Real Estate Investor and Philanthropist Adam Milstein Discusses anti-Semitism on JNS.Org

Adam Milstein, the national chairman of the Israeli-American Council and real estate figure, is an author on, also known as the “Jewish News Syndicate”. In his piece entitled “Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide”, he outlines how Muslims typify and stereotype Jews into a certain archetype that is based on unfounded facts and the hyper-Left wing sector of America which supports anti-Semitic ideals.

In his article, Milstein mentions the likes of Linda Sarsour: a political activist whose leadership presence and role has been made known at the feminists’ “Women’s March” in Washington, D.C. Linda Sarsour is praised as a leader of feminism, yet (Adam Milstein asserts) that she supports a controversial topic which is commonly known as “Sharia law”. Some of the core tenets of Sharia law include stoning women, executing homosexuals by various means, and also just generally trampling on various forms of women’s rights. So the hypocrisy, Adam Milstein is saying, is beyond the scope of what a rational person would consider to be logical. He goes on to state Muslims in America essentially get a free pass for their anti-Semitic views because they are typified in the media as being all the same, “as one block”, and that this is not just. That Jews are also typified as being “all powerful” and that all problems related with Jews are, in the eyes of Muslims, the fault of the Jews which stem directly from the “Elders of Zion.”


Adam Milstein goes on to explain how Sarsour supports Siraj Wajjah, the unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 World Trade Center explosion. He also cites many more examples throughout history where anti-Semitism has been prevalent, how it’s reach has been increasing, and how its existence (predominantly on university campuses) and undermining the greatness of America and the Jewish people.

Samuel Strauch, the Man the Successful Metrik Real Estate

Samuel Strauch is a successful investor in real estate business and other numerous internet and restaurant business. He is also a passionate fun in art and photography. He is the founder and principal of Metrik Real estate. Metrik Real Estate is one of the prosperous real estate agencies situated in South Beach, Florida. He started the business back in 2002 in Miami after seeing a good opportunity in real estate with the hastily growing population. Miami a former resort region was in the process of becoming a big city and this made him a good opportunity to start a real estate agency. Miami is well known as a gateway to Latin America where he had made friends with many significant individuals. These individuals made him a good multitude of potential clients and investors.

Samuel Strauch studied at Hofstra University which is situated in Hempstead, New York, where he completed his undergraduate degree in business. He later went to Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Holland. He has also studied at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He started his career as a banker which helped him gain a wide experience in finance. He later worked as a real estate agent at his family real estate business which is situated in South Florida. He worked there for around 14 years gaining sufficient experience in real estate business. He later launched his own real estate company, Metrik Real Estate. He is fully licensed as a real estate broker in South Florida and Latin America.

Samuel Strauch, as the principal of his company, has gained popularity as one of the chief agents in the Miami Beach region. He represents customers who show interest in purchasing various types of properties. His company has continued to grow constantly due to its complimentary platform which consists of equity sourcing, management, development, and acquisition of property. He says that the company is dedicated to making use of advanced technology which plays a big role in the lives of people. He also says that his employees analyze a wide range of industries and businesses with a mission of coming up with a wide range of investment opportunities. He says that the company’s main focus is to create exclusive projects that attract the minds of young people living in a connected world focused on complex ways of communication.

Samuel Strauch says that his goal is to develop his team with the idea that jobs need to imitate their passions and personal habits. He also tries to create a team that is committed to making money to organizations that participate in charitable work. As fun of art and photography, he has a blog that features various photographs that mostly focus on Tibetan Buddhist monks.

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Executive Jason Halpern and JMH Development

Jason Halpern created JMH Development, a real estate development company based in Brooklyn, New York. JMH Development develops and owns numerous major commercial and residential developments across the United States. The focus of Jason and JMH Development is on luxury developments combined with a philosophy of historic preservation and adaptive reuse projects.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

Mr. Halpern is the Founder and Managing Partner of JMH Development. He is the third generation of his family to be involved in the real estate development market. What he feels differentiates him from other real estate developers is a commitment for building in historic districts and maintaining the historical character of the building. He deeply believes that he needs to respect the local community where he is developing and take their interests into account.

Halpern in front of Aloft
Halpern in front of Aloft

An example of this commitment to respecting the local community was the development of 184 Kent Avenue, a Brooklyn, New York building that is listed on the National Historic Register. The project was awarded the 2011 Building Brooklyn Award due to it’s innovative use of adaptive reuse. The end result of this project was a 340 luxury residential rentals structure that retained the key aspects of this historical building, while updating it to a luxury development.
Another example is the development of Aloft South Beach, a 235 room hotel that was completed in 2015. This was a conversion project of the historical Motel Ankara one block from the beach in Miami, Florida. Jason Halpern and JMH Development updated the building while retaining its character, and additionally added a new 8 story tower to the building. The result was a luxury 235-room hotel that creatively used adaptive reuse methods and showed great respect for the local community.


In addition to real estate development Jason is also heavily involved in charitable activities. In particular he has shown remarkable support for Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center. This is a level 1 trauma center that specializes in complex emergency neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, the attachment of severed limbs, open-heart surgery, and the treatment of burn victims. Jason has also supported charities through JMH Development such as partnering with charities to support water projects in Ethiopia and Nepal. These projects have brought water to more than 650 Ethiopian and Nepalese in need. Jason has shown a commitment to not only excelling at respectful real estate development but using his talents and expertise to help those in need.


Real Estate Professionals at TOWN

No matter how much time passes, no matter how much the world changes, the fact is that New York City will always be one of the most exciting places in the world to work and live in. For all these reasons, New York has long remained a major lure for real estate investors throughout the world, in good times and rough times too.

It’s an understanding of New York’s special charms that makes for top real estate professionals in this city. TOWN Residential is a real estate firm that specializes in connecting special clients with the luxury properties of their dreams in New York and the boroughs. TOWN Residential was first launched in 2010 by founder Andrew Heiberger, who is also the acting chief executive and co-chairman. Joseph Sitt (owner of TOWN’s equity partner Thor Equities) is also the co-chairman at TOWN Residential.

After the Bubble Burst

At the time that TOWN first launched, the US real estate bubble had burst, followed by the 2008 stock market plunge and the Great Recession that followed. This was a lot to cope with, as the real estate market struggled to find its footing. What was discovered, however, is how hardy New York is as a real estate center. and how much real marketing savvy pays off for realtors here who know how to sell and how to serve their clients.

Even as the world was recovering from The Recession, New York’s luxury market proved to be very durable, and increasingly strong. The many improvements in formerly distressed areas in New York and the decrease in crime here have done a lot to add to the city’s allure for real estate investors. A large inventory of quality luxury properties is another part of the puzzle as well. As the Recession receded into the background, prices for luxury properties went higher, which lead to an increasing allure for renovated properties in Brooklyn. All through these changes, TOWN Residential continued to serve the needs of its clients at every level.

Today, there are more changes happening in the whirlwind of the New York luxury market. There is undoubtedly volatility on the horizon, as foreign money becomes less fluid with the changes happening overseas. There is also a large number of new luxury apartments on the market, and the prices there will continue to adjust as the market continues in flux.

What’s clear is that professionals who really know New York will endure, which is why clients who want quality service from realtors who know this market will continue to call on TOWN Residential. When it’s time to get serious about investing in New York, TOWN is the firm to call.