Jason Hope of Scottsdale Continues to Support SENS

Jason Hope SENS FoundationUPDATED March 30th, 2017 – Jason Hope continues to support biomedical research on disease prevention. Read more here.

Over the past decade, one of the growing predictions related to the future of humanity and technology is the Internet of Things. The Internet Things theory essentially believes that in the coming years more and more everyday products will be built with wireless connectivity. This will result in the sharing of more data than ever before, which could benefit society in a number of different ways.

Evidence of the Internet of Things being a realistic prediction is growing rapidly. In the past few years many personal objects have continued to be developed in a fashion that allows internet connectivity and data sharing. Some of the products that are not commonly connected include Smart televisions, home appliances, and watches. Many expect that in the coming years more clothing, personal objects, and other devices will be connected.

One entrepreneur and philanthropist that has been very vocal amount the Internet of Things Movement is Jason Hope of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Jason Hope is an investor and entrepreneur that have dedicated his career and personal capital towards investing in new and growing companies that are focused on tech advancements. Hope has continued to write on his blog that he believes that investing in startups will be the best way for an investor to allocate their capital, as it will yield the highest return on investment.

While Hope is planning to use the Internet of Things movement to invest in companies and hopefully earn a strong return on investment, he has also donated a considerable amount of money to a variety of charitable organizations that will work to advance mankind, as well as students looking for grants to help pay for college. In recent years, Jason Hope has been a frequent and significant contributor to the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation is a charitable cause that is raising money to research nanotechnology and other advancements that could be beneficial to the medical industry. Ultimately, the SENS Foundation hopes that this technology could be use to eradicate a number of different ailments that have affected millions of people.

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Mysterious Deeds of Jason Hopes a Philanthropic and Futuristic Tech CEO Based in Arizona

Jason Hope is a philanthropic and futuristic entrepreneur located in Scottsdale, AZ. Hope’s charitable endeavors focus on scientific research, education, disease cure, and biotechnology. He actively supports local education programs that encourage students to study in and out of the classroom. Additionally, Hope provides financial assistance to organizations dealing with diseases prevention, control, and treatment.

For instance, Jason Hope has shown a keen interest in the SENS Foundation by donating about $500,000. Jason Hope donated to the humanitarian organization with the hope of enhancing the future of the community and eradicating aging-related problems. SENS Foundation is a non-profit organization located in California. The non-profit organization seeks to address the issue of human aging by enabling easy access to rejuvenation bio-technologies. SENS Foundation used the funds to establish a Laboratory at Cambridge.

Other foundations that have benefited from Hope’s passion for philanthropy include the Tony Hawk Foundation, Leukemia, the Andre Agassi Foundation, Boys and Girls of metropolitan Phoenix and True Colors Fund, T-Gen Foundation, and The Mark Walberg Youth Foundation. Hope is a member of the Director’s Circle in Arizona Science Center.

When it comes to technology, Hope focuses on different aspects such as research and development. He provides support to aid in the development of mobile applications, desktop software, and gaming software which can be applied to improving the future of human beings and bring joy daily. Hope has cooperated with technology organization to introduce new technology and conduct thorough research on technology infrastructure.

The advancement of technology and smart devices has seen the phrase ‘Internet of Things’ become popular in the technology industry. IoT is used to describe network-enabled devices that allow 2-way communication likes a home thermostat or refrigerator. Jason Hope predicts that the hospitality industry will gain the most from the exponential growth in IoT.

Jason believes the Internet of Things will have a significant impact on how people use their smartphones, how they drive, and how they check heart rates. Such changes are expected to improve how people complete tasks while at the same time bring a lot of excitement. However, Hope writes that the biggest challenge will involve introducing conventional non-electronic and analog devices into the digital age.

Consumers have rapidly become accustomed to the new application due to the explosion in internet-enabled devices such as tablets, smartphones, and televisions. According to Hope, the Internet of Things has simplified everyday activities such securing a cab service like Uber finding a date via dating sites like Badoo and Tinder.

You can access Jason Hope’s ideas on philanthropy and research on extending human life through reduction of aging impacts on his official website and blog.