Hiring Handy Professional Cleaners and Other Creative Ways to Boost Staff Morale

Let’s face it. For many people, work is like drudgery. However as revealed by a blogger on janeexplains.com, there are many new startups and corporations with younger CEO’s taking the helm that want to change the way people go to work.

Some organizations are creative about inspiring employee morale, while others are just huge corporations where staff is earning extra large salaries with awesome benefits packages. If you can’t offer the latter, it’s important to learn some creative ways to boost your employee morale so that your company can be as successful as it can be.

Creative Ways to Boost Employee Morale

  1. Start with a pristine office space.

Comfort is a major contributor when it comes to productivity. One of the most unpleasant things to stare at while trying to figure out the best way to word an important email or organize some important paperwork is filth.

Handy is an awesome cleaning service that’s completely mobile driven, yet professional at the same time. Just like Lyft and Uber provide clients with rides on demand. Handy provides customers with:

  • Professional maids,
  • Plumbers,
  • Handymen,
  • Furniture movers, and
  • Furniture shoppers and assemblers

… on demand.

  1. Offer paid time off.

In addition to vacation time, offer employees paid time off to do creative things like:

  • Volunteer work,
  • Pursue their own creative projects, and
  • Go to family events where the company foots the bill
  1. Help employees understand that what they’re doing is more than just a job.

Publish a newsletter that tells everyone about the good the company does.

  1. Make sure to hold fun events and celebrate staff member accomplishments at these fun events.

Many companies have events like bowling tournaments, game days, Wii tournaments, poker and casino nights, or outdoor sporting events. Presenting awards during these events can also help to motivate staff as well.