The Beauty of Relying On Taralluci e Vino for Your Events and Favorite Cuisines

If you have never been to an Italian restaurant, then you don’t know what you have been missing. Italian meals are incredibly aromatic to welcome you from the entrance. The wisely chosen ingredients intended to give you a food experience and a feeling that you have never experienced before. Dining in an Italian restaurant guarantees you a healthy diet due to the variety of ingredients used to make their food. Some of the most nutritious ingredients used include the mushroom, garlic, tomatoes, herbs, fresh vegetables, basil, and olive oil among others. Notably, Americans are fond of Italian dishes and especially meals made from the traditional recipes.

Taralluci e Vino restaurant

Taralluci e Vino is one of the best Italian restaurants in the New York City. The hotel is famous for its event services as well as their traditional and modern cuisines. Taralluci is found in the Union Square in New York City in the United States.

The restaurant specializes in organizing events for their different clients. Taralluci regularly has a space for business meetings as well as rooms where you can conduct your parties. For instance, they have a space on the mezzanine floor of the Union Square acts as a perfect space for a private meeting for thirty guests. The area is serene and quiet creating the ideal atmosphere for serious corporate meetings. In addition, in case you have a cocktail party, then you Taralluci Vino can offer you a space for eighty guests in their mezzanine floor.

Moreover, the restaurant possesses a bigger space on the sixth floor of the same building. If you are looking for a good place to host a meeting of around fifty guests, then this space on the sixth floor forms a perfect venue. Besides, whenever you want to host a bigger party not exceeding one hundred and fifty guests, then you can still consider this space for your event.

The space provided by Taralluci for your event has the features that ensure your guests feel homely. The rooms have top-notch furniture that includes custom brick tables, mirrors, and antique cabinets. Besides the spaces, have a bar, lounge area and a wine cellar to ensure that your guests enjoy themselves. The building has unique artwork painted on the walls. The decorations make the rooms look incredibly gorgeous and attractive to those who enjoy and appreciate art.

After the meetings and during the parties the guests can enjoy Tarallucci exquisite Italian foods. They can choose their favorite meal from either the traditional or the modern Italian menus. For your information, these menus are prepared from the seasonal produce gotten from the nearby suppliers. Taralluci restaurant has the best chefs who prepare dishes that will make the clients come for more. In addition, the hotel is keen on the value of excellent customer service. Thus they hire the most courteous, hospitable, and presentable waiters.

Moreover, if you are planning a wedding and you don’t want to go through the tedious organizing process, then you can count on Tarallucci to handle that for you. In addition, they can provide you with some of the best honeymoon or holiday destinations.

Tarallucci e Vino and other great restaurants

The Nomad Hotel

The Nomad Hotel offers its customers some of the best dishes and beverage program. Chef Daniel Humm and Restaurateur Will Guidara are in charge of the food and beverage program at the hotel. Chef Daniel has spent most of his career working in Switzerland, New York City, and California through which he has earned a lot of experience that helps in guiding the restaurant’s operations. The hotel comprises of attractive features such as rooms that are surrounding a glass-enclosed atrium. The shimmering atrium under a massive skylight gives customers the best venue for their meals. Visitors can also opt to have their meals in the clubby parlor having velvet covered seats and Persian rugs. The hotel has plenty of private rooms, and guests can also choose the rooftop. A small table can be staged at the hotel’s iconic cupola.

Lafayette Grand Café and Bakery

Lafayette Grand café and Bakery is located at the Lafayette Street and Great Jones Street in Manhattan. The bakery is focused at upholding the French cooking by providing its clients with the bistro menu. The restaurant has employed some of the best chefs including Chef Andrew Carmellin, who works beside Jen Yee and James Belisle. The restaurant has the best beverage program that comprises of cocktails, champagne, and Craft beers. The hotel includes an iconic landmark that is housing a dining room, a bakery, and private dining suites. Henry J. Hardenberg designed the iconic building. The restaurant serves three meals in an appealing Brasserie space. The kitchen is designed in a unique way with copper pots correctly placed in the kitchen. The bakery is kept clean and fresh looking. The floor is decorated with blue-and-white patterned tiles having plenty of marble. The restaurant offers the best meals such as shellfish platter and the oysters. The rotisseries chicken that is served with two and order of fries is another best meal offered at the restaurant.

Tarallucci E Vino

Tarallucci e Vino provides beautiful spaces that can be used to host any event. The restaurant also has employed on of the most experienced chef, Riccardo Bilotta, who develops a menu that is inspired a mixture of the traditional Italian Cuisine. Individuals interested in holding small private events are provided with the Mezzanine, a lovely room where small meetings can be held. The room is sophisticated, and it ensures comfort to all its occupants. The room is also featured with a bar, a lounge area, brick tables that have been customized and exclusive mirrors and artwork. The room is spacious enough, and it can be transformed to accommodate any event.

The Italian restaurant has adopted a famous Italian saying which states that all ends well with Tarallucci E Vino. The saying explains the Italian tradition of resolving any matter over a glass wine. The restaurant has adopted the philosophy behind the saying since 2001. The philosophy has been applied in every aspect of the restaurant’s dining experience. Individuals are invited to start their day and end it at Tarallucci E Vino with the fresh pasta and the Italian-inspired plates. The restaurant’s dedication to small-batch, family-operated vineyards are is reflected by the exclusive wine selection that they serve.

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