New Samsung Galaxy 7 Features Officially Announced

Smart phones are among the most ubiquitous pieces of technology throughout the developed world. Now that the majority of adults in North America and Europe have access to these hand-held computers, manufacturers are ramping up their design game to deliver cutting edge features. Samsung has stepped up to the plate with their new Galaxy 7 phone, implementing new designs and technology to give the device a futuristic feel that appeals to technology lovers everywhere.

One of the biggest shifts is the addition of USB Type-C ports, which promises to be a new standard as mobile development moves forward. The Galaxy 7 also comes with an iris scanner, so users can quickly access their phone’s secure functions without typing in a password. The new model includes 64 gigabytes of hard disk storage, putting it on par with a small desktop hard drive, as well as a slot for microSD cards.

The Galaxy Note 7 is also made with a water-resistant exterior to reduce damage from exposure to water and moist environments, although users are still cautioned against submerging their phones. Samsung also revealed that their new device has a 5.7 inch Edge display that curves at the edges to maximize available space. Samsung customers and smart phone enthusiasts can learn more about the Galaxy 7’s features and specifications by reading a recent article on the Sam Mobile website.