Seattle Genetics to Introduce More Drugs and Hire More Employees

Dr. Clay Siegall is the Chief Executive Officer and President of a respected organization known as Seattle Genetics. He is also serving as the Chairman of the board of directors of the company. Siegall co-founded the pharmaceutical company in 1998, and since then, he has worked hard to raise capital and introduce better drugs for cancer treatment. Before establishing the company, Siegall worked at the Bristol-Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute. He has also had the opportunity to work at the National Cancer Institute.

This year, Siegall was appointed to work as the external member of the board of director in Mirna Therapeutics. He has a lot of expertise in biotechnology, and he mostly specializes in cancer treatment. Clay went to the University of Maryland where he graduated with a BS in Zoology. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Genetics later on from the George Washington University.

Not long ago, the cancer research community was in the spotlight after a special visit by the Vice President of the country, Joe Biden. Seattle Genetics was one of the fastest growing companies that were visited by the Vice President. The institution has set itself from its competitors in the region.

Seattle Genetics is based in Bothell, and it is working very hard to increase the use of its first drug in the market. The organization is also working hard to enlarge its drug pipeline using new drugs. The company has also announced its plans to increase its employees to increase productivity.

The first drug from Seattle Genetics is known as Adcetris, and it has been received positively in the market. At the moment, the drug is being tested in over seventy trials against several types of lymphomas, according to the CEO of the company.

The CEO says that at the moment, the company is trying to conduct an advanced, phase 3 or clinical trial that will be using Adcetris as the only frontline treatment for new cases or previously untreated cases of Hodgkin lymphoma. The results from this trial will have a lot of impact on the biotechnology company. The pharmaceutical company is looking forward to introducing drugs for other types of cancers after this trial.