What Donald Trump Might Mean For Net Neutrality

The Trump Victory

Donald Trump’s victory last November shook up the world, but the tech industry in particular is concerned about Donald Trump. In the past Donald Trump has expressed disagreement with the net neutrality policies of the Obama administration. He believes these policies are unfairly biased against conservatives and will create censorship of the internet. Now that Trump is officially in the White House he will finally decide how America will move forward and what the internet will look like in the next 4 years.

The Net Neutrality Controversy

Essentially, net neutrality is the position of keeping the internet the way it is. For most user,s the internet is a free place where you can browse as you please without any worries about government interference. There are controversies over the utility of net neutrality and many on the right want to see net neutrality disappear. Prior to the 2016 presidential election Republicans held the majority of seats in Congress and the majority of governorships, but Trump has now given them absolute control over the federal government and the ability to exactly as they wish.

How Republicans Want To Handle It

Donald Trump and his cabinet are staunchly opposed to net neutrality and he’s already made major moves towards fighting it. His pick for the head of the FCC, the agency that regulates the internet, is Ajit Pai. Ajit Pai has made it clear that he is a staunch opponent of net neutrality and wants to do what he can to do away with it. Although he was initially appointed to a Republican seat in the FCC in 2012 by then POTUS Barack Obama, he voted against many of the proposed measures of the Obama administration.

The Future Of Net Neutrality

Ajit Pai succeeds Tom Wheeler as head of the FCC and he represents a new administration with a completely different understanding of how internet regulation should look. Donald Trump has promised he would use his position to reduce the size of the government and the functionality of various government agencies. The future of net neutrality does not seem bright in that light, but only time will tell if the Trump adminstration will follow through with their plans.

Silicon Valley Tech Titans meet Trump and the Transition Team

The relationship between President Elect Donald Trump and Tech companies has been tested following a meeting between the President and select Silicon Valley CEOs. According an article published by Forbes on December 14, Trump assured the CEOs that he was on their side and will do everything possible to ensure the companies to ensure the companies grow. Trump also reiterated the importance of technology in America’s advancement. The heads present at the meeting included Facebook COOO Sheryl Sandberg, Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos, Alphabet CEO Larry Page, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and the CEO of Apple Tim Cook. The meeting came after a hard fought election that saw most tech industry leader’s support Hillary Clinton.


Vice President Mike Pence and Peter Thiel, a member of the transition team was also present at the highly publicized meeting that took place at Trump Towers. Thiel is one of the few Silicon Valley leaders who backed Trump’s election. It is incredible to note that Thiel has transformed from a Trump donor and key speaker at the Republican National Convention to a big political player in the transition team in a space of a just a few weeks. Analysts believe Thiel will play an important role of bridging the divide between Trump and the technology industry. Others present included Trump’s 3 oldest children; Ivanka, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. One of the Tech leaders who criticized Trump during the campaign period, Jeff Bezos congratulated the President Elect in a tweet he sent earlier,


Bezos said he was glad to meet the president and said the meeting was very productive. Another tech titan said to be warming up to Trump is Elon Musk. According to a report appearing on Techcruch, Musk who set to fly to India was added to the list of attendees at Trump’s strategic and policy forum in the last minute. One notable personality not in attendance was Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. There are reports indicating lingering frosty relationship between Trump and Twitter. The difference is said to have arisen as a result of the latter’s decision to deny Trump campaign team the permission to use special images. The Emojis, which Twitter prefers to call Hashflags, were earlier used in presidential debate related hashtags.