Samuel Strauch, the Man the Successful Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a successful investor in real estate business and other numerous internet and restaurant business. He is also a passionate fun in art and photography. He is the founder and principal of Metrik Real estate. Metrik Real Estate is one of the prosperous real estate agencies situated in South Beach, Florida. He started the business back in 2002 in Miami after seeing a good opportunity in real estate with the hastily growing population. Miami a former resort region was in the process of becoming a big city and this made him a good opportunity to start a real estate agency. Miami is well known as a gateway to Latin America where he had made friends with many significant individuals. These individuals made him a good multitude of potential clients and investors.

Samuel Strauch studied at Hofstra University which is situated in Hempstead, New York, where he completed his undergraduate degree in business. He later went to Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Holland. He has also studied at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He started his career as a banker which helped him gain a wide experience in finance. He later worked as a real estate agent at his family real estate business which is situated in South Florida. He worked there for around 14 years gaining sufficient experience in real estate business. He later launched his own real estate company, Metrik Real Estate. He is fully licensed as a real estate broker in South Florida and Latin America.

Samuel Strauch, as the principal of his company, has gained popularity as one of the chief agents in the Miami Beach region. He represents customers who show interest in purchasing various types of properties. His company has continued to grow constantly due to its complimentary platform which consists of equity sourcing, management, development, and acquisition of property. He says that the company is dedicated to making use of advanced technology which plays a big role in the lives of people. He also says that his employees analyze a wide range of industries and businesses with a mission of coming up with a wide range of investment opportunities. He says that the company’s main focus is to create exclusive projects that attract the minds of young people living in a connected world focused on complex ways of communication.

Samuel Strauch says that his goal is to develop his team with the idea that jobs need to imitate their passions and personal habits. He also tries to create a team that is committed to making money to organizations that participate in charitable work. As fun of art and photography, he has a blog that features various photographs that mostly focus on Tibetan Buddhist monks.

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Tammy Mazzocco is the Ideal Real Estate Agent

Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate career as a secretary to a nine-person commercial real estate group. Soon she got the job as manager of a condominium project, and she held that position for the next seven years. in 1995 her boss suggested that she get her real estate license during that time so she could assist him with some of his transactions.

Mazzocco held some more supportive roles in real estate, largely in the licensed assistant position, until in 1999 she decided to get into the sales end of the business, as she saw the income potential all around her. She reasoned, “if they can do this, so can I.” She joined the Judy Gang agency with RE/MAX, and she has never regretted that career move.

Today, Mazzocco works in Central Ohio, in four counties, Licking, Deleware, Franklin, and Fairfield. She says that real estate is her passion and she spends all of her time devoted to its pursuit and in the perfection of its growth.

It may seem difficult to believe, but when she began in sales, she was shy when it came to talking to people, especially when clients personal finances came up. She decided to always open the conversation directly, and then the other person would have to respond. From there the fear left, and it was never a problem again.

Mazzocco’s work day has evolved into a pattern that seldom varies, as she knows that it works for her. She begins her day with some stretching exercises and meditation. Then she likes to get the mundane things out of the way such as paperwork and prospecting. She says that these are not activities that she particularly enjoys, yet they are necessary and part of the process. Prospecting involves getting on the phone and following up on leads to set appointments to show houses.

Tammy does like the leads that are generated by some of the services like Zillow and because these people are interested and are very good leads. From there she will spend the rest of her day showing Homes.

When asked what things does she do that causes her to be more productive, her answer is that she will set goals, and then break them down into smaller action steps on a monthly, weekly, and a daily basis. It is easier to take these smaller steps than to think about the entire goal.

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