Samsung Galaxy Note 7s Bites The Dust

Most people are probably very familiar with all the problems that were reported concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. For example, reports surfaced about a person that had that model on a plane. It was reported that the phone exploded. Other reports have surfaced about similar problems occurring with the phone model. Certainly, this led to major concern for any consumer that owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. Samsung Electronics seemed to be ignoring the world-wide criticism of the phone. This led to consumers thinking that the company did not care about their customers’ safety. Well, things have changed. Samsung is pulling the plug on production of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones permanently.


Samsung Galaxy News

Recently, Samsung stopped the production of the popular phone series. This was in response to all the negative press that was surrounding the defective device that they produced. Reports were continually surfacing about people reporting that the battery in their Samsung Galaxy would explode without any notice. This led to a lot of concern and some transportation services banning the Samsung Galaxy. Numerous people were taking a second look at the device that was manufactured by the South Korean company. Some consumers were starting to lose faith in Samsung too.


Defects Discovered

Samsung announced that they had discovered defects in the Samsung Galaxy 7s battery that caused explosions. Well, this was something that their customers were already too familiar with and very nervous about. Their delay in announcing their plans to pull the phone out of production resulted in sales dropping along with the price of shares with their company. This is the biggest financial crisis that the company has experienced in years. China’s product safety regulatory also announced that it would immediately recall all the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that were sold in mainland China. It is reported that sales amounted to about 191,000 units.


Samsung Refunds On The Horizon

Samsung has decided to do the right thing and refund the price of the phone to customers in China or replace the phone with another Samsung phone model.

Samsung Prematurely Ends Production of the Galaxy Note 7

Amidst reports of Galaxy Note 7 phones unexpectedly combusting or exploding, Samsung has announced that it will permanently end its production of the combustible phones. This news comes a day after the company had escalated its recall efforts by asking retailers and telephone carriers to stop selling or even offering exchanges for the phone. The Galaxy Note 7 phone has only been available for a few weeks, but there are already numerous reports of customers who have sustained injuries as a result of the defective product.


One Honolulu Galaxy Note 7 owner reported that her phone began smoking only moments after she had visited Samsung’s website. A video of the incident shows the spectacular end of her phone as it becomes permanently unusable in a billowing puff of smoke.


Samsung had already been offering to replace overheating Galaxy Note 7 phones with new ones, but it soon became apparent that the entire Galaxy Note 7 line was defective. Initially the defect was believed to only affect about 2.5 million phones. At the time, a Samsung spokesperson admitted that there were “a limited number of reports,” but were quick to “reassure customers that [they’re] taking every report seriously.”


At least one notable report was serious enough to spur other companies into action. Over the weekend, several U.S. telephone carriers announced that they would stop replacing overheating Galaxy Note 7 phones with new ones, after a reported “replacement” Galaxy Note 7 phone spontaneously ignited on a Southwest Airlines flight. The next day, government investigators from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) cited “exigent circumstances” when it used a subpoena to confiscated the charred remains.


Since Friday, the company’s stock has been in free fall, losing over 10% of its market value. This amounts to a substantial loss of billions of dollars to Samsung’s market value, ending its steady growth since the beginning of the year. The impact this debacle has had on their reputation may be harder to quantify.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is Coming on August 19, and It’s Better Than Ever

Samsung’s newest addition to the Note family is coming, and there’s much to be excited about. According to Samsung’s press release, the Galaxy Note 7 will be released on August 19, 2016, and fans of Samsung’s supersized smartphones will want to get in line early to scoop one up.

The phone’s glass curves slightly around the body, providing more screen real estate without making the phone itself larger. Users can take advantage of the bigger screen by utilizing the customizable Edge Panel, which provides one-tap access to apps, news, settings and more. One-handed operation is easy and while it’s thicker than the Galaxy Note 5 that came before it, the Galaxy Note 7 has lost weight, clocking in at only 169 grams.

Adventurous types will be pleased to know that Samsung has brought water and dust resistance to the Note series. Both the Galaxy Note 7 and its accompanying S Pen are IP68 water-resistant. This means that they’re completely impervious to dust and can be submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage. Getting dropped in a puddle or pulled out in the rain is no problem for the Galaxy Note 7.

The phone ships with 64GB of internal memory, which can be expanded up to a whopping 320GB with a 256GB microSD card. Wireless charging capabilities supplement the already-generous 3500mAh battery. Pricing has not been announced yet, but the Galaxy Note 7 will come in four different colors (Black Onyx, Blue Coral, Titanium Silver and Gold Platinum) and will be available through all five major US carriers.