tearing down. Another thing that Donald Trump gained a massive amount of traction over was the promise to stop allowing immigrants from various countries in the middle east to immigrate into the United States, which he says needs to stop until they can properly be vetted. This is something that Soros and the rest of his donors that he has united with are against, which will likely end up being one of the biggest things that they focus on, in an attempt to stop the advances of a Trump presidency.

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George Soros, the self-made billionaire, is doing it again

George Soros is a successful investor and a philanthropist. George scaled back his political giving after the attempt to defeat George Bush in 2004 where he had given $ 27 million. George has now quietly reemerged and is the one of the leading funders of Democratic Party supporting Hillary Clinton and other various Democratic candidates.

Soros has therefore committed over $ 25 Million in the pursuit to boost Hillary Clinton presidential campaign as stated by Democratic fundraising operatives and records and interviews from Federal Election Commission on YouTube. Some of Soros Associates predict that Soros is going to give more as the campaign’s operations intensify during the last days.

The 85-year-old billionaire was expected to attend his first ever Democratic Convention to watch Clinton. George Soros and Clinton have been associated for over 25 years. However, he canceled the trip since he just recently returned to active trading and decided he should closely monitor the economic situation in Europe.

Nevertheless, individuals close to Soros says that he is more interested and engaged in politics more than he has ever been in the past years. Soros is motivated by the faith in Hillary Clinton and fear of her rival Donald, who George has accused of doing the work of ISIS and stocking fears and concerns.

Michael Vachon who is Soros political advisor says that Soros has been a regular donor to the Democratic Party and causes, though this year his political stakes are remarkably high than before. Vachon further states that Soros stakes are high due to the hostility expressed by the other side towards most of the issues that George Soros supported and worked for many years to achieve such as religious tolerance, immigration reform and criminal justice reform.

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The involvement of Soros supports of Clinton in beating Donald is felt in Democratic finance circles. This is an excellent chance for Clinton. George Soros is even felt having potential to catalyze giving by other activists

Soros has funded many more projects including America Votes. America Votes is a voter mobilization where Soros has committed to donate $ 2 million. George Soros is also expected to donate $ 1 Million to another to a state based mobilization group which is not supported to disclose their donors says, Michael Vachon.

Soros has extended his giving a hand to Democratic senate’s candidates where he donated $ 1.5 Million to each Senate Majority PAC boosting the candidates.

Soros giving motivations and patterns resembles the giving in 2004 when he was motivated to defeat George Bush administration policies where he donated $ 27 million in support of John Kelly’s challenge to Bush.

George Soros has shown interest in supporting Clinton which her perfect chance.

The Impact George Soros Has On The U.S Presidential Elections

George Soros, who went on a $27 million spending spree towards the defeat of President Bush in 2004, has reemerged as a funder of Democratic politics. George has committed more than $25 million to boost presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Some of his close acquaintances say they expect George Soros, who amassed $24.9 billion through risky currency trades, to contribute even more as the Election Day nears.

Soros who is an 85-year-old New Yorker had planned to attend his first Democratic convention to watch Clinton accept the presidential nomination on Thursday. But Soros decided to cancel the trip because he returned to active trading and felt he should closely monitor the economic situation in Europe. Nonetheless, George Soros associates say he seems to be more politically engaged than he has ever been in years.

Soros’ political adviser Mr. Michael Vachon said that his boss had been a donor to Democratic causes on The willingness of Mr. Soros philanthropy so as to beat Donald Trump is evident in liberal finance circles. Probably more than any other donor on the left, George Soros has the potential to catalyze giving from other wealthy activists who are stroking big checks.

The mobilization of the left’s richest benefactors has significantly assisted Clinton’s campaign, and its outside groups build a significant financial advantage over the committees backing Trump, who they regard with lots of suspicion by the GOP donor class.

By the end of June 2016, Mr. Soros had given out $7 million to a super PAC which is supporting Clinton known as the Priorities USA Action. According to FEC filings, Priorities USA Action has been the biggest recipient of his political largess.

FEC also indicates that George Soros gave two million dollars to a super PAC known as the American Bridge, which is an opposition PAC that has been targeting other Republican candidates including Donald Trump, and $700,000 to various PACs, campaigns, and Democratic Party committees. Soros also has donated $3 million to a PAC known as Immigrant Voters Win that highly dedicates itself to increase turnout among low-populated Hispanic voters in the main states.

Soros has donated another $4 million to a nonprofit organization that devotes to fighting efforts to restrict voters from voting. This group, the Voting Rights Trust, is partly run by Marc Elias who is Clinton’s campaign lawyer. The group lies under the tax code that does not require any member of the group to disclose any donor’s donations including those of George Soros and other donors or the possibility that some donations might be from other groups.

Soros philanthropic pattern and motivations seem the same as the one witnessed in 2004, where he got motivation by an abiding opposition to Bush administration policies and the Iraqi War. This move touched his heart, and he sprinkled $27 million around a few liberal groups boosting Kerry’s unsuccessful challenge to Bush.

Have the GOP Attacks Gone Too Far?

There are bad apples that fall on both sides of the aisle in politics, but some really appear to have rotten to their very core. The GOP (Grand Ol’ Party) Republicans released yet another report today that, when the investigation into her role in the Benghazi attack was started, was clearly intended on running Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s name through the mud. Yet, after all of that time and effort spent on the investigation, the committee was unable to find Hillary of any wrongdoing.
It would seem unthinkable, after eight other investigations into the exact same event, a grand total of seven million dollars, and two entire years for this particular committee to complete its investigation, that the GOP would continue the ‘witch hunt.’ It would seem, unfortunately, that this is not the case. They are intent on painting the Presidential candidate in a harrowing light that depicts a politician more intent with taking care of politics at the White House than American lives across seas, which is obviously not the case.
This begs the question, “How far will they go?” to be asked. At what point will the Grand Old Party call off the hounds? It is obvious that too many government resources, including the taxpayer’s money, have been pooled into this cause already. The American people should not be forced to continue investigations that will bring no further evidence to light.
In fact, this raises yet another question: are the current allegations against Hillary Clinton, in her using inappropriate email servers, blown out of proportion to serve the gruesome desires of the far-right Republicans? When they failed at finding criminal evidence in such a massive investigation on the Benghazi incident, they needed to find some other manner in making her look criminally negligent. Why is Congress criminalizing politicians simply out of spite? Has the apple really gone that bad?