Samsung Galaxy Note 7s Bites The Dust

Most people are probably very familiar with all the problems that were reported concerning the Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. For example, reports surfaced about a person that had that model on a plane. It was reported that the phone exploded. Other reports have surfaced about similar problems occurring with the phone model. Certainly, this led to major concern for any consumer that owned a Samsung Galaxy Note 7s. Samsung Electronics seemed to be ignoring the world-wide criticism of the phone. This led to consumers thinking that the company did not care about their customers’ safety. Well, things have changed. Samsung is pulling the plug on production of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones permanently.


Samsung Galaxy News

Recently, Samsung stopped the production of the popular phone series. This was in response to all the negative press that was surrounding the defective device that they produced. Reports were continually surfacing about people reporting that the battery in their Samsung Galaxy would explode without any notice. This led to a lot of concern and some transportation services banning the Samsung Galaxy. Numerous people were taking a second look at the device that was manufactured by the South Korean company. Some consumers were starting to lose faith in Samsung too.


Defects Discovered

Samsung announced that they had discovered defects in the Samsung Galaxy 7s battery that caused explosions. Well, this was something that their customers were already too familiar with and very nervous about. Their delay in announcing their plans to pull the phone out of production resulted in sales dropping along with the price of shares with their company. This is the biggest financial crisis that the company has experienced in years. China’s product safety regulatory also announced that it would immediately recall all the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones that were sold in mainland China. It is reported that sales amounted to about 191,000 units.


Samsung Refunds On The Horizon

Samsung has decided to do the right thing and refund the price of the phone to customers in China or replace the phone with another Samsung phone model.

Advancement In Communications Technology

Phones have advanced far beyond what we believed they would. For one thing, phones were only used for talking in the beginning. However, technology and software have brought phones to the point where one could play games, watch television and watch movies on. The picture quality is amazing and the sound quality is much greater as well. With phones, people can surf the internet and do some shopping. This and other activities make cellphones very important devices for people. Now it is common for people to have cellphones on them at all times when before, telephones were reserved for the home.

Among the things people could use smartphones for is making money. There are a lot of business transactions that could be done over the mobile phone. With the use of smartphone technology, people could do a lot more things with their technology. While a lot of people use smartphones for entertainment, many people could also use smartphones for education and even business purposes. To top it off, this is just the beginning of mobile technological advancements. People are finding ways to make their lives mobile. Therefore, they will be able to work where they want and how they want with mobile phone technology.

Among the advancements that make smartphones so popular are cameras. Not only do many mobile phones have working camcorders, a lot of them have the capability of recording high quality and video and taking a high quality images. Some of these images rival that of professional photography. To top it off, there are post production apps that people with devices such as the iPhone camera can use in order to enhance their photography.

Among the recent developments for image recording technology is Pictar. Pictar offers many more buttons to the iPhone camera which include three control wheels and a shutter button. These buttons will allow you to zoom in on the picture and take on quite a few different functions. Communications technology has definitely come a long way for people.