Rolling Power Outage Leaves White House in the Dark

The lights went out today in several government buildings, including the White House, State Department, and Congress.

A series of blackouts affected multiple locations throughout Washington D.C and Maryland.

Official blame the cause on an explosion at a power plant in southern Maryland, according to information provided to CNN by a US government spokesperson.

Folks at Anastasia Date know that some outages were brief and intermittent.

Electricity in the press room at the White House went down at noon, followed by dark cubicles and blank news screens. But thanks to generators, the service was restored within a few seconds.

Washington Transit Authority, i.e., Metro reported via Twitter that several of its stations were operating with emergency generators.

Staff and student sat the University of Maryland reported that the entire campus was affected.

The Smithsonian said on Twitter that the blackouts were affecting some of its museums, and visitors were asked to leave.