Incarcerated? Well! You still won’t miss any moment with video visitation concert

I have not seen such devotion, such desire to make prison comfortable. When people are treated with dignity and concern, they reciprocate. This is what Securus Technologies is implementing with the video visitation concerts. The video visitation concert is more than a program. It is aimed at connecting a person in prison with his or her significant other. With the concert, I can share every great moment in my life with a friend, relative, or loved one in prison through the concert.

The concert gives the person in prison the true spirit of life out of jail. You can share a song, performance, a presentation, a poem or anything else that you want. In one of the visitation concert, a father watches his son perform on stage. The father is overcome by emotion as the performance continues. The son gives his father hope, energy and reason to be optimistic in life.

Such an emotional connection is what secures intends to bring in every inmate. The desire to reform and be hopeful of a better tomorrow outside prison. Securus have known that most inmates are at risk of losing hope in a better future. But when they see how their children, spouses, parents and so on are going through on is priceless to them. The concerts bring life and raw energy with the hope that they will leave a lasting impression on the inmate.

Securus Technologies is an inmate communication solution giant based in Dallas. It serves over 2600 state penitentiaries. This is a significant population served by the company, and to keep its services optimal, they have always been at the forefront of innovative and exciting products that enhance the prison reform experience.

The company started in 1986, and ever since, it has been the leading jail communication solution expert. They offer calls to prisoners, provide visitation services, offer monitoring and surveillance in prison among other specialized prison intelligence service. Because of their unique and profound interest in prison communication, they collect, analyze, and interpret data on crime and crime information. They offer solutions to state departments and federal authorities on prison dynamics, crime related activities among others.

The video visitation concert is part of a bigger video visitation program that involves kids, everyday life, homework, and related experience to bring family and friends into the life of the convict. I hope Securus can continue on their current path in offering more solutions so that if a friend is interned, I can use the tools to make them feel important and wanted in the society.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.